The Ultimate Guide to Raised Beds

The Ultimate Guide to Raised Beds

The Ultimate Guide to Raised Beds by Emily Josephine
JEB Publications | 2012 | ASIN: B009FR9Z6Y | MOBI | 711.28KB

Using a raised bed is a great way to get started with growing a vegetable garden. But if you’re just getting started, the question is: how to build a raised garden bed?

This book answers the question by providing a variety of methods for constructing a raised garden bed. Written by a veteran urban gardener, the book shares many tips about raised bed gardening, such as:

  • constructing attractive front yard vegetable garden beds;
  • how to build raised beds with a tight budget;
  • shaping a bed that fits more plants per linear foot than the usual rectangular bed; and even
  • creating a bed that will self-water and self-fertilize.

From describing the benefits of raised beds, to illustrating efficient ways to design your plantings – including a variety of ways to incorporate vertical supports – this book (50+ pages) about how to build raised beds shows you how to grow vegetables in the most space-, time- and money-saving ways possible.

Emily Josephine has been studying, teaching and writing on the subject of natural health and nutrition since the late 1990s. A health nut and a homesteader, she can be found, at various times, harvesting fresh produce from her garden, managing the household finances, making fresh milk yogurt and kefir, and homeschooling her son. Her passion is to help others create the most healthy, fulfilling life possible, while working tirelessly to improve her own.