What Is the Name of This Book?

What Is the Name of This Book?
What Is the Name of This Book: The Riddle of Dracula and Other Logical Puzzles by Raymond M Smullyan
1978 | PDF | 7.03MB

If puzzles and paradoxes intrigue you, then flex your brain with this entertaining menagerie of over 200 mind-bending logical puzzlers, riddles and diversions that challenge your reasoning powers and common sense.

Beginning with fun-filled monkey tricks and classic brain-teasers with devilish new twists, Professor Smullyan spins a logical labyrinth of even more complex and challenging problems as he delves into some of the deepest paradoxes of logic and set theory, including Gödel's revolutionary theorem of undecidability. Throughout, detailed solutions are provided for each problem.

A highly entertaining but important contribution to modern logical thought, What Is the Name of This Book? is bound to delight, intrigue, instruct and sometimes perplex.