Paradise Lost [Audiobook]

Paradise Lost [Audiobook]
Paradise Lost [Audiobook] by John Milton
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Paradise Lost has been justifiably called the greatest English epic poem. Milton takes us immediately into the action of the tale, gliding over what we all know from the Bible, developing the story's background as he goes. We learn how Satan came to be in Hell after the war in heaven, see warfare and the ambitions of the angels -- come to know God's wisdom, power, and His wrath. Milton gives us characters who personify Death, Chaos, Mammon, and Sin, and they interact with more traditional figures -- Adam, Eve, Satan, and, yes, God. If you have not read Paradise Lost, it's likely that you're already familiar with a lot of it -- it's a tale that's become a part of our culture. To understand it truly, you need to read this book.


1. Unabridged Audiobook read by Anton Lesser

2. Abridged Audiobook containing all six vinyl records of Paradise Lost produced by Argo Records between 1960 and 1970. These renowned recordings are not widely available online. This is not a subtitute for Anton Lesser's fantastic reading of the full poem, but the Argo recordings provide a different take on Milton's epic, and enthusiasts are likely to find much to like in them. For this production the text of the poem has been abridged as follows:

  • Book 1 is unabridged.
  • Book 2 is very slightly abridged.
  • Books 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 12 are abridged.
  • Only the opening segments of Books 3 and 7 are included.
  • Books 8 and 11 are omitted entirely.

The chaptermarks in the file provide references to line and book numbers to make following the text easier.

Directed By George Rylands
Narrator Tony Church
Voice Actor [Adam] Richard Johnson
Voice Actor [Eve] Prunella Scales
Voice Actor [God] Michael Hordern
Voice Actor [Michael] William Squire
Voice Actor [Satan] Michael Redgrave
Voice Actor [Son Of God] Richard Marquand

3. PDF: 2007 edition, edited by Barbara K. Lewalski

In this authoritative edition of John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost is presented in the original language of its 1674 publication, with explanatory annotations and word glosses.

  • Edited by one of the world's leading Milton scholars, the author of the acclaimed The Life of Milton (Blackwell 2000), which won the Milton Society of America's James Holly Hanford Book Award
  • Offers readers the opportunity to experience the brilliance and beauty of Paradise Lost as it was experienced by his contemporaries
  • Presents Paradise Lost in its original 1674 form
  • Incorporates accidentals (spelling and punctuation) from the 1674 edition
  • Recovers Miltonic rhythms, pronunciations, and sound qualities often lost in modern editions
  • Annotates names, places, biblical and literary allusions, and unfamiliar words
  • Includes illustrations by John Baptista Medina from the 1688 Folio edition