Wire Yourself For Wealth [EPUB]

Wire Yourself For Wealth [EPUB]
Wire Yourself For Wealth: Discover Your Money Genius Profile to Effortlessly Create More Wealth by Laura Leigh Clarke
2012 | EPUB | 1.3MB

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to be wired for wealth, while others spend their whole lives struggling for money? Have you been searching for that magic formula that will help you finally become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? Or maybe you just want to get to the place where you can live life on your own terms, without having to worry about money?

Each one of us has a Money Genius in our heads, whether it be a Lady Gaga, a Richard Branson, a Donald Trump or even a Warren Buffett. But unless you're making the kind of money you are happy with, your Money Genius has not yet been given the power to unleash your true wealth potential into your life. In this book, you will learn with surgical precision how to create and attract wealth, by doing what people with money intuitively do. You will discover what your personal Money Genius type is, and how to structure your money-making strategy accordingly. Not only that, but you will also learn how to uncover all the limiting emotional baggage that keeps you struggling, feeling confused and playing small. You will then discover how to obliterate this baggage so that you too can achieve any financial goal that you set yourself, and effortlessly wire yourself for wealth!

Laura Leigh Clarke is a coach and speaker who helps forward-thinking individuals find their financial flow, and create results in their personal finances or businesses that they never believed possible. She speaks regularly to audiences around the UK at various events, from business groups to inspirational gatherings, and is regularly featured in the UK media.