Emotional Freedom Practices [Audiobook]

Emotional Freedom Practices [Audiobook]

Emotional Freedom Practices: How to Transform Difficult Emotions into Positive Energy [Audiobook] by Judith Orloff
2009 | MP3@128 kbps | 2 hrs 37 mins | 143.76MB

Practical Tools to Effectively Manage Your Emotions

No matter how stressed out or overwhelmed you feel, you possess the ability to liberate yourself from anger, fear, and frustration. In Emotional Freedom Practices, New York Times best-selling author and psychiatrist, Dr Judith Orloff helps us cultivate courage, compassion, and inner calm through more than a dozen exercises, self-care techniques, and meditations. With these tools, you will discover how to turn away from negativity, respond constructively, and use everyday challenges as opportunities for emotional mastery.

Join Dr Orloff to explore:

  • The psychological, biological, energetic, and spiritual components of transforming any emotion
  • Self-quizzes to help you feel- and honor- the full range of your emotions
  • How to savor the ecstasy of calm, a practice for relieving anxiety and worry
  • Two spiritual strategies to banish jealousy and boost your self-esteem
  • How to use fear as a springboard to a higher level of consciousness
  • Meditations to transmute the energy of frustration into patience and anger into compassion

Emotional freedom comes when we learn to recognize what triggers our negative feelings- and how to respond in ways that reflect our highest values. This set offers a treasury of self-exploration tools to help access your natural state of ease and flow- even in the most challenging situations.