The First Amendment and You [TTC Audio]

The First Amendment and You [TTC Audio]

The First Amendment and You: What Everyone Should Know by Professor John E Finn [The Great Courses] (TTC Audio)
The Teaching Company | 2012 | Course No 9352 | MP3@96 kbps | 12x30 mins | 337.63MB

A mere 45 words, the First Amendment to the Constitution stands as a pillar of our democracy and has had an incalculable influence on the development of human freedom in the United States and the Western world. By defining the relationship between the people and the state and placing checks on governmental power to silence its populace, its protections have important ramifications for every American. But the First Amendment is not simply a legal construct—it has significant and far-reaching cultural implications as well.

To study the First Amendment is to learn something about the meaning of America and who “We the People” are. So, it behooves citizens to understand what it says and its latest interpretations—particularly in this age of rapidly emerging technology.

The First Amendment and You: What Everyone Should Know is a practical guide to understanding the protections and limitations implied by this fundamental constitutional provision. Thoughtfully presented by Professor John E. Finn of Wesleyan University—an award-winning teacher and internationally recognized expert on constitutional law and theory—this 12-lecture course will help you fully grasp why we have a First Amendment, what and whom it protects, and why it matters to you personally.

Dive into the Ongoing Debate

Thanks to the profoundly complex and continually evolving web of rules, doctrine, and cases the First Amendment has engendered, any discussion of it is inherently open-ended. Professor Finn is first to admit he doesn’t have all the answers—even Supreme Court justices can’t seem to agree on interpretations from case to case—but he skillfully explains the fundamental principles involved, illuminates the relevant case law, and elucidates the crucial questions and implications in a way everyone can comprehend.

You’ll consider questions of how we define speech, the meaning of “religion,” and when the state can interfere with your rights. The course also sheds light on questions courts and citizens will be grappling with for years to come:

● How does the First Amendment apply to the Internet?

● Does the First Amendment apply to video games?

● Should new communication technologies make courts reconsider well-settled rules?

● Is social media subject to existing principles, to new ones, or to none at all?

Throughout the lectures, you’ll return to a fundamental theme: What the First Amendment protects is largely a function of why it protects it—the why being America’s commitment to democracy and liberty. In pursuit of these ideals, courts have often placed a higher value on political speech, although no such distinction is made in the Constitution.

As you delve into this “categorical approach” to protected speech, you’ll investigate how it applies to various forms of restricted expression, including hate speech, obscenity, and pornography. And you’ll examine landmark Supreme Court decisions, including

Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, which established the doctrine of fighting words;

New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, a case best known for establishing the actual malice test in defamation suits; and

U.S. v. O’Brien, which demonstrated that the amount of protection your speech warrants may depend on the content and form it takes.

You’ll also look at key 21st-century decisions, such as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Taught by an accomplished legal scholar, this engrossing course clears up prevalent misconceptions and applies the First Amendment’s guiding principles to America’s ever-changing legal landscape.

Professor Finn believes constitutional literacy is the civic responsibility of every American, and listening to The First Amendment and You puts you well on your way. You’ll gain greater insight on your responsibilities and rights; a better understanding of past, present, and future court decisions; and a deeper appreciation for our nation’s robust defense of freedom of speech.

Course Lecture Titles:

01. A Citizen’s Guide to the First Amendment

02. The First Amendment and Political Speech

03. The First Amendment and Symbolic Speech

04. The First Amendment and Corporate Speech

05. The First Amendment and Obscenity

06. The First Amendment and Hate Speech

07. Does It Matter Where You Speak?

08. Freedom of the Press

09. Freedom of Association

10. The Establishment Clause

11. The Free Exercise Clause

You Are Not So Smart [Audiobook]

You Are Not So Smart [Audiobook]
You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, Why Your Memory Is Mostly Fiction, and 46 Other Ways You're Deluding Yourself [Audiobook] by David McRaney, read by Don Hagen
2011 | MP3@128 kbps + EPUB + MOBI | 8 hrs 24 mins | 463.65MB

An entertaining illumination of the stupid beliefs that make us feel wise.

You believe you are a rational, logical being who sees the world as it really is, but journalist David McRaney is here to tell you that you're as deluded as the rest of us. But that's OK - delusions keep us sane. You Are Not So Smart is a celebration of self-delusion. It's like a psychology class, with all the boring parts taken out, and with no homework.Based on the popular blog of the same name, You Are Not So Smart collects more than 46 of the lies we tell ourselves everyday, including:

  • Dunbar's Number - Humans evolved to live in bands of roughly 150 individuals, the brain cannot handle more than that number. If you have more than 150 Facebook friends, they are surely not all real friends.
  • Hindsight bias - When we learn something new, we reassure ourselves that we knew it all along.
  • Confirmation bias - Our brains resist new ideas, instead paying attention only to findings that reinforce our preconceived notions.
  • Brand loyalty - We reach for the same brand not because we trust its quality but because we want to reassure ourselves that we made a smart choice the last time we bought it.

Bringing together popular science and psychology with humor and wit, You Are Not So Smart is a celebration of our irrational, thoroughly human behavior.

Recipes for a Lady or a Man / The Achewood Cookbook

Recipes for a Lady or a Man / The Achewood Cookbook

Recipes for a Lady or a Man / The Achewood Cookbook by Chris Onstad
Chris Onstad | 2003 | ASIN: B0036WDXS0 | 48 pages | PDF | 8.3MB

An Achewood Cookbook, aimed mainly at beginners, in which the characters provide recipes and cooking advice. Onstad was frustrated by the French Laundry Cookbook, finding it "essentially useless to any home cook", and wrote his own cookbook aimed at "guys who are just out of college and have one pan and one electric burner". Onstad believed that doing such a task would be entertaining and challenging. Onstad visited a supermarket chain store and bought eggs, ground beef, and mustard, and created around 50 recipes based around them. The book includes recipes for cocktails, Scotch eggs, hot dogs, chicken, orzo, and other foods and drinks. Ray Smuckles presents all of the cocktails. Danielle Maestretti of UTNE Reader said that the recipes range in appeal and complexity.

The Universe and the Atom

The Universe and the Atom

The Universe and the Atom by Don Lichtenberg
World Scientific Publishing Company | 2007 | ISBN: 9812706062 | 328 pages | PDF | 2.76MB

This is a fascinating and popular account of the very large and the very small, from the universe as a whole to subatomic physics. It includes qualitative explanations of quantum mechanics and relativity, the big bang with inflation, the synthesis of elements, atoms, nuclei, subnuclear physics, quarks, leptons, and other elementary particles. It also gives an account of dark matter and dark energy. In summary, it provides and overview of what we know about the universe and what it is made of, and also what we don't know.

The Happiness Hypothesis

The Happiness Hypothesis

The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom by Jonathan Haidt
Basic Books | 2006 | ISBN: 0465028020 | 320 pages | EPUB | 430.93KB

In his widely praised book, award-winning psychologist Jonathan Haidt examines the world’s philosophical wisdom through the lens of psychological science, showing how a deeper understanding of enduring maxims – like "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you," or "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger" – can enrich and even transform our lives.

How Physics Confronts Reality

How Physics Confronts Reality

How Physics Confronts Reality: Einstein Was Correct, but Bohr Won the Game by Roger G Newton
World Scientific Publishing Company | 2009 | ISBN: 9814277029 | 160 pages | PDF | 8.87MB

This book recalls, for nonscientific readers, the history of quantum mechanics, the main points of its interpretation, and Einstein's objections to it, together with the responses engendered by his arguments. Most popular discussions on the strange aspects of quantum mechanics ignore the fundamental fact that Einstein was correct in his insistence that the theory does not directly describe reality. While that fact does not remove the theory's counterintuitive features, it casts them in a different light. Context is provided by following the history of two central aspects of physics: the elucidation of the basic structure of the world made up of particles, and the explanation, as well as the prediction, of how objects move. This history, prior to quantum mechanics, reveals that whereas theories and discoveries concerning the structure of nature became increasingly realistic, the laws of motion, even as they became more powerful, became more and more abstract and remote from intuitive notions of reality. Newton's laws of motion gained their abstract power by sacrificing direct and intuitive contact with real experience. Arriving 250 years after Newton, the break with a direct description of reality embodied in quantum mechanics was nevertheless profound.

* Some Quantum History * Rules and Interpretations * Einstein's Defection * From Atomism to Real Particles * Laws of Motion * Fields * New Particles and Their Quantum Origins * Atoms, Inside and Out * Methods and Underpinnings

Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap

Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap

Phil Hellmuth Presents Read 'Em and Reap: A Career FBI Agent's Guide to Decoding Pоker Tells by Phil Hellmuth, Joe Navarro, Marvin Karlins
William Morrow | 2006 | ISBN: 0061198595 | 240 pages | EPUB | 3.14MB

Every great player knows that success in pоker is part luck, part math, and part subterfuge. While the math of pоker has been refined over the past 20 years, the ability to read other players and keep your own "tells" in check has mostly been learned by trial and error.

But now, Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence officer specializing in nonverbal communication and behavior analysis—or, to put it simply, a man who can tell when someone's lying—offers foolproof techniques, illustrated with amazing examples from pоker pro Phil Hellmuth, that will help you decode and interpret your opponents' body language and other silent tip-offs while concealing your own. You'll become a human lie detector, ready to call every bluff—and the most feared player in the room.

Masters of War: History’s Greatest Strategic Thinkers

Masters of War: History’s Greatest Strategic Thinkers

Masters of War: History’s Greatest Strategic Thinkers by Professor Andrew R Wilson [The Great Courses] (TTC Audio)
The Teaching Company | 2012 | Course No 9422 | MP3@96 kbps | 24x30 mins | 474.65MB

What can Thucydides teach us about the war in Iraq in 2003? What is the key to adaptation during an ongoing conflict? How do you balance the tension between political and military objectives? Why are insurgency and terrorism such powerful military tactics, and how do you combat them?

As these questions show, military strategy matters. Civilizations with the greatest strategists—often coupled with the greatest resources—have had a powerful edge over competing civilizations. From Napoleon’s revolutionary campaigns to the way insurgency, terrorism, and nuclear weaponry have defined the nature of warfare in the 21st century, the results of military strategy have changed the course of history.

Masters of War: History’s Greatest Strategic Thinkers gives you an inside look at both the content and historical context of the world’s greatest war strategists. Taught by Professor Andrew R. Wilson—and modeled on his elite course at the United States Naval War College—these 24 lectures will change the way you read newspaper headlines by instilling in you a new appreciation for the subtleties and complexities of strategy—and how nations and military leaders have adapted to the dynamic realm of fog, friction, and chance.

● See how George Washington adapted his strategy after losing New York during the American Revolution.

● Learn why FDR went against the advice of Chief of Staff George Marshall and embarked on a campaign in north Africa in the summer of 1942.

● Trace the United States’ Pacific strategy, from War Plan Dog to Guadalcanal to the island-hopping campaign.

● Apply Clausewitz’s “culminating point of victory” to the Persian Gulf War.

● Consider the strategy behind recent U. N. airstrikes in Libya.

The great masters of war have been writing about strategy for thousands of years, and understanding their works can help a nation achieve military and political success. You’ll come away from this course with new insight that will allow you to take an informed, active interest in political and military debates—which ultimately will determine the course of our nation.

Explore Strategy from Ancient Greece to the 21st Century

Warfare has changed, yet the classics of strategic thought endure. From the triremes and hoplites of ancient Greece to the Special Forces in 21st-century Afghanistan, strategy is the process by which political objectives are translated into military action—using the means at a nation’s disposal to compel an enemy to bend to its political will.

The best way to hone your strategic analysis is to study the classics of strategic theory and to test these theories across a range of historical and contemporary cases. Masters of War offers a concise and rigorous survey of history’s greatest students of war, placing each theorist within his unique historical and strategic context:

● Thucydides’ history of the Peloponnesian War

● Sun Tzu’s famous The Art of War

● Machiavelli’s strategy for a republic with a citizen-army

● Jomini, Clausewitz, and the Napoleonic revolution in warfare

● The development of naval strategy and the rise of airpower

● Mao Tse-tung, David Galula, and Roger Trinquier’s reflections on insurgency and counterinsurgency—and their influence on the U. S. Army’s Field Manual 3-24

● Just-war theory, from Thucydides’ Melian Dialogue to Operation Iraqi Freedom

● Nuclear war, terrorism, and other strategic challenges for the 21st century

Throughout Masters of War: History’s Greatest Strategic Thinkers, you’ll explore the social and moral dimensions of war and statesmanship; you’ll probe unresolved questions about limited nuclear war, the possibility of a just war, and the efficacy of our counterterrorist tactics; and you’ll come away with the confidence to participate in strategic debates—not only about present conflicts, but those in the future.

Course Lecture Titles:

01. Why Strategy Matters

02. Thucydides on Strategy

03. Thucydides as a Possession for All Time

04. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

05. Sun Tzu through Time

06. Machiavelli’s The Art of War

07. Machiavelli’s Discourses on Livy

08. The Napoleonic Revolution in War

09. Baron Jomini as a Strategist

10. Clausewitz’s On War

11. Jomini and Clausewitz through the Ages

12. From Sail to Steam—The Sea-Power Revolution

13. Alfred Thayer Mahan

14. Sir Julian Corbett

15. Mahan, Corbett, and the Pacific War

16. Air Power in Theory and Practice

17. From Rolling Thunder to Instant Thunder

18. Nuclear Strategy

19. Mao Tse-tung in Theory and Practice

20. Classics of Counterinsurgency

21. Just-War Theory

22. Terrorism as Strategy

23. Strategies of Counterterrorism

24. From the Jaws of Defeat—Strategic Adaptation

VIDEO Version

The Art of War [TTC Audio]

The Art of War [TTC Audio]

The Art of War by Professor Andrew R Wilson [The Great Courses] (TTC Audio)
The Teaching Company | 2012 | Course No 9456 | MP3@96 kbps | 6x30 mins | 116.70MB

As a landmark achievement in the evolution of strategic thought, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has had a powerful and lasting influence on military strategy around the globe. Its maxims have been invoked by everyone from the nuclear strategists of the cold war to China’s modern cyber warriors. So universal and timeless are its tactics for pursuing a competitive advantage that some of the most notable people in government, sports, and the entertainment world have all quoted from its nearly 2500-year-old pages.

So why is a Chinese guide to military strategy written in 330 to 320 B.C. so prevalent in modern military operations, business school curricula, sports, and popular culture? What can its lessons offer us today?

As award-winning Professor Andrew R. Wilson of the U.S. Naval War College demonstrates in the six expertly crafted lectures of The Art of War, this classic’s wisdom for staying nimble in an ever-changing environment and for maximizing reward while minimizing risk remains eternally fresh. As war and business become more mental and less physical, human intellect plays an ever greater role in competition—making Sun Tzu’s strategies highly relevant to the information age.

Furthermore, as China becomes increasingly economically influential, militarily capable, and politically assertive, it behooves us to study a book so central to the country’s philosophical past.

Through a precise explanation of the original text and case studies, this course examines how the seminal work’s model of leadership has been applied—and misapplied—throughout the realms of war, politics, business, and beyond.

An Inquiry Grounded in History

As an expert in Chinese history, language, and culture who has studied numerous versions of The Art of War, Professor Wilson is uniquely qualified to orient you to the cultural landscape against which the guide was composed.

You’ll begin your exploration by delving into the work’s likely origins with an anonymous author who appropriated Sun Tzu’s military credentials two centuries after his death. Then, you’ll trace how dramatic changes in the scale, scope, and expense of war between the 8th and 4th centuries B.C. inspired this new strategic paradigm.

You’ll learn how

● armies of aristocrats from feuding confederations waged battles predicated on ritual, glory, and vengeance during the Zhou dynasty in the 8th century B.C.;

● the dominant northern state of Qi began to choose the talent of commanders over a noble pedigree in the 7th century B.C.; and

● organized states with massive armies and standardized weaponry formed in the Warring States period that spanned the 5th to 3rd centuries B.C., yet anachronistic notions about war prevailed.

With this historical framework established, you’re ready to delve into the critical calculations that must be made prior to war—what Sun Tzu refers to as knowing the enemy, knowing ourselves.

A New Model of Leadership

The Art of War is both a guide for competition and preparing so well for competition that one’s organizational strength and focus awes the enemy into giving up without a fight. Through the professor’s use of real-world examples, you’ll understand the qualities effective commanders must possess and the work’s practical implications for outmaneuvering competitors in daily life.

Beyond the Modern Phenomenon

Sun Tzu’s words are often easy fodder for superficial approaches to the work. However, The Art of War eschews reducing the maxims to mere platitudes and removing the lessons from their original context.

As an expert in Chinese strategic thought who is so passionate about this book that he’s read the original text word for word in classical Chinese, Professor Wilson demonstrates the nuanced meaning of the language, along with the work’s contemporary value, from a scholarly perspective that makes your independent reading exponentially more vital. By taking this course, you will appreciate Sun Tzu’s content on a far deeper level.

Course Lecture Titles:

1. The Origins of a Revolutionary Classic

2. Command and Method

3. Weather and Terrain

4. Energy and Timing

5. Espionage and Deception

6. An Enduring Guide for Interesting Times

Training Trances

Training Trances

Training Trances: Multi-Level Communication in Therapy and Training by John Overdurf, Julie Silverthorn
Metamorphous Press | 1995 | ISBN: 1555520693 | 264 pages | PDF | 714.65KB

Training Trances is about how to therapeutically communicate with the unconscious mind. The authors present their own unique integration of Ericksonian techniques, traditional models of hypnotherapy, and recent research in related areas. Numerous new patterns modeled from the work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. are clearly explained and demonstrated. The use of trance in training design, to unconsciously install the skills being taught to the participants, is also covered.

The book developed from transcripts of a four day workshop, and the design of the book parallels the design chosen for the training itself. Individual exercises or those done in groups of two or three are offered so that the reader may practice the techniques and learn the skills.

There are numerous "live" demonstrations, inductions, and double inductions which create for the reader a real "feel" of how hypnosis is done and which are also a rich source for linguistic analysis for the advanced reader.

Written with insight and humor, this book's most unique twist is its use of multi-level communication and hypnotic language to create a "training trance" for the readers as they journey through the text. Some hypnotic references are obvious and explicit -- those which are not obvious will create enjoyable "ah-ha!" experiences for the reader as they are discovered.

Bad Girls and Sick Boys

Bad Girls and Sick Boys

Bad Girls and Sick Boys: Fantasies in Contemporary Art and Culture by Linda S Kauffman
University of California Press | 1998 | ISBN: 0520210328 | 324 pages | EPUB, MOBI | 13.35MB

Linda S. Kauffman turns the pornography debate on its head with this audacious analysis of recent taboo-shattering fiction, film, and performance art. Investigating the role of fantasy in art, politics, and popular culture, she shows how technological advances in medicine and science (magnetic resonance imaging, computers, and telecommunications) have profoundly altered our concepts of the human body. Cyberspace is producing new forms of identity and subjectivity. The novelists, filmmakers, and performers in Bad Girls and Sick Boys are the interpreters of these brave new worlds, cartographers who are busy mapping the fin-de-millennium environment that already envelops us.

Bad Girls and Sick Boys offers a vital and entertaining tour of the current cultural landscape. Kauffman boldly connects the dots between the radical artists who shatter taboos and challenge legal and aesthetic conventions. She links writers like John Hawkes and Robert Coover to Kathy Acker and William Vollmann; filmmakers like Ngozi Onwurah and Isaac Julien to Brian De Palma and Gus Van Sant; and performers like Carolee Schneemann and Annie Sprinkle to the visual arts. Kauffman's lively interviews with J. G. Ballard, David Cronenberg, Bob Flanagan, and Orlan add an extraordinary dimension to her timely and convincing argument.

Celtic and old Norse Designs

Celtic and old Norse Designs

Celtic and old Norse Designs by Courtney Davis
Dover Publications | 2000 | ISBN: 7900401148 | 46 pages | PDF | 7.72MB

A marvelous collection, drawn from numerous Celtic and Old Norse sources in the British Isles and Scandinavia, a rich selection of traditional Christian and secular designs is brought together.

A great source of inspiration for tattoo lovers!

The Brand Within

The Brand Within

The Brand Within: The Power of Branding from Birth to the Boardroom by Daymond John
Display of Power Publishing | 2010 | ISBN: 0982596219 | 256 pages | EPUB | 2.91MB

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, every day nearly 2,500 people go into business for themselves. Their firms account for 78 percent of U.S. businesses and $951 billion in receipts. Entrepreneurship is abundant in America, especially in the current economic crisis, but how do these companies stand out from the rest in order to succeed?

The Brand Within by Daymond John, founder and CEO of the revolutionary FUBU clothing line, brand strategist and star of the ABC hit reality show, Shark Tank, is the second nonfiction book in the best-selling Display of Power series. The Brand Within examines the loyalty of relationships companies seek to establish by attaching celebrities to their brands and the instantaneous impulses consumers exhibit when purchasing a product. Drawing on his cutting-edge experiences in the fashion business, as well as his hard-won insights developed as a sought-after marketing consultant to trendsetters and tastemakers, the author argues that branding relationships have now seeped into every aspect of our lives.

Daymond John is widely recognized as a branding and marketing authority and a sought-after consultant on the ever-changing urban/pop culture marketplace. He describes the evolution of a brand--from its generic inception to its watermark--and offers expert commentary on iconic personal ''brands'' ranging from Tiger Woods to Muhammad Ali and branding as it pertains to corporations such as Blackberry and UPS, among others.

The Brand Within, co-authored by Daniel Paisner, who is credited with nine New York Times bestsellers, is a dynamic roadmap to growing a successful brand.

Display of Power

Display of Power

Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle by Daymond John
Thomas Nelson | 2007 | ISBN: 1595558535 | 240 pages | EPUB | 2.48MB

With worldwide distribution, the FUBU brand is an international symbol of empowerment and success, standing as a blueprint for young business people looking to chart their own course.

In Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle, Daymond John (Founder and CEO) gets to the heart of his unlikely run to the top of the fashion world, and shines compelling light on what it takes to succeed-from the dizzying street corners of his old neighborhood to the dazzling corner offices of corporate America-and what it takes to harness and display the power that resides in us all.

Bats of the United States and Canada

Bats of the United States and Canada

Bats of the United States and Canada by Michael J Harvey, J Scott Altenbach, Troy L Best
The Johns Hopkins University Press | 2011 | ISBN: 1421401916 | 224 pages | EPUB | 24.74MB

The only mammals capable of true flight, bats are among the world’s most fascinating creatures. This accessible guide to the forty-seven species of bats found in the United States and Canada captures and explains the amazing diversity of these marvels of evolution.

A wide variety of bat species live in the United States and Canada, ranging from the California leaf-nosed bat to the Florida bonneted bat, from the eastern small-footed bat to the northern long-eared bat. The authors provide an overview of bat classification, biology, feeding behavior, habitats, migration, and reproduction. They discuss the ever-increasing danger bats face from destruction of habitat, wind turbines, chemical toxicants, and devastating diseases like white-nose syndrome, which is killing millions of cave bats in North America. Illustrated species accounts include range maps and useful identification tips.

Written by three of the world’s leading bat experts and featuring J. Scott Altenbach's stunning photographs, this fact-filled and easy-to-use book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date account of bats in the U.S. and Canada.

Frogs: The Animal Answer Guide

Frogs: The Animal Answer Guide

Frogs: The Animal Answer Guide by Mike Dorcas, Whit Gibbons
The Johns Hopkins University Press | 2011 | ISBN: 0801899362 | 192 pages | EPUB | 5.22MB

Frogs are amazingly diverse—ranging from the massive goliath frog, which weighs several pounds, to the recently discovered gold frog, which measures a mere three-eighths of an inch when fully grown—and have inhabited the earth for more than 200 million years. Today, however, these amphibians face more challenges than any other vertebrate group. In this fun and informative book, herpetologists Mike Dorcas and Whit Gibbons answer common and not-so-common questions people may have about these fascinating animals.

Dorcas and Gibbons discuss how frogs evolved, which species currently exist in the world, and why some have recently gone extinct. They reveal what frogs eat and what eats them, their role in cultures across the globe, why many populations are declining and what we can do to reverse this dangerous trend, why there are deformed frogs, and much more. They answer expected questions such as "What is the difference between a frog and a toad?" and "Why do some people lick toads?" and unexpected ones such as "Why do some frogs lay their eggs in the leaves of trees?" and "Do frogs feel pain?"

The authors’ easy-to-understand yet thorough explanations provide insight into the amazing biology of this amphibian group. In addressing conservation questions, Dorcas and Gibbons highlight the frightening implications of the current worldwide amphibian crisis, which many scientists predict will bring extinction rates experienced by frog species to levels not seen in any vertebrate animal group in millions of years.

Packed with facts and featuring two color galleries and 70 black-and-white photographs, Frogs: The Animal Answer Guide is sure to address the questions on the minds of curious naturalists.

The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild

The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild

The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild by Craig Childs
Back Bay Books | 2007 | ISBN: 0316066478 | 352 pages | EPUB | 1.15MB

The Animal Dialogues tells of Craig Childs' own chilling experiences among the grizzlies of the Arctic, sharks off the coast of British Columbia and in the turquoise waters of Central America, jaguars in the bush of northern Mexico, mountain lions, elk, Bighorn Sheep, and others. More than chilling, however, these stories are lyrical, enchanting, and reach beyond what one commonly assumes an "animal story" is or should be. This is a book about another world that exists alongside our own, an entire realm of languages and interactions that humans rarely get the chance to witness.

Pavlov's Dogs and Schrödinger's Cat

Pavlov's Dogs and Schrödinger's Cat

Pavlov's Dogs and Schrödinger's Cat: Scenes from the living laboratory by Rom Harré
Oxford University Press | 2009 | ISBN: 0199238561 | 288 pages | EPUB | 2.87MB

From the sheep, dog, and cockerel that were sent aloft in Montgolfier's balloon to test the air over Paris, to the famous clone Dolly the Sheep and the Darwinian finches of the Galapagos, Pavlov's Dogs and Schrödinger's Cat offers a fascinating and enlightening look at the use of plants and animals--including humans--in scientific experiments. Rom Harré provides a fresh and fascinating perspective on research, setting aside moral reflection to simply examine the history of how and why living creatures have been used for the purposes of discovery. Ranging over five centuries, the book uncovers many extraordinary stories, including tales of the people involved, to many curious incidents and episodes, and the occasional scientific fraud. From Gregor Mendel's use of pea plants to explore heredity, to Barry Marshall's used of himself as the experimental animal in his helicobacter experiments (he survived) and even the use of an imaginary cat in Schrödinger's famous thought experiment, the reader discovers a perspective on scientific work he or she has never encountered before.

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken: Transform Your Life with the Power of Authenticity by Mike Robbins
Jossey-Bass | 2009 | ISBN: 047039501X | 256 pages | PDF | 2.18MB

Robbins, the highly visible lantern-jawed motivational speaker/coach/author/guru (author of Focus on the Good Stuff), returns with a primer on authenticity: what it means, what it can do, and how to achieve it. A master of his craft, Robbins' guide is thorough, direct and carefully organized, with an understanding and enthusiastic voice. Beginning with the reasons we lose our authentic selves, Robbins enumerates the pressures to conform in family, school, religion, politics and the media, as well as the damaging messages we absorb, like "be a good boy," "calm down" and "shut up." Robbins explains how these pressures lead to self-criticism and fear, then how to overcome them through greater awareness and compassion for one's faults. With questions, exercises, action points and sound practices, Robbins provides a map to transforming fear, gaining self-knowledge and celebrating your authentic self, with a measured pace and a minimum of distraction (no sidebars, charts or breakout boxes). Readers looking for a positive, no-nonsense guide to self-actualization should find Robbins an ideal guide.

Fishes: The Animal Answer Guide

Fishes: The Animal Answer Guide

Fishes: The Animal Answer Guide by Gene Helfman, Bruce Collette
The Johns Hopkins University Press | 2011 | ISBN: 142140222X | 216 pages | EPUB | 6.96MB

One fish, two fish, red fish, nearly thirty thousand species of fish—or fishes, as they are properly called when speaking of multiple species. This is but one of many things the authors of this fascinatingly informative book reveal in answering common and not-so-common questions about this ubiquitous group of animals.

Fishes range in size from tiny gobies to the massive Ocean Sunfish, which weighs thousands of pounds. They live in just about every body of water on the planet. Ichthyologists Gene Helfman and Bruce Collette provide accurate, entertaining, and sometimes surprising answers to over 100 questions about these water dwellers, such as "How many kinds of fishes are there?" "Can fishes breathe air?" "How smart are fishes?" and "Do fishes feel pain?" They explain how bony fishes evolved, the relationship between them and sharks, and why there is so much color variation among species. Along the way we also learn about the Devils Hole Pupfish, which has the smallest range of any vertebrate in the world; Lota lota, the only freshwater fish to spawn under ice; the Candiru, a pencil-thin Amazonian catfish that lodges itself in a very personal place on male bathers and must be removed surgically; and many other curiosities.

With more than 100 photographs—including two full-color photo galleries—and the most up-to-date facts on the world's fishes from two premier experts, this fun book is the perfect bait for any curious naturalist, angler, or aquarist.

No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits

No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits

No BS Ruthless Management of People and Profits: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners Guide to Really Getting Rich by Dan S Kennedy
Entrepreneur Press | 2008 | ISBN: 1599181657 | 350 pages | PDF | 7.14MB

Here it is: no warm 'n fuzzies, no academic theories-just hard-core strategies from real world trenches…the long-overdue management book no one but Dan Kennedy would dare to write. This is your permission slip to take back control of your business, enforce standards, manage for maximum profit and actually get performance from your people!

Kennedy covers: * The true nature of employer-employee relationships: friendly while you feed them (Why ownership mentality is a futile and dangerous goal) * The two most crucial (and liberating) management decisions * The worst number in business is…(fix this before it's too late!) * Leadership is vastly overrated: a new, rational model for profitable productivity * Why and how to make marketing the master-all others servants * Mice at play, and how to get compliance when the cat's away * Finding the magic “GE-Spot” for your particular business' greatest success with its customers * Fairness be damned-to the winners the spoils (it's time to start paying for performance, not for showing up) * Is a happy workplace a productive workplace? a serious look at the new, fun mandate-lies the management theorists sell * Managing the sales process-the biggest instant improvement (more $ now!)

Corporate Finance: A Focused Approach [4th Edition]

Corporate Finance: A Focused Approach [4th Edition]

Corporate Finance: A Focused Approach [4th Edition] by Eugene F Brigham, Michael C Ehrhardt
South-Western College Pub | 2010 | ISBN: 1439078084 | 848 pages | PDF | 22.13MB

Focus on the financial concepts, skills, and technological applications that are most critical for MBA students in today's workplace with Ehrhardt/Brigham's CORPORATE FINANCE: A FOCUSED APPROACH, 4E. This lean text provides an in-depth treatment of all topics essential to corporate finance within a streamlined presentation that you can complete in a single semester. Your students review the latest financial developments -- from the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market to the financial and global economic crisis -- as this edition shows them how to maximize a firm's value in today's changed world. Numerous recent examples illustrate the relevance of what students are learning, while Excel Tool Kits, "Build a Model" problems, and Mini-Case Spreadsheets help students master the many functions of Excel. Students even gain hands-on experience with the same tool Wall Street professionals use daily with new Thomson ONE-Business School Edition problems. Trust this book's concise, focused presentation to clearly demonstrate how and why corporations make specific financial decisions.

It's Not Luck

It's Not Luck

It's Not Luck by Eliyahu M Goldratt
North River Press | 1994 | ISBN: 0884271153 | 218 pages | EPUB | 746.58KB

In this "business novel" sequel to The Goal, cash is needed and Alex Rogo's companies are to be put on the block. Alex needs to complete the turnaround of his companies if they can be sold for the maximum return: if he fails they will be closed down. This text highlights the techniques needed to survive at home and at work, introducing key "thinking tools" from the Theory of Constraints, including the Evaporating Cloud, Current Reality Tree, and more -- all in the context of solving dramatic, real-world business and relationship problems.

Critical Chain: A New Way of Thinking About Projects

Critical Chain: A New Way of Thinking About Projects

Critical Chain: A New Way of Thinking About Projects by Eliyahu M Goldratt
The North River Press | 1997 | ISBN: 0884271536 | 191 pages | EPUB | 507.88KB

"Critical Chain," a gripping fast-paced business novel, does for Project Management what Eli Goldratt's other novels have done for Production and Marketing.

Presenting powerful yet simple techniques to solve project management's toughest problems, this book teaches companies to drastically cut project development times resulting in early completion within budget and without compromising quality or specifications.

About the Author

One of the world's most sought after business leaders - author and educator, Dr. Eli Goldratt. Eli Goldratt had been described by Fortune Magazine as a "guru to industry" and by Business Week as a "genius." His charismatic, stimulating, yet sometimes unconventional style has captured the attention of audiences throughout the world. Eli is a true thinker who provokes others to think.

Eli Goldratt is the creator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and is the author of 8 books, including the business best sellers The Goal, It's Not Luck, and Critical Chain. Goldratt's Theory of Constraints is used by thousands of companies, and is taught in hundreds of colleges, universities, and business schools. His books have sold over 3 million copies and have been translated into 23 languages. Goldratt's fascinating work as an author, educator and business pioneer has resulted in the promulgation of TOC into many facets of society and transformed management thinking throughout the world.

The Millionaire Messenger

The Millionaire Messenger

The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice by Brendon Burchard
Free Press | 2011 | ISBN: 1451665997 | 158 pages | EPUB | 460.84KB

You can light the way for others.

In this game-changing book by Brendon Burchard (founder of Experts Academy, and author of Life's Golden Ticket), you’ll discover:

● Your life story and experience have greater importance and market value than you probably ever dreamed.

● You are here to make a difference in this world. The best way to do that is to package your knowledge and advice (on any topic, in any industry) to help others succeed.

● You can get paid for sharing your advice and how-to information, and in the process you can build a lucrative business and a profoundly meaningful life.

If any of this sounds unbelievable--especially the part about you getting paid for sharing what might essentially be your message to the world--then it is simply because you are unaware of the "expert industry" that exists all around us. This is the industry of people who share their advice and knowledge with the world and get paid for it. These are the "gurus" you see in print, on television, and online sharing strategies on how to improve your life or grow your business. They are average, ordinary people who have packaged their struggles, successes, research, or life’s story into advice for others and thus have become “experts” on a given topic, whether it is how to be a better parent, start a business, succeed at work, live with more passion; you name the topic.

Author Brendon Burchard, himself a multi-millionaire success story, pulls back the curtains on this once secretive industry and shows you how to become an influential and highly paid advice expert through websites, books, speeches, seminars, coaching, consulting, and online programs. You get to choose your topic and how you want to share it with the world, and Burchard shows you how. If you've ever wondered how to serve others and spread your message, and build a real business doing so, then consider The Millionaire Messenger your roadmap to a lucrative and fulfilling new career.

"We all have a life story and a message that can inspire others to live a better life or run a better business." The Millionaire Messenger proves it and shows how you can share your message to make a difference and also make an income, with a simple 10-step plan for making an impact and an income with what you know. The lessons you’ve learned in life and business are about to become your greatest asset—and your greatest legacy.

XDA Developers' Android Hacker's Toolkit

XDA Developers' Android Hacker's Toolkit

XDA Developers' Android Hacker's Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming by Jason Tyler
John Wiley & Sons | 2012 | ISBN: 1119951380 | 192 pages | 2.65MB

Make your Android device truly your own

Are you eager to make your Android device your own but you're not sure where to start? Then this is the book for you. XDA is the world's most popular resource for Android hacking enthusiasts, and a huge community has grown around customizing Android devices with XDA. XDA's Android Hacker's Toolkit gives you the tools you need to customize your devices by hacking or rooting the android operating system.

Providing a solid understanding of the internal workings of the Android operating system, this book walks you through the terminology and functions of the android operating system from the major nodes of the file system to basic OS operations. As you learn the fundamentals of Android hacking that can be used regardless of any new releases, you'll discover exciting ways to take complete control over your device.* Teaches theory, preparation and practice, and understanding of the OS* Explains the distinction between ROMing and theming* Provides step-by-step instructions for Droid, Xoom, Galaxy Tab, LG Optimus, and more * Identifies the right tools for various jobs * Contains new models enabling you to root and customize your phone* Offers incomparable information that has been tried and tested by the amazing XDA community of hackers, gadgeteers, and technicians XDA's Android Hacker's Toolkit is a simple, one-stop resource on hacking techniques for beginners.

Secrets of Special Ops Leadership

Secrets of Special Ops Leadership

Secrets of Special Ops Leadership: Dare the Impossible -- Achieve the Extraordinary by William A Cohen
AMACOM | 2006 | ISBN: 0814408400 | 267 pages | EPUB | 2.09MB

The Navy SEALS. The Green Berets. Delta Force. These are just a few examples of what are known as "special ops" -- unique fighting forces trained to beat overwhelming odds on every mission. What techniques do the leaders of these small, fiercely motivated units use to accomplish such exceptional feats?

Secrets of Special Ops Leadership answers the question using dramatic real-life stories of commando leadership from history all the way up through Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005. Drawing lessons and parallels that business leaders can use to their own advantage, the book shows how hugely successful people have incorporated special ops leadership in their own organizations. Readers will learn the 14 practices of special ops leadership, including:

● Dare the Impossible

● Throw the Rule Book Away

● Commit and Require Total Commitment

● Build a Commando Team

● Never Give Up

It takes great leadership skills to guide these teams to victory, and these same principles can be used just as effectively in the workplace. Secrets of Special Ops Leadership reveals the key principles behind Special Ops leadership, illustrating them with dramatic real-life stories of different special ops forces in action. "Secrets of Special Ops Leadership" shows business leaders how to lead to win, no matter what obstacles they and their organization face.

Secrets of Special Ops Leadership is a gripping read, featuring eye-opening accounts of outstanding heroics from World War II, Viet Nam, and more. This inspiring, edge-of-your-seat book shows today?s business leaders how to lead to matter what the odds. William A. Cohen, Ph.D., Major General, USAFR, Ret. (Pasadena, CA) is a former commando, and an authority on leadership and strategy. He has received the Distinguished Service Medal from the U.S. governemt. His previous books include Wisdom of the Generals, The New Art of the Leader, and the classic How to Make it Big as a Consultant.

Galileo's Daughter

Galileo's Daughter

Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love [Audiobook] by Dava Sobel
2009 | ASIN: B0023AP834 | MP3 VBR V5 + EPUB | 10 hrs 48 mins | 278.3MB

Galileo Galilei was the foremost scientist of his day. Though he never left Italy, his inventions and discoveries were heralded around the world. His telescopes allowed him to reveal the heavens and enforce the astounding argument that the earth moves around the sun. For this belief, he was brought before the Holy Office of the Inquisition, accused of heresy, and forced to spend his last years under house arrest.

Galileo's oldest child was 13 when he placed her in a convent near him in Florence, where she took the most appropriate name of Suor Maria Celeste. Her support was her father's greatest source of strength. Her presence, through letters which Sobel has translated from Italian and masterfully woven into the narrative, graces her father's life now as it did then.

GALILEO'S DAUGHTER dramatically recolors the personality and accomplishment of a mythic figure whose seventeenth-century clash with Catholic doctrine continues to define the schism between science and religion. Moving between Galileo's public life and Maria Celeste's sequestered world, Sobel illuminates the Florence of the Medicis and the papal court in Rome during an era when humanity's perception of its place in the cosmos was overturned. With all the human drama and scientific adventure that distinguished Latitude, Galileo's Daughter is an unforgettable story.

Unleash the Warrior Within

Unleash the Warrior Within

Unleash the Warrior Within: Develop the Focus, Discipline, Confidence, and Courage You Need to Achieve Unlimited Goals by Richard J. Machowicz
Da Capo Press | 2008 | ISBN: 0738212482 | 216 pages | PDF | 685.6KB

A ten-year navy seal veteran, Richard ““Mack” Machowicz was trained to complete every mission assigned to him, under any condition, because failure was not an option. Drawing from this experience, Unleash the Warrior Within (more than 25,000 copies since 2002, largely through word-of-mouth) offers Mack’s original program for mastering the arts of focus, discipline, and determination under any circumstances. In this newly revised edition, Mack shows readers how to use his seven principles of combat—, such as:

● Create an Action Mind-Set

● The Critical Keys to Conquering Anything, and

● Guarantee the Win,

—in order to conquer fear and turn ambitions and dreams into reality.

Film Noir

Film Noir

Film Noir by Paul Duncan
Pocket Essentiials | 2000 | ISBN: 1903047080 | EPUB, MOBI | 378.33KB

The laconic private eye...the corrupt cop...the heist that goes wrong...the Femme Fatale with the rich husband and dim lover - all are trademark characters of the movement known as film noir, that elusive mixture of stark lighting and even starker emotions. Noir explores the dark side of post-war society - gangsters, hoodlums, prostitutes and killers - and showed how it corrupted the good and the beautiful. Many of these films are now touchstones of what we regard as 'classic' Hollywood - The Maltese Falcon(1941), The Big Sleep(1946), Double Indemnity(1944) and The Postman Always Rings Twice(1946). This Pocket Essential charts the progression of the noir style as a vehicle for film-makers who wanted to record the darkness at the heart of American society as it emerged from World War into Cold War. As well as an introductory essay on the origins of Film Noir, this Pocket Essential discusses all the classics from the heyday of the movement in detail and includes a handy reference section for readers who want to know more.

Fred Hoyle's Universe

Fred Hoyle's Universe

Fred Hoyle's Universe by Jane Gregory
Oxford University Press | 2005 | ISBN: 0198507917 | 416 pages | PDF | 2.36MB

Fred Hoyle was a Yorkshire truant who became the voice of British astronomy. For fifty years, he spoke out for astronomy in the newspapers, on government committees, at scientific meetings, in popular books and on the radio. He devised a never-ending history of the universe, and worked out how the elements were made. He founded a prestigious institute for theoretical astronomy and built a giant telescope, and if it rained on his summer holiday, he sat in his caravan and wrote science fiction novels for his legions of fans around the world.

Fred Hoyle also claimed that diseases fall from the sky, that the big bang never happened, and that the Astronomer Royal should be abolished. When the outspoken Fred Hoyle spoke out for astronomy, some astronomers really wished he had kept his mouth shut.

This book tells the behind-the-scenes story of Hoyle's widely acclaimed and deeply controversial role in the ideas, organization and public face of astronomy in post-war Britain. It chronicles the triumphs, acrimony, jealousies, rewards and bitter feuds of a field in turmoil, and meets the astronomers, contemplating cosmic questions, keeping secrets, losing their tempers, winkling information out of distant stars and, over tea on the lawn, discussing the finer points of libel law.

Fred Hoyle's Universe draws on previously confidential government documents, recently released personal correspondence and interviews with Hoyle's friends, colleagues and critics, as well as with Hoyle himself, to bring you the man, the science, and the scandal behind the genial and genteel façade of the most exciting period in the history of astronomy.

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 by Hunter S Thompson
Simon & Schuster | 2012 | ISBN: 1451691572 | 512 pages | EPUB | 29.79MB

Forty years after its original publication, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 remains a cornerstone of American political journalism and one of the bestselling campaign books of all time. Hunter S. Thompson’s searing account of the battle for the 1972 presidency—from the Democratic primaries to the eventual showdown between George McGovern and Richard Nixon—is infused with the characteristic wit, intensity, and emotional engagement that made Thompson “the flamboyant apostle and avatar of gonzo journalism” (The New York Times). Hilarious, terrifying, insightful, and compulsively readable, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 is an epic political adventure that captures the feel of the American democratic process better than any other book ever written.

Inside the Mind of BTK

Inside the Mind of BTK

Inside the Mind of BTK: The True Story Behind the Thirty-Year Hunt for the Notorious Wichita Serial Killer by John Douglas, Johnny Dodd
Jossey-Bass | 2007 | ISBN: 0787984841 | 360 pages | EPUB, MOBI | 1.97MB

This incredible story shows how John Douglas tracked and participated in the hunt for one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history. For 31 years a man who called himself BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) terrorized the city of Wichita, Kansas, sexually assaulting and strangling a series of women, taunting the police with frequent communications, and bragging about his crimes to local newspapers and TV stations. After disappearing for nine years, he suddenly reappeared, complaining that no one was paying enough attention to him and claiming that he had committed other crimes for which he had not been given credit. When he was ultimately captured, BTK was shockingly revealed to be Dennis Rader, a 61-year-old married man with two children.

Inside Apple [Audiobook]

Inside Apple [Audiobook]

Inside Apple: How America's Most Admired--and Secretive--Company Really Works [Audiobook] by Adam Lashinsky
Hachette Audio | 2012 | ISBN: 1619693259 | MP3 VBR V6 | 6 hrs 50 mins | 213.35MB

INSIDE APPLE reveals the secret systems, tactics and leadership strategies that allowed Steve Jobs and his company to churn out hit after hit and inspire a cult-like following for its products.

If Apple is Silicon Valley's answer to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, then author Adam Lashinsky provides readers with a golden ticket to step inside. In this primer on leadership and innovation, the author will introduce readers to concepts like the "DRI" (Apple's practice of assigning a Directly Responsible Individual to every task) and the Top 100 (an annual ritual in which 100 up-and-coming executives are tapped a la Skull & Bones for a secret retreat with company founder Steve Jobs).

Based on numerous interviews, the book offers exclusive new information about how Apple innovates, deals with its suppliers and is handling the transition into the Post Jobs Era. Lashinsky, a Senior Editor at Large for Fortune, knows the subject cold: In a 2008 cover story for the magazine entitled The Genius Behind Steve: Could Operations Whiz Tim Cook Run The Company Someday he predicted that Tim Cook, then an unknown, would eventually succeed Steve Jobs as CEO.

While Inside Apple is ostensibly a deep dive into one, unique company (and its ecosystem of suppliers, investors, employees and competitors), the lessons about Jobs, leadership, product design and marketing are universal. They should appeal to anyone hoping to bring some of that Apple magic to their own company, career, or creative endeavor.

Lashinsky is the Senior Editor At Large for Fortune. As the magazine's lead correspondent in Silicon Valley, he has interviewed all of Apple's top executives and many of its board members. He is also a Fox News contributor. Prior to joining Fortune Magazine, Lashinsky was the Silicon Valley columnist for He is married to Ruth Kirschner, a senior executive at Doubleclick