Power Verbs for Job Seekers

Power Verbs for Job Seekers
Power Verbs for Job Seekers: Hundreds of Verbs and Phrases to Bring Your Resumes, Cover Letters, and Job Interviews to Life by Michael Faulkner, Michelle Faulkner-Lunsford
2013 | EPUB | 3.22MB

Electrify all your job search communications and build the great career you want!

The right verbs

  • make you unforgettable
  • powerfully demonstrate your value
  • attract employers like moths to flame

Grab the right verb and use it the right way to:

  • Craft outstanding résumés, cover letters, and thank-you notes
  • Draw attention to your best achievements and accomplishments
  • Get your face-to-face interview—and ace it
  • Pitch yourself brilliantly, even if you only have a minute
  • Weave crucial “soft skills” expertise into your career communications
  • Prove you’re the person they’re looking for

Jam-packed with examples drawing on thousands of years of storytelling, literature, and experience.
Indispensable for everyone who wants a rewarding, successful, well-paid career!