The Best American Travel Writing 2013 [EPUB]

The Best American Travel Writing 2013 [EPUB]
The Best American Travel Writing 2013 edited by Jason Wilson, Elizabeth Gilbert
2013 | EPUB | 660.28KB

This is a wonderful mix of travel-oriented stories and the second time I have gotten this anthology. I find the editor really sets the tone. This editor Elizabeth Gilbert is known for the book and movie; Eat, Pray, Love that extolls her story of personal discovery through travel.

This I feel is also the theme in the stories that she choose for this years set of stories.

From the "Running of the Bulls in Pamplona" and giving a woman a true sense what testosterone feels like to a writer's story about not traveling and how his year panned out. You see in each the writer has discovered a new facet of themselves. There was the story of the hiker that went from seeing her guides as children and then learning to trust them with her life to the women who wandered through Cairo first dressed as Western women and enduring the harassment of the local men, to then doing so under cover of a niqab. They discovered there are two types of prisons.

Travel always opens our eyes and Elizabeth Gilbert has found a way in choosing these stories that it also can provide a mirror as well. - Amazon customer