The Signal and the Noise in 30 Minutes

The Signal and the Noise in 30 Minutes

The Signal and the Noise in 30 Minutes by Nate Silver
2012 | EPUB | 2.06MB

The Signal and the Noise 30 Minutes is the essential guide to quickly understanding the fundamental components of prediction outlined in Nate Silver's bestselling book, The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - but Some Don't.

In his groundbreaking work The Signal and the Noise, Nate Silver brings the complexities of statistics down to earth by using real-life examples of how we all make predictions and why those predictions are often wrong.

Understand the key ideas behind The Signal and the Noise in a fraction of the time:

  • A concise synopsis of The Signal and the Noise
  • In-depth analysis of key concepts, including analyzing prediction failures, practicing Bayesian thinking, and expanding self-awareness
  • Insights into Nate Silver's journey from forecasting Major League Baseball players' performance to predicting the outcome of U.S. presidential elections.
  • Critical reception to the work, highlighting essential arguments by major publications and thought leaders

Exploring a variety of fields, ranging from politics to poker to Wall Street and global warming, The Signal and the Noise explores why some forecasts are successful and, perhaps more telling, why so many fail. Silver posits that better forecasters possess a superior understanding of uncertainty and are driven by truth and humility while overconfidence can lead to failure.

Presenting a framework for what constitutes a good forecast, The Signal and the Noise provides insight and tools for understanding how to successfully utilize Big Data and decipher meaningful signals from random noise.

The Signal and the Noise in 30 Minutes is a timely guide to a topic that affects all our lives. From choosing stocks, to predicting wars, to making personal changes in light of climate change, The Signal and the Noise challenges both nations and individuals to make smarter choices.