Beowulf [Audiobook]

Beowulf [Audiobook]
Beowulf: A Dramatic Reading in the Original Language [Audiobook]
2002 | MP3 VBR V0 + PDF | 3 CDs | 218.83MB

Composed toward the end of the first millennium, Beowulf is the classic Northern epic of a hero's triumphs as a young warrior and his fated death as a defender of his people. The poem is about encountering the monstrous, defeating it, and then having to live on, physically and psychically exposed in the exhausted aftermath. It is not hard to draw parallels in this story to the historical curve of consciousness in the twentieth century, but the poem also transcends such considerations, telling us psychological and spiritual truths that are permanent and liberating.

This is a complete dramatized recording with Tom Rendall as the narrator of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem. Each fitt in the usual textual divisions is a separate track on the three CDs. As is the usual practice with most Chaucer Studio recordings, we have gathered a group of expert academic readers who also have a good sense of drama in their delivery of this entire ancient text.

Readers: Tom Rendall (Narrator), Harvey DeRoo (Beowulf), Robert Stevick (Hrothgar), Tom Burton (Wulfgar, Unferth, Finnsburg Scop, Messenger), Thomas Chase (Wiglaf), Kamal Fox (Coast Guard, Last Survivor), Mary–Ann Stouck (Wealhtheow), Stephen Partridge (Hygelac).

Music: Selected by Tom Chase and performed by Doug Chan.