Sensational Soy [Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-249]

Sensational Soy [Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-249]
Sensational Soy: Recipes for a Healthy Diet [Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-249] by Miriam Jacobs
2000 | EPUB | 17.08MB

Sensational Recipes for Nature's Perfect Food.

Did you know that soy has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease? It's true! In fact, soy not only benefits the heart but also:

  • Reduces the risk of stroke and breast, colon, and prostate cancer
  • Decreases the symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis
  • Slows the progression of arteriosclerosis
  • Protects your kidneys
  • Is a complete protein, offering all eight of the amino acids essential to human health

In Sensational Soy, Miriam Jacobs offers taste-tantalizing recipes using soy in all its myriad forms, including tofu, tempeh, miso, soy milk, and soy beans. Whether you're a vegetarian looking for alternatives to meat and dairy products or a health-conscious consumer seeking ways to strengthen your body, you'll find what you need in these sensational recipes for soy-based snacks, salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts. Enjoy!