The Elements of Eloquence [EPUB]

The Elements of Eloquence [EPUB]
The Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase by Mark Forsyth
2013 | EPUB | 446.31KB

Using a format rather like that of a cheery chat over a pint, Mark Forsyth attempts to remove the fear factor from that most alarming of subjects, English grammar. More specifically here though, we're concerned with rhetoric, or how great phrases are minted and why they work.

Citing The Beatles, Churchill and (mostly) Shakespeare, Forsyth is always illuminating and often amusing. Yes, he's fond of the sweeping statement, and as he builds up a head of steam the occasional error creeps in (it's doubtful whether Shakespeare would have been too happy with 'Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow /Creeps into this petty place'), but possibly all's forgivable in the context of this casual and non-threatening approach.

A turn-by-turn run through figures of rhetoric, Forsyth beckons one on with the promise that memorable phrases are within one's own reach...let's deconstruct a Shakespeare speech and so detect the tricks which make it work; then you can do it too!

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