The Aviator's Wife [Audiobook]

The Aviator's Wife [Audiobook]

The Aviator's Wife [Audiobook] by Melanie Benjamin
Random House Audio | 2013 | ASIN: B00ANTUXMI | MP3@48 kbps | 16 hrs 22 mins | 307.08MB

With her most recent books, Benjamin has carved out a literary niche: writing heavily researched but mostly fictional biographies showcasing women somewhat lost to history. Her first two books featured Alice Liddell (Alice I Have Been), the woman who inspired Lewis Carroll to write "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"; and Lavinia Warren Bump (The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb), a perfectly proportioned little person who performed at P.T. Barnum's American Museum and married General Tom Thumb, a fellow performer and little person.

Her newest book, "The Aviator's Wife," follows the life of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of the multifaceted aviator Charles Lindbergh.

Anne Morrow, daughter of a U.S. Ambassador to Mexico and a teacher, was born and raised in New Jersey, and graduated from Smith College. On May 27, 1929, pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh married Anne, eighteen months after meeting the young woman. A year later, their first child, Charles Jr., was born. Tragically, not two years later, that baby went missing. More than two decades later, Anne published her still-selling book The Gift From the Sea. Aside from these points on the Lindbergh timeline, what more do we really know about Anne Morrow Lindbergh? Melanie Benjamin has taken the time to explore that very question in her new novel, The Aviator’s Wife.

Charles Lindbergh was a legend in his own time, having come to fame via his being the first solo transatlantic flight, from New York to Paris. The accomplished explorer did not enjoy the limelight, and though he spent his life chasing progress and advancement of the biggest sort, he much preferred to fly under the radar in his personal life. It was this desire to avoid the press that led him to move his family from the United States to England, thereby keeping many of the details of his family’s goings-on from the public eye.

But still, one can’t help but wonder: Who were the Lindberghs? Who was Anne really? How did she cope with an oft-absent husband, the loss of her firstborn, life in an unfamiliar country, and later her husband’s infidelity (which resulted in his fathering multiple children born to women other than Anne)? Melanie Benjamin explores the life of Mrs. Lindbergh in a way no one else has. She uses her imagination, of course – it is historical fiction, after all – and also applies a certain logic and intelligence to answer the question, “How did Anne stand it all?”

Melanie Benjamin touches on each major point on the Lindbergh timeline, and also completely, heartbreakingly, and tenderly connects those dots for readers. The legend of the Lindberghs is brought to life in a way it never before has been, and an iconic marriage is explored in a way only a master storyteller could manage. The Aviator’s Wife is a fantastic work of fiction steeped in both truth and imagination.

Melanie Benjamin

Printers Row recently caught up with Melanie Benjamin, a pseudonym for Melanie Hauser. Here is an edited transcript of the interview.

Q: Why do you write about these little-known women?

A: I'll read a biography and I am just not content with what is there. I see things beyond what other people see. I am always looking for hidden corners and closets of a life that I feel aren't explored either by the person who lived it or the people writing about it. I guess I am looking for women who I see a lot more to than the written record shows. I like to imagine the "what ifs" of history.

Q: Why Anne Morrow Lindbergh?

A: Charles is a well-known name in history, but I felt there were things about Anne that hadn't been explored. She seemed to hide in the shadows a lot. When I researched her accomplishments, particularly her aviation accomplishments, she wasn't the woman I suspected she would be. I wanted to look at her entire relationship with Charles, which I don't think she explored fully in her own writings.

Q: Where is the line between fiction and nonfiction in your work?

A: I don't concern myself with that line. Most readers of historical fiction are content to just get caught up in a good story, and that is what I want to do as an author. I am not concerned with people knowing exactly what I made up and what is real. I get frustrated by people who get caught up in that. That said, I certainly incorporate facts into my fiction. I take the basic facts from the life of my subject and I pick and choose what to use to construct a really interesting novel. I don't let facts get in the way of my imagination and my exploration of the subject's emotions and relationships.

Q: Anne Morrow Lindbergh is a more public figure than the other two women you previously wrote about. Was it different fictionalizing a more public life?

A: I actually wrote the first draft of "The Aviator's Wife" as a roman à clef in that it was obviously based on the Lindberghs, but I totally changed their names. It was still obviously about a great aviator and his wife. After I turned it in, my editor said that I needed to write it all over again with the real names. I think I needed to write it without the Lindbergh names first in order to get that feeling of duty to Anne and Charles out of my head and be able to create my own novel based on their lives.

Q: How did the newsreel play into their celebrity, and was their celebrity the first of its kind?

A: I think so. I think we didn't see that type of celebrity again until Princess Diana came along, and I think there is a really interesting parallel between Diana and the Lindberghs in the power of the press to ruin lives. Unlike a lot of "celebrities" today, the Lindberghs were famous but they didn't want to be. They wanted to go about their lives, and they didn't quite understand the intense media appetite for everything they did. Charles completed his flight not seeking a place in history. It was just a challenge he made to himself, and he did it at a time when newsreels were there to capture his landing, so all of a sudden people are going to the movies and seeing Charles Lindbergh larger than life and as glamorous as any movie star on the screen. Together, they were this glamorous young couple setting up house in the air, breaking records, doing amazing things, but in their mind that was just the life they lived.

Q: Amelia Earhart pops up in your book. Were the Lindberghs friends with Amelia?

A: Publicly, they both admired Amelia very much. Even during the darkest days when the baby was taken, Anne made it a point in her diary to note what Amelia was doing. Privately, I think they were both a little bit amused how closely Amelia changed her physical appearance to match that of Charles Lindbergh. She cut her hair short, she was really tall and angular like Charles, and she dressed like him. She was the feminine version of Charles Lindbergh, and I think that amused them.

Q: I understand that you are working on a new book. Can we expect another female-centric historical biography?

A: Yes. At this point, it's not in first person, so it will be a little different. Even though it is a real person, I can guarantee that you have never heard of her.

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Specifically, the book:

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Written by forex expert Kathy Lien, The Little Book of Currency Trading will show you how to effectively invest and trade in today's biggest market. Page by page, she describes the multitude of opportunities possible in the forex market, from short-term price swings to long-term trends, and details practical products that can help you achieve success, such as currency-based ETFs.

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The Little Book of Hedge Funds

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An accessible overview of hedge funds, from their historical origin, to their perceived effect on the global economy, to why individual investors should understand how they work, The Little Book of Hedge Funds is essential reading for anyone seeking the tools and information needed to invest in this lucrative yet mysterious world. Authored by wealth management expert Anthony Scaramucci, and providing a comprehensive overview of this shadowy corner of high finance, the book is written in a straightforward and entertaining style. Packed with introspective commentary, highly applicable advice, and engaging anecdotes, this Little Book:

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  • Demystifies hedge fund myths, by analyzing the infamous 2 and 20 performance fee and addressing claims that there is an increased risk in investing in hedge funds
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Written to provide novice investors, experienced financiers, and financial institutions with the tools and information needed to invest in hedge funds, this book is a must read for anyone with outstanding questions about this key part of the twenty-first century economy.

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The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles

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John Wiley & Sons | 2012 | ISBN: 111828349X | 587 pages | EPUB | 3.63MB

Jeffrey Hirsch discusses how to capture market-beating returns by following specific stock market cycles.

While predicting the direction of the stock market at any given point is difficult, it's a fact that the market exhibits well-defined and sometimes predictable patterns. While cycles do not repeat exactly all of the time, statistical evidence suggests that cyclical tendencies are very strong and should not be ignored by investors. The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles will show you how to profit from these recurring stock market patterns and cycles.

Written by Jeffrey Hirsch, President of the Hirsch Organization and Editor-in-Chief of the Stock Trader's Almanac, this reliable resource explains why these cycles occur, provides the historical evidence behind them, and shows you how to capture consistent profits from them moving forward. In addition to describing his most widely followed cycles and patters, Hirsch also discusses both longer term boom-bust economic cycles and shorter term tendencies involving the best days, weeks, and months of the year to trade the market.

  • The methods found here follow everything from presidential election cycles to the "Santa Claus" effect
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Magnificent Mind at Any Age
Magnificent Mind at Any Age: Natural Ways to Unleash Your Brain's Maximum Potential by Daniel G Amen
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The Fat Mexican

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From the #1 national bestselling author of Befriend and Betray, an intimate exposé of a criminal empire and the massacre that nearly started a global biker war.

Having once infiltrated the Bandidos for three years in a landmark police operation, Alex Caine is uniquely positioned to reveal the untold story of the Hells Angels’ fiercest rivals.

Grounded in the crucible of the little understood Shedden massacre of 2006 and one unlikely prospect’s descent into the biker lifestyle, The Fat Mexican exposes the violent criminal history of the Bandidos motorcycle club, the Hells Angels’ fiercest competition: their violent beginnings, the terror their aggressive expansion caused rivals and innocents alike, and the internal politics and rivalries that drive them to this day.

My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper

My Brother's Keeper: The True Story of a Vicious Killing and a Powerful Surf Brotherhood by Angela Kamper, Charles Miranda
Allen & Unwin | 2006 | ISBN: 1741146038 | PDF | 224 pages | 2.04MB

The true story of a vicious killing and a powerful surf brotherhood.

A blood smear trailing along a footpath of a suburban Sydney street went largely ignored by local residents accustomed to hoaxes and bloody turf brawls in their beachside suburb. Initially police suspected it was nothing more than animal blood. But at the end of the trail, at the base of a Maroubra cliff, lay the naked body of notorious underworld figure Tony Hines, shot four times at close range. Hines was a man with a history of violence, a rape conviction and a long list of enemies.

In the months following the discovery of his body, police unearthed more than just a killing. They found a story of revenge that would shock the city and the international surfing world. Koby Abberton, one of the most recognisable surfers in the world and face of the sunglasses giant Oakley, was charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder, perverting the course of justice and hindering police. His brother Jai, a popular local surfing identity, was charged with murder after his girlfriend told police an extraordinary tale of the night of the killing.

For local surf gang the Bra Boys' bad publicity is nothing new, but the arrest of two of its founders signalled something a lot deeper.

Son of a Grifter

Son of a Grifter

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Avon | 2002 | ISBN: 0061031690 | 528 pages | EPUB | 676.78KB

In 1988 a troubled young man and his flamboyant mother were arrested for murdering a wealthy widow in her New York City mansion. Suddenly, America was transfixed by a pair of real-life film noir characters. The media couldn't get enough of the twisted relationship between Sante Kimes and her twenty-three-year-old son Kenny.

But the most chilling story of all was never told—until now. Kent Walker, Sante's elder son, reveals how he survived forty years of "the Dragon Lady's" very special brand of motherly love and still managed to get away.

As a child Kent watched his mother destroy his hardworking father, Ed Walker, and then—with Kent's painful collusion—snare what Sante called "my millionaire." When she married seemingly respectable real-estate developer Ken Kimes, it was a match made in hell.

For the next two decades Kent's mother and stepfather indulged in a globetrotting orgy of criminal behavior.

Kent, their would-be recruit, was privy to the family business—torching houses and defrauding friends. When Kent's half-brother Kenny was born, Kent was twelve years old—old enough to know that he was his younger sibling's only protector. Kent tried desperately to save Kenny from his mother's sinister bidding. His failure haunts him to this day.