Reading Without Limits [EPUB]

Reading Without Limits [EPUB]
Reading Without Limits: Teaching Strategies to Build Independent Reading for Life by Maddie Witter
2013 | EPUB | 12.48MB

Imagine a classroom where all students are engaged in highly rigorous and fun learning every single day. That classroom can be yours starting tomorrow.

You don’t have to be a reading specialist to pick up this book. Anyone who wants to dramatically improve reading achievement will find helpful suggestions. You might be a third grade teacher whose students have mastered decoding, and you are ready to build their comprehension. Or you might be a high school science teacher whose students aren’t yet reading on level with deep critical thinking. This book is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a public, charter, private, or alternative education teacher: the Reading Without Limits program works in each one.

The greatest gift to educators and parents everywhere is a set of practical approaches to help kids fall in love with reading. Especially nowadays when so many other things compete with books for our kids' attention. I've looked everywhere for a book like this that is a nice balance of practical, helpful, and inspiring. Must read for teachers of every subject area & totally helpful as a parent, too. - By Elliott Witney