The Day the Universe Changed [Audiobook]

The Day the Universe Changed [Audiobook]

The Day the Universe Changed [Audiobook] by James Burke
Audio Renaissance | 1990 | ISBN: 1559270810 | MP3+PDF | 2 hrs 57 mins | 221.31MB

When humans understood that the earth was flat and it was the center of the universe, all life revolved around that truth. Then, Galileo introduced his telescope. And with that single innovation, architecture, music, literature, science, politics--all of it changed, mirroring the new view of truth. This program is James Burke's examination of the moments in history when a change in knowledge radically altered man's understanding of himself and the world around him.

Few people are able to look at human history and see it not as a jumble of half-remembered names and dates, but as an intricate mosaic of neatly interlocking pieces. Fewer still can describe the patterns and explain the parts of the puzzle so that it not only makes sense, but so that it also fascinates and intrigues, excites and entertains. James Burke tells history like it's the plot of the most interesting mystery ever written.

The book's primary focus is on the effect of advances in science and technology on western philosophy. The title comes from the philosophical idea that the universe essentially only exists as you perceive it through what you know; therefore, if you change your perception of the universe with new knowledge, you have essentially changed the universe itself.


1. The Way We Are: It Started with the Greeks

2. In the Light of the Above: Medieval Conflict - Faith & Reason

3. Point of View: Scientific Imagination in the Renaissance

4. Infinitely Reasonable: Science Revises the Heavens

5. Fit to Rule: Darwin's Revolution

6. Making Waves: The New Physics - Newton Revised

7. Worlds Without End: Changing Knowledge, Changing Reality