Brainteasers And Mindbenders

Brainteasers And Mindbenders
Brainteasers And Mindbenders by Ben Hamilton
1981 | PDF | 2.84MB

Like climbing mountains, puzzle solving is all about the effort in getting there. Once you reach the top, it all looks so easy, especially when you can see the smooth slope on the other side that would have been so much easier. A puzzle is like that, in that after you have the solution, it is obvious.

This collection primarily contains puzzles of a type that can be considered oldies but goodies. The primary categories are letter rearrangements, finding words or names embedded in phrases, fill in the blank letters to create specific phrases, finding words, phrase recognition and number manipulation. There are 365 puzzles, one listed for each day of the year, although few if any are related to their day and solutions to all are included at the end.

The puzzles vary enormously in difficulty. Some I solved in seconds, and others totally stumped me, at least until I looked at the solution, which caused me to immediately whack my forehead. In general, I found the number manipulation problems to be easy and the word scramble puzzles to be hard. Your opinion of this collection will largely depend on your experience with puzzles. If you have a lot, you may fly through most of them, but if you are a novice, you most likely will struggle, although it will be well worth it. - By Charles Ashbacher