Hostels: European Cities, 6th Edition [PDF]

Hostels: European Cities, 6th Edition [PDF]
Hostels European Cities: The Only Comprehensive, Unofficial, Opinionated Guide, 6th Edition by Paul Karr
2014 | PDF | 10.31MB

Here is the unbiased lowdown on more than 200 hostels throughout Europe. From Vienna to Lisbon, Prague to Edinburgh, Berlin to Paris—more than thirty cities are covered. Whether you’re looking to party or just looking for a clean, quiet, affordable place to crash, this guide will get you exactly where you want to go.

Inside you’ll find:

  • At-a-glance ratings
  • Candid descriptions
  • Local Must-sees
  • What’s nearby

Hostels European Cities also tells you which hostels provide such “extras” asInternet access, kitchen and laundry facilities, bike rentals—and more!

Easy-to-read icons are included for:

  • Attractive natural setting
  • Ecologically aware hostel
  • Superior kitchen facilities or great cafe/restaurant
  • Offbeat or eccentric place
  • Superior bathroom facilities
  • Romantic private rooms
  • Comfortable beds
  • A particularly good value
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Good for business travelers
  • Especially well suited for families
  • Good for active travelers
  • Visual arts at hostel or nearby
  • Music at hostel or nearby
  • Great hostel for skiers
  • Bar or pub at hostel or nearby
  • Editors’ choice: among our very favorite hostels