Friedrich Nietzsche by Curtis Cate [EPUB]

Friedrich Nietzsche by Curtis Cate [EPUB]
Friedrich Nietzsche by Curtis Cate
2006 | EPUB | 4.91MB

Friedrich Nietzsche was, with little doubt, the most intensely personal, egotistically subjective, and fearlessly provocative thinker the Western world has yet seen. The protean diversity of his affirmations make him one of the most seminal and influential of modern philosophers, yet his often paradoxical statements can be properly understood only within the context of his restless, almost nomadic life.

Curtis Cate's new biography, written for the layperson rather than the academic, goes far towards clarifying Nietzsche's ideas and the reactions they elicited. The author does equal justice to the musical as well as philosophical influences to which Nietzshe was subjected, the subtle workings of his incomparable mind, and the acute physical suffering he combated from his adolescence until his final mental collapse of January 1889.

Cutting through the academic jargon and complexities to clear away stereotypical prejudices that have accumulated around Nietszche's name, Cate reveals a Nietzsche whose ideas continue to have prophetic relevance and incredible vibrancy today.