Controlling People [Audiobook]

Controlling People [Audiobook]
Controlling People: How to Recognize, Understand, and Deal with People Who Try to Control You [Audiobook] by Patricia Evans, read by Xe Sands
2012 | MP3 VBR | 6 hrs 34 mins | 277.49MB

Does this sound like someone you know?

  • Always needs to be right. Tells you who you are and what you think.
  • Implies that you're wrong or inadequate when you don't agree.
  • Is threatened by people who are "different".
  • Feels attacked when questioned.
  • Doesn't seem to really hear or see you.

If any of the above traits sounds familiar, help is on the way! In Controlling People, best-selling author Patricia Evans tackles the "controlling personality" and reveals how and why these people try to run other people's lives. She also explains the compulsion that makes them continue this behavior - even as they alienate others and often lose those they love.

Controlling People helps you unravel the senseless behavior that plagues both the controller and the victim. Can the pattern, or spell, be broken? Yes! says the author. By understanding the compelling force involved, you can be a catalyst for change and actually become a spell-breaker. Once the spell is broken and the controller sees others as they really are, a genuine connection can be forged and healing can occur.

Should you ever find yourself in the thrall of someone close to you, Controlling People is here to give you the wisdom, power, and comfort you need to be a stronger, happier, and more independent person.