Admiral Lord Nelson: His Context and Legacy

Admiral Lord Nelson: His Context and Legacy
Admiral Lord Nelson: His Context and Legacy edited by David Cannadine
2005 | PDF | 1.06MB

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson was a colorful and complex character, whose supremely successful naval career quickly attained legendary status. By 1803 he was Britain's paramount hero. Already maimed with the loss of an arm and blind in one eye, he returned to war and spent a further two years at sea before dying at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

In this book, nine noted historians contributed articles. Each views Nelson's life and legacy in a different light. In Part 1 of the book the subjects are Seamanship, leadership, originality, Friendship, Freemasonry, Fraternity, Manliness, patriotism and body politics.

Of particular interest was Kate Williams article Nelson and Women which discusses how Nelson was marketed to the female consumer of the time. This included romance novels, fantasies about how sailors would behave, and various consumer items offered for sale. This is a view of early nineteenth century England not seen before.

Part 2 of the book goes into the Nelson legacy. This legacy didn't just happen, it was carefully constructed by the British Navy, Government and others. They did a good job, the legacy has now lasted for 200 years and shows no sign of diminishing.