The Odds Against Obama [Audiobook]

The Odds Against Obama [Audiobook]

The Odds Against Obama: Why History and Logic Make the President a Likely Loser [Audiobook] by Michael Medved
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Most Americans instinctively assume the President will cruise to reelection in November. This notion has been bolstered by the Obama campaign's relentless efforts to portray the president as unbeatable and to characterize Mitt Romney as a hapless loser.

THE ODDS AGAINST OBAMA provides the tools to shatter that impression, and to put the campaign in proper perspective based on the iron rules of history and logic.

Based on columns that appeared originally in The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and on, with annotated new election tables that highlight the key differences between past presidential winners and losers, these essays show that the patterns of our politics strongly favor conservatives in the crucial election of 2012.

This book never argues that Mitt Romney can’t lose. But the notion that Romney can’t win is illogical and unsupportable, when history and common sense argue powerfully to the contrary. The president admits that this election will prove closer than the last one -- which means he plans to become the first incumbent in all of American history to win a second term after four years of losing, not gaining, support.

If most people believe our nation is headed in the wrong direction then why wouldn’t they choose to change drivers? THE ODDS AGAINST OBAMA offer a stimulating road map for taking the right turns to make that change.

Includes a special Appendix describing why Paul Ryan is an excellent choice for Vice President. Also contains election data from 24 historical Presidential elections.