Personality Power [Audiobook]

Personality Power [Audiobook]
Personality Power: Discover Your Unique Profile--and Unlock Your Potential for Breakthrough Success [Audiobook] by Shoya Zichy, read by Josey Miller
2013 | M4B + EPUB | 10 hrs 57 mins | 169.61MB

The key to both enjoying and succeeding at work lies in knowing your core strengths - and making the most of them. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Grounded, realistic, and accountable? Competitive and theoretical? Spontaneous and action-oriented? Creative and empathetic? Based on the easy-to-understand "Color Q" model of the four major personality groups - used by more than 50,000 professionals worldwide - Personality Power gives you a clear blue-print for using your natural abilities more effectively...and reenergizing your professional life. Just take a simple, 10-minute self-assessment to determine your personality type and discover how best to:

  • Communicate with employees, bosses, and others with different styles
  • Identify your ideal (and least suitable) work environments
  • Avoid the blind spots associated with your type
  • Assemble a career plan with concrete steps for achieving your goals

Featuring in-depth chapters for each personality type and inspiring success stories - including profiles of well-known figures such as Diane Sawyer, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Hillary Clinton, and others - the audiobook reveals how to use your natural talents to approach innovation, deal with conflict, negotiate compensation, and self-coach your way to greater success. Good news: You don't need a new job to be happy at work. Now, packed with life-altering insights, Personality Power will enable you to achieve the recognition and fulfillment you deserve...just by being yourself.