100 Perceptual Puzzles

100 Perceptual Puzzles
100 Perceptual Puzzles by Pierre Berloquin
1995 | PDF | 1.73MB

There are 100 stimulating, challenging, and delightful geometrical puzzles in this book. They are put together by Pierre Berloquin, author of many game books- card and board games, tarot card games, intelligence games, solitaire games, party games, and a few `non-game' books. He has also written three other puzzle books that contain numerical, logical, and alphabetical problems.

Author Berloquin himself has translated this brainteaser into English. The illustrations are done brilliantly by graphic artist Denis Dugas. The puzzles are carefully selected to be not too easy or too difficult to solve. One need not be a mathematician to find the answers. Whether one solves them or not, they are certainly fun to attempt. The answers are given at the end of the book.

Great exercise for lazy brains!