Inside the Kingdom

Inside the Kingdom

Inside the Kingdom: Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists, and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia [Audiobook] by Robert Lacey
Tantor Media | 2009 | ISBN: 1400163374 | MP3@96 kbps | 13 hrs 34 mins | 529.46MB

Saudi Arabia is a country defined by paradox: it sits atop some of the richest oil deposits in the world, and yet the country's roiling disaffection produced 16 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11. It is a modern state, driven by contemporary technology, and yet its powerful religious establishment would have its customs and practices rolled back to match those of the Prophet Muhammad over a thousand years ago. In a world where events in the Middle East continue to have geopolitical consequences far beyond the region's boundaries, an understanding of this complex nation is essential.

With Inside the Kingdom, British journalist and best-selling author Robert Lacey has given us one of the most penetrating and insightful looks at Saudi Arabia ever produced. More than 20 years after he first moved to the country to write about the Saudis at the end of the oil boom, Lacey has returned to find out how the consequences of the boom produced a society at war with itself. Filled with stories told by a broad range of Saudis, from high princes and ambassadors to men and women on the street, Inside the Kingdom is in many ways the story of the Saudis in their own words.

It is a story of oil money that opened the door to Western ways, and produced a conservative backlash with effects that are still being felt today. It is a story of kings and princes who worried more about keeping power than the dangerous consequences of empowering radical clerics. It is a story of men who challenged orthodoxy and risked prison or death in the name of furthering open society, and of women who defied laws saying they should not write, drive, or play sports. And, at its heart, it is a story of a people attempting to reconcile the religious separatism of the past and the rapidly changing world with which they are increasingly intertwined. Their success - or failure - will have powerful reverberations in their own country, and across the globe.

Thinking for a Change

Thinking for a Change

Thinking for a Change: Putting the TOC Thinking Processes to Use by Lisa J Scheinkopf
CRC Press | 1999 | ISBN: 1574441019 | 241 pages | PDF | 4.17MB

Want to learn the thinking processes used in The Goal and It's Not Luck?

Upon reading this book, you will gain an understanding of the following:

Current Reality Tree - Used to examine cause and effect relationships that bring about the present situation.

Prerequisite Tree - A road map of obstacles to overcome, and specifically how they will be overcome.

Transition Tree - Used to identify and understand specific objectives and actions that will lead to a change (Future Reality)

Future Reality Tree - A tool for visualizing and understanding the desired change and how specific actions will affect that future reality.

Evaporating Cloud - A simple tool used to identify and resolve conflicting assumptions.

If you are familiar with and believe in TOC methodologies, this book is a must have. The best introductory materials are Dr. Goldratt's novels mentioned above. Thinking For a Change is one step up.

The book begins with an overview of the constraint-based perspective on systems and organizations, commonly referred to as the theory of constraints or synchronous management. The first section will guide you through the fundamental principles and processes that are the backbone of the thinking process application tools.

The second section contains the step-by-step guidelines for each of the five thinking process application tools. These tools utilize sufficient cause thinking and necessary condition thinking.

Third section introduces two ways that two or more of the thinking process application tools are combined, providing robust processes for the understanding and communicating problems and solutions.

This book can be used as a field guide to learning the five thinking process application tools as needed, based on their own particular issues. You will have a full understanding of the theory and practical application of these powerful processes, including when and when not to use each tool. The total benefit is not just to apply the thinking process, but to develop intuition and have the ability to combine logic and intuition in the same thinking process.

Authentic: How to Make a Living By Being Yourself

Authentic: How to Make a Living By Being Yourself

Authentic: How to Make a Living By Being Yourself by Neil Crofts
Capstone | 2003 | ISBN: 1841125199 | 150 pages | PDF | 860.38KB

Thinking about getting up and telling the world what you stand for is daunting. Actually doing it is terrifying but the rewards are incredible. Imagine spending every waking hour doing what you love... Authentic shows how to do just that.

In Authentic, Neil Crofts offers inspiration for individuals tired of career conformity. He shows how we arrived at a situation where many of us are tied to jobs we don’t enjoy. He demonstrates the steps you need to take to find out who you are and what you want from life, and finally, he reveals how you can turn all that into a business idea that is Authentic to you.

Authentic is a lifestyle book based on practical experience. Neil Crofts’ vision of a role that allowed him to be true to himself and make a positive impact on the world around him convinced him to break out of a conventional corporate career. Authentic is about giving others the courage to follow their hearts in the same way.

The Maui Millionaires for Business

The Maui Millionaires for Business

The Maui Millionaires for Business: The Five Secrets to Get on the Millionaire Fast Track by David M Finkel
John Wiley & Sons | 2008 | ISBN: 0470164956 | 304 pages | PDF | 2.88MB

In the original The Maui Millionaires, renowned wealth masters David Finkel and Diane Kennedy shared their proven secrets for amassing wealth and becoming a Maui Millionaire. Now, in The Maui Millionaires for Business, Finkel and Kennedy show entrepreneurs and business-people how to successfully solve the two greatest wealth challenges they face.

Challenge One: Most entrepreneurs don't build a business; they merely create their own job. If they don't show up each day, their business dies. In this one-of-a-kind business manual, you'll learn seventy-two strategies and tools to build a business that makes you money without you needing to be there to run it each day. In essence, you'll learn to build a business that sets you free, not chains you to a job every day.

Challenge Two: Most entrepreneurs never learn how to grow their personal wealth independent of their business. They lack the financial fluency to intelligently and profitably grow both their net worth and their passive income in parallel with their business. In The Maui Millionaires for Business, you'll learn how to master the Five Languages of Financial Fluency (the languages of money, business, leadership, wealth, and cash flow) and how you can create your own personal Wealth Map that practically guarantees you'll reach your financial dreams.

This book is like an accelerated graduate program on how to build your business and grow your personal fortune. You'll learn how to:

● Build a business that works for you—not the other way around

● Triple your business's cash flow and increase your personal net worth tenfold

● Grow your wealth independent of your business for long-term financial security

● Find a deeper meaning—beyond just the money—to sustain you and your business in the long run

● And much more

You can have the freedom and financial success that you desire when you learn to build your business and your wealth the Maui Millionaire way!

How to Run Seminars & Workshops

How to Run Seminars & Workshops

How to Run Seminars & Workshops: Presentation Skills for Consultants, Trainers and Teachers by Robert L Jolles
John Wiley & Sons | 2005 | ISBN: 0471715875 | 320 pages | PDF | 3.35MB

Most new trainers and presenters know all they need to know about their chosen subject. Unfortunately, few of them actually know how to present what they know. For more than a decade, Robert Jolles's How to Run Seminars and Workshops has taught tens of thousands of people how to sell, teach, stand up, and deliver an effective training session on almost any subject in almost any setting.

This new Third Edition updates this classic guide for anyone who has to get up and move an audience. Just as he did in the book's previous editions, Jolles-former head of Xerox's world-renowned "train the trainer" program-shares proven, effective techniques for winning over an audience, holding their interest, conveying important information, and moving that audience to take action! For seasoned pros, this is an invaluable tool for becoming a world-class seminar and workshop leader. For novices, it's a step-by-step self-teaching guide that provides the confidence and the techniques speakers need to survive and thrive in front of an audience.

Packed with straightforward, trustworthy advice, this reliable resource covers all the bases for today's professional trainers and speakers, including research and preparation, questioning techniques, pacing, visual aids, evaluation and support, feedback, and more:

● Creating your own seminar business

● Recognizing different personalities and types of behavior

● Training groups with diverse needs

● On-site preparations

● Maintaining the audience's interest

● The latest technology and visual aids

● Giving feedback and coaching

● Presenting your best self to the audience

● Developing a training staff

● And, most important, how to sell your message

Trusted by thousands of professional trainers for the latest tactics and practices in seminar and workshop leadership, How to Run Seminars and Workshops, Third Edition is the ultimate guide for anyone who makes a living sharing what they know with others.

Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct

Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct

Beyond Revenge: The Evolution of the Forgiveness Instinct by Michael McCullough
Jossey-Bass | 2008 | ISBN: 078797756X | 320 pages | PDF | 1.27MB

Why is revenge such a pervasive and destructive problem? How can we create a future in which revenge is less common and forgiveness is more common? Psychologist Michael McCullough argues that the key to a more forgiving, less vengeful world is to understand the evolutionary forces that gave rise to these intimately human instincts and the social forces that activate them in human minds today. Drawing on exciting breakthroughs from the social and biological sciences, McCullough dispenses surprising and practical advice for making the world a more forgiving place.

Michael E. McCullough (Miami, Florida), an internationally recognized expert on forgiveness and revenge, is a professor of psychology at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, where he directs the Laboratory for Social and Clinical Psychology.

Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper [Audiobook]

Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper [Audiobook]

Skyjack: The Hunt for D B Cooper [Audiobook] by Geoffrey Gray
Random House Audio | 2011 | ISBN: 0307735796 | MP3@96 kbps | 8 hrs 07 mins | 260.29MB

“I have a bomb here and I would like you to sit by me.”

That was the note handed to a stewardess by a mild-mannered passenger on a Northwest Orient flight in 1971. It was the start of one of the most astonishing whodunits in the history of American true crime: how one man extorted $200,000 from an airline, then parachuted into the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and into oblivion. D. B. Cooper’s case has become the stuff of legend and obsessed and cursed his pursuers with everything from bankruptcy to suicidal despair. Now with Skyjack, journalist Geoffrey Gray delves into this unsolved mystery uncovering new leads in the infamous case.

Starting with a tip from a private investigator into a promising suspect (a Cooper lookalike, Northwest employee, and trained paratrooper), Gray is propelled into the murky depths of a decades-old mystery, conducting new interviews and obtaining a first-ever look at Cooper’s FBI file. Beginning with a heartstopping and unprecedented recreation of the crime itself, from cabin to cockpit to tower, and uncanny portraits of characters who either chased Cooper or might have committed the crime, including Ralph Himmelsbach, the most dogged of FBI agents, who watched with horror as a criminal became a counter-culture folk hero who supposedly shafted the system…Karl Fleming, a respected reporter whose career was destroyed by a Cooper scoop that was a scam…and Barbara (nee Bobby) Dayton, a transgendered pilot who insisted she was Cooper herself.

With explosive new information and exclusive access to FBI files and forensic evidence, Skyjack reopens one of the great cold cases of the 20th century.