How to Decorate [EPUB]

How to Decorate [EPUB]
How to Decorate: An Inspiring and Practical Handbook by Shannon Fricke
2013 | EPUB | 22.14MB

If you dream of decorating (or redecorating) your home but have no idea where to begin, this decorating workshop-in-a-book decodes an interior designer's thought process on creating a stylish home with vision and flow.

The secret to those gorgeous interiors in the magazines lies not in the things that fill the rooms, but in the "decorating story" or point of view that the designer has applied to the space. With How to Decorate, learn how to create your own design concept and implement it with color, furniture, fabrics, lighting, accessorizing, and styling. This book also helps solve a decorator’s biggest challenges, from working around a home's existing architecture and organizing a space, to mixing patterns and editing collections.

Best of all, 150 color photographs and charming watercolor illustrations--and even a bookplate for personalizing this guide--provide inspiration that makes this book as useful as it is beautiful.

Among the insider tips is information on:

  • Finding a dedicated space where you can organize paint samples, fabric swatches, and magazine clippings
  • Choosing a sofa wisely
  • Determining appropriate wall finishes and textures
  • Identifying what fabrics are right for you
  • Styling your decor to reinvigorate your space
  • Plus, the best suppliers for rugs, linens, accessories, and more