The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing [2nd Edition]

The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing [2nd Edition]
The Definitive Guide to Entertainment Marketing: Bringing the Moguls, the Media, and the Magic to the World [2nd Edition] by Al Lieberman, Pat Esgate
2013 | EPUB | 3.01MB

Entertainment Marketing NOW:
Every Platform, Technology, and Opportunity

  • Covers film, cable, broadcast, music, sports, publishing, social media, gaming, and more
  • Reflects powerful trends ranging from smartphones to globalization
  • Demonstrates breakthrough strategies integrating advertising, promotion, PR, and online content distribution
  • By industry insiders with decades of experience as leaders and consultants

Entertainment spending is soaring worldwide, driven by new technologies, new platforms, new business models, and unrelenting demand amongst seven billion consumers. That means entertainment marketing opportunities are soaring, too. But this business is more complex and competitive than ever–and it’s changing at breakneck speed. Now, two leading practitioners show how to transform content into profits today and tomorrow…any content, on any platform, in any market, worldwide.

You’ll master innovative new ways to grab consumers’ attention and wallets fast…make your experiences wannasee, haftasee, mustsee…drive more value through social platforms, mobile technologies, and integrated marketing strategies…overcome challenges ranging from bad buzz to piracy…fully leverage licensing, merchandising, and sponsorships…and successfully market all forms of entertainment.