The Lean Pocket Handbook for Kaizen Events

The Lean Pocket Handbook for Kaizen Events
The Lean Pocket Handbook for Kaizen Events - Any Industry - Any Time by Don Tapping, Stephen Tapping
2012 | EPUB + MOBI | 2.28/3.53MB

After the countless facilitation of Kaizen Workshops in the manufacturing, healthcare, and financial service industries, it finally has come to my attention that all team members can contribute fully in a “Kaizen” Event. In many workshops I have noticed some team members being very active (i.e., taking notes, suggesting improvements, etc.) while others were sitting quietly and passively agreeing. It is my belief that (nearly) everyone desires to actively participate within their organization in improving processes but lack the necessary structure in which to do so. Therefore, this handbook (and information contained within as your ebook) was created to assist all team members in actively participating in a Kaizen Event, as well as serve as a catalyst for improvements beyond the scope of the event.

A successful Kaizen Event can only occur if team members feel and have ownership of what is being improved. Even though the outcome of the event may improve their daily work activities, just by them being on the team does not guarantee ownership. However, the writing by each team member in this book will help to contribute a “new” sense of ownership - that necessary ingredient in any successful Kaizen Event. They will feel more part of the team.

The Lean Pocket Handbook for Kaizen Events (Revised Edition) is your personal (i.e., individual) Lean planner for the 21st century. We have found individuals that use the information in this book feel more part of the Kaizen team. They also continue to contribute improvement ideas well past the formal team Kaizen Event. That is what Lean is all about - making those small, incremental, improvements daily (i.e., hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute) by those closest to the process.

In this revised edition we have included detailed steps in how to conduct a typical 5 day Kaizen Event, as well as how to initiate individual or Idea/Jiffy Kaizen Events.

An old Chinese proverb states: “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” Therefore, use the information in this book to become actively engaged in your Kaizen Event, thereby improving the quality of work and eliminating waste.