Cooking Well: Alcohol-Free Beverages [EPUB]

Cooking Well: Alcohol-Free Beverages [EPUB]
Cooking Well: Alcohol-Free Beverages: Over 150 Easy and Delicious All-Occasion Drink Recipes by June Eding
2010 | EPUB + MOBI | 1.42/1.99MB

Entertain the Healthy Way with Fun, Family-Friendly Drinks.

Whether you’re watching your weight, trying to live healthier, or entertaining for a crowd that includes people who don’t consume alcohol, the quick and easy recipes in Cooking Well: Alcohol-Free Beverages offer a wide selection of tasty and refreshing alcohol-free drinks.

Each recipe is simple to create and incorporates healthy ingredients, making them perfect for family get-togethers, kids’ parties, holidays, or everyday occasions. With Cooking Well: Alcohol-Free Beverages you can finally enjoy healthy alternatives to alcoholic drinks, while also reaping the nutritional benefits of a wide variety of fresh fruits and herbs, including grape, lemon, apple, mint, and ginger.

Cooking Well: Alcohol-Free Beverages also includes:

  • List of basic tools for mixing drinks
  • Overview of common ingredients used throughout the recipes
  • Helpful tips and techniques for straining, juicing, frothing, and more

A few of the more than 150 easy and delicious recipes included in the book: Orange Blossom Cocktail, Tutti Frutti Punch, Creamy Coffee Shaker, Cinnamon Lemon Punch, Hot Mint Lemondae, Maraschino Cocktail, Black Currant Tea, Orange and Grenadine Frappe, Cafe au Lait, Watermelon Lemonade Punch, and so many more!