Valkyrie [Audiobook]

Valkyrie [Audiobook]

"Valkyrie: The Story of the Plot to Kill Hitler, by Its Last Member" [Audiobook] by Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager, Florence Fehrenbach, Jerome Fehrenbach
Tantor | 2009 | ASIN: B002CJ1FB0 | MP3@128 kbps | 4 hrs 27 mins | 245.42 MB

When World War II erupted, Philipp von Boeselager, son of an aristocratic Catholic family, fought enthusiastically for his country as a cavalry lieutenant. But in the summer of 1942, when he witnessed the regime's criminal brutality toward Jews and Gypsies, his patriotism quickly turned to disgust, and he joined a group of officers intent on killing Hitler. After one aborted attempt---in which Boeselager was assigned to shoot both Hitler and Heinrich Himmler---it was decided that a bomb would be used to assassinate the Fuhrer.

Boeselager delivered the explosives and then led his unwitting men toward Berlin in order to carry out the coup d'etat. When the bomb failed to kill Hitler, the SS launched a terrifying purge of senior army officers. Boeselager managed to return his units to the front before, one by one, the other conspirators were rounded up, tortured, and executed. None of them betrayed Boeselager.

In his unvarnished, harrowing testimony, Philipp von Boeselager - who died on May 1, 2008 - gives eloquent voice to the courageous spirit of these men whose profound sense of honor could not be dimmed by the diabolical propaganda of the Third Reich.


Red Orchestra [Audiobook]

Red Orchestra [Audiobook]

Anne Nelson, "Red Orchestra: The Story of the Berlin Underground and the Circle of Friends Who Resisted Hitler" [Audiobook]
Tantor Media | 2009 | ISBN: 1400160170 | MP3@64 kbps | 13 hrs 37 mins | 374.52 MB

Hitler and the Nazi Party never achieved total political and social control over Germany. Even after the onset of World War II, a few brave voices continued clandestine but active opposition. The best known were the group of military and religious figures led by Klaus von Stauffenburg and the White Rose organization centered around university students and siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl. Nelson, a playwright and foreign correspondent, has examined the personalities and activities of another tiny and courageous group. Dubbed the Red Orchestra by the Gestapo and led by young Germans and German American members, the group was remarkably successful at serving in government positions while gathering intelligence, disseminating anti-Nazi information, and saving the lives of Jews. Nelson effectively conveys the sense of determination and tension that characterized members, particularly as the Gestapo closed in on them. A large percentage of the group was captured and executed. Nelson plays down the pro-Soviet views of many members, but this is still a worthy tribute to their courage and dedication.

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Hitler [Audiobook]

Hitler [Audiobook]

A N Wilson, "Hitler" [Audiobook]
BS Audio | 2012 | ASIN: B007P078WG | MP3@96 kbps | 5 hrs 09 mins | 210.34 MB

Written by acclaimed biographer A. N. Wilson, Hitler is a short, sharp, gripping account of one of the 20th century's most notorious figures. In it, Wilson offers a fresh interpretation of the life of the "ultimate demon-tyrant of history".

In 1923, 34-year-old Adolf Hitler was languishing in prison after leading an unsuccessful putsch to overthrow the German government. Within a decade he was German chancellor, one of the most powerful men in Europe. How did he do it? Had Hitler been a regular politician, Wilson argues, he would have vanished without trace after his prison experience. He was not, however, a regular politician but rather a conjurer, seeing politics not as the art of the possible but as the art of the impossible.

Among the book's many insights, Wilson shows how Hitler had an intuitive sense, which amounted to genius, that the spoken word was going to be of more significance than the written word during the 20th century. In this respect, the Fuhrer is presented as a man ahead of his time, who foreshadowed Hollywood and television stars and postwar politicians.

In a field dense with lengthy tomes, this brief, penetrating portrait provides a compelling introduction to a man whose evil continues to fascinate and appall.

A. N. Wilson, a renowned British journalist and author, has written several acclaimed biographies, including Tolstoy, C. S. Lewis, Jesus, and Paul. He taught for seven years at Oxford and is a frequent contributor to the Daily Mail, Times Literary Supplement, New Statesman, Spectator, and Observer.

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Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America [Audiobook]

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America [Audiobook]

Mark R Levin, "Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America" [Audiobook]
S&S Audio | 2012 | ISBN: 1442349107 | MP3@64 kbps | 7 hrs 46 mins | 214.31 MB


Hailed by Rush Limbaugh as “the most compelling defense of freedom for our time,” and “the necessary book of the Obama era” by The American Spectator, Mark R. Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny made the most persuasive case for conservatism and against statism in a generation. In this most crucial time, this leading conservative thinker explores the psychology, motivations, and history of the utopian movement, its architects, and its modern-day disciples—and how the individual and American society are being devoured by it.

Levin asks, what is this utopian force that both allures a free people and destroys them? Levin digs deep into the past and draws astoundingly relevant parallels to contemporary America from

Plato’s Republic

Thomas More’s Utopia

Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan

Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto

. . . as well as from the critical works of John Locke, Charles Montesquieu, Alexis de Tocqueville, and other philosophical pioneers who brilliantly diagnosed the nature of man and government. As Levin meticulously pursues his subject, the reader joins him in an enlightening and compelling journey. And in the end, Levin’s message is clear: the American republic is in great peril. The people must now choose between utopianism or liberty.

President Ronald Reagan warned, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Levin agrees, and with Ameritopia, delivers another modern political classic, an indispensable guide for America in our time and in the future.

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Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer [Audiobook]

Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer [Audiobook]

Novella Carpenter, "Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer" [Audiobook]
Tantor Media | 2009 | ISBN: 1400142989 | MP3@128 kbps | 9 hrs 56 mins | 679.69 MB


ovella Carpenter loves cities - the culture, the crowds, the energy. At the same time, she can't shake the fact that she is the daughter of two back-to-the-land hippies who taught her to love nature and eat vegetables.

Ambivalent about repeating her parents' disastrous mistakes, yet drawn to the idea of backyard self-sufficiency, Carpenter decided that it might be possible to have it both ways: a homegrown vegetable plot as well as museums, bars, concerts, and a 24-hour convenience mart mere minutes away - especially when she moved to a ramshackle house in inner-city Oakland and discovered a weed-choked, garbage-strewn abandoned lot next door. She closed her eyes and pictured heirloom tomatoes, a beehive, and a chicken coop. What started out as a few egg-laying chickens led to turkeys, geese, and ducks. Soon, some rabbits joined the fun, then two 300-pound pigs. And no, these charming and eccentric animals weren't pets; she was a farmer, not a zookeeper. Novella was raising these animals for dinner.

Novella Carpenter's corner of downtown Oakland is populated by unforgettable characters. Lana (anal spelled backward, she reminds us) runs a speakeasy across the street and refuses to hurt even a fly, let alone condone raising turkeys for Thanksgiving. Bobby, the homeless man who collects cars and car parts just outside the farm, is an invaluable neighborhood concierge. The turkeys, Harold and Maude, tend to escape on a daily basis to cavort with the prostitutes hanging around just off the highway nearby.

Every day on this strange and beautiful farm, urban meets rural in the most surprising ways. For anyone who has ever grown herbs on their windowsill or tomatoes on their fire escape, or who has obsessed over the offerings at the local farmers' market, Carpenter's story will capture your heart.

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End This Depression Now [Audiobook]

End This Depression Now [Audiobook]

Paul Krugman, "End This Depression Now" [Audiobook]
Random House Audio | 2012 | ISBN: 0449806847 | MP3@64 kbps | 8 hrs 04 mins | 223.85 MB

The Great Recession that began in 2007 is now more than four years old - and counting. Some 24 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, and at recent rates of job creation we won't be back to normal levels of employment until late this decade. This is a tragedy. Do we have to accept it?

"No!" is the resounding answer given by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman in this call to arms. We have seen this situation before and we know how to fix it; all we lack is the political will to take action. Krugman walks us through the financial crisis that triggered the greatest downturn since the Great Depression and outlines the efforts that have been made thus far.

The way forward is clear: Our priority must be to get ourselves back on the path to growth; every day that we lag behind normal production levels only adds to the astronomical economic loss of this depression. What we need for a rapid, powerful recovery is precisely what we've needed in crises past - a burst of government spending to jump-start the economy. We owe it not only to the unemployed, but to everyone affected by this tragedy to end this depression now.

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The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner [Audiobook]

The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner [Audiobook]

David Bach, "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner" [Audiobook]
Books on Tape | 2012 | ASIN: B000FDKA84 | mp3@64 kbps | 5 hrs 46 mins | 128.88 MB

How does an ordinary person with an ordinary income reach their seven-figure dreams? First they must own their own home, and do it David Bach's way. The financial coach who has helped millions to finish rich is back with a simple, powerful solution to get rich in real estate. As David says, "Renters stay poor, homeowners get rich, and smart landlords laugh all the way to the bank!"

In his breakout 2004 best seller, The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach showed why owning your own home is not only smart, it's the core secret to becoming a millionaire. In his new book he shows exactly how to make that happen with a simple, automatic plan you can read in an hour and put into place today. Renters will learn how to buy a first home, even with lousy credit and tiny savings. And existing homeowners will find out how to turn the roof over their heads into a powerful investment that doubles, triples, and quadruples in price while you simply enjoy living in it. And while you don't have to be a landlord to finish rich, if you're willing to be, David teaches you how simple it really is to buy a rental property even while you're paying the mortgage on your home.

The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner is brilliantly simple, easy to read, highly motivational with a realistic, take-action method for achieving financial prosperity in real estate, starting now.

Bach offers time-tested tactics on all the essentials, including:

• Why you shouldn't wait: busting the myths of renting Finding a down payment right now using the Automatic Down Payment Solution

• Choosing the mortgage that is right for you, even with debt, even with imperfect credit

• The secret system for debt-free homeownership: why you must Make It Automatic!

• The Automatic Millionaire Right Place, Right Time, Right Price, Right Program for buying and selling

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We Are Anonymous [Audiobook]

We Are Anonymous [Audiobook]

Parmy Olson, "We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency" [Audiobook]
Hachette Audio | 2012 | ASIN: B00890IJXI | MP3@64 kbps | 14 hrs 16 mins | 392.56 MB

We Are Anonymous is a thrilling, exclusive expose of the hacker collectives Anonymous and LulzSec.

In late 2010, thousands of hacktivists joined a mass digital assault by Anonymous on the websites of VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal to protest their treatment of WikiLeaks. Splinter groups then infiltrated the networks of totalitarian governments in Libya and Tunisia, and an elite team of six people calling themselves LulzSec attacked the FBI, CIA, and Sony. They were flippant and taunting, grabbed headlines, and amassed more than a quarter of a million Twitter followers. The computer security world - and world at large - realized quickly that Anonymous and its splinter groups are something to treat with dead seriousness.

Through the stories of three key members, We Are Anonymous offers a gripping, adrenaline-fueled narrative in the style of The Accidental Billionaires, drawing upon hundreds of conversations with the members themselves, including exclusive interviews. By coming to know them - their childhoods, families, and personal demons - we come to know the human side of their virtual exploits, and why they're so passionate about disrupting the Internet's frontiers.

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Wait: The Art and Science of Delay [Audiobook]

Wait: The Art and Science of Delay [Audiobook]

Frank Partnoy, "Wait: The Art and Science of Delay" [Audiobook]
Blackstone Audio | 2012 | ISBN: 1455160962 | MP3@80 kbps | 8 hrs 52 mins | 223.94 MB

A passionate polemic in favor of pausing to think, not blink.

Warren Buffett compares stock trading to being at bat, except that you don't have to swing until there's a fat pitch. Great athletes agree, but with shorter time horizons; they excel not because of fast neurological responses but because of their ability to delay as long as possible before reacting, returning a serve or grabbing a rebound. Successful CEOs, firefighters, and military officers all know how to manage delay.

In this provocative, entertaining book, Frank Partnoy provides a necessary rebuttal to the gurus of ''go with your gut.'' He shows that decisions of all kinds, whether ''snap'' or long-term strategic, benefit from being made at the last possible moment. The art of knowing how long you can afford to delay before committing is at the heart of many a great decision whether in a corporate takeover or a marriage proposal. Exploring decisions from those made in half a second to those that take months and years, Partnoy demonstrates that procrastination is often a virtue, that the ability to wait is the path to happiness, and that our gut instincts often betray us. We do not always make smart choices in the blink of an eye, as this eye-opening book reveals.

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The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries

The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries

Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson, "The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries" [The Great Courses] (TTC Video)
DVDRip, M4V, AVC, ~ 1500 kbps, 640x480 | English, AAC, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 6x30 mins | 2.21 GB
TTC | 2012 | Course No. 1816 | Genre: eLearning, Science, Astronomy

Everything we now know about the universe—from the behavior of quarks to the birth of entire galaxies—has stemmed from scientists who’ve been willing to ponder the unanswerable. And with the advent of modern science, great minds have turned to testing and experimentation rather than mere thought as a way of approaching and grappling with some of the universe’s most pressing and vexing dilemmas.

So what is our latest picture of some of the most inexplicable features of the universe? What still remains to be uncovered? What are some of the next avenues of exploration for today’s chemists, physicists, biologists, and astronomers?

Pondering the answers to these and other questions is a great way to

• appreciate the grandeur and complexity of the world around you,

• better understand and discuss news and developments in science, and

• spark further interest in some of science’s many exciting areas of study.

“We know a lot about the universe. But there’s even more that we don’t know,” says astrophysicist and Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, an award-winning lecturer, and one of the world’s foremost experts on the secrets of the universe. And his course The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries is the perfect gateway into this mind-bending and eye-opening subject. Each of these six self-contained lectures is a marvelous journey to the frontiers of the known (and unknown) universe and introduces you to tantalizing questions being addressed by the world’s top scientists. Undeniably engaging and fascinating, this lecture series is a wonderful entrée to scientific pursuits that lie at the very heart of the history and nature of our universe.

An Informed Scientific Conversation

Central to The Inexplicable Universe is the way it takes you deep into hidden layers of the universe in a manner that is extremely accessible. Rather than a stern lecture given before a podium complete with confusing mathematics, Professor Tyson’s lectures have the feel of an informed conversation that manages to be both thorough and easy to grasp. With each of the inexplicable mysteries he lays bare for you, Professor Tyson

• introduces you to the history behind it,

• lays out the science that has helped us grasp it,

• explains what researchers have discovered to date, and

• reveals what we have yet to discover.

And while the topics explore subjects in everything from quantum mechanics to cosmology to string theory, you’ll never feel overwhelmed by what you’re learning. In fact, you’re more likely to find yourself intrigued by just how much we know—and curious about what the near future will possibly reveal.

Explore Fascinating Territory

So what territory will you chart in this course? Here are some of the inexplicable ideas you’ll investigate in these lectures.

• Neutrinos: Discovered in 1956, these fast-moving, ghostlike particles are made in abundance in the sun’s core. They hardly interact with matter; it takes a light-year’s worth of lead (5.8 trillion miles) to stop a neutrino. Not only that, but 65 billion neutrinos pass through every centimeter of your body that’s facing the sun every second of every day.

• String theory: This astounding theory offers the hope of unifying all the particles and forces of physics. In the past several decades since the dawn of string theory, it’s been imagined that all the fundamental particles we see and measure are just the manifestation in our dimension of strings vibrating in higher dimensions and at different frequencies.

• Quantum foam: This idea posits that when the fabric of space and time is so tightly curved on itself, space-time is less a smooth curve and more like the froth on a latte. In this state of matter and energy, quantum fluctuations can spawn entire universes, each with slightly different laws of physics within them!

In addition, you’ll also

• get a peek at what it would be like to travel through a black hole,

• ponder the possibility that life on Earth originated in debris from Mars,

• probe the supposed existence of multiple universes, and

• even imagine the possible end of the universe itself.

A One-on-One Chat with a Renowned Science Educator

Professor Tyson is renowned throughout the scientific community and the media for his vast knowledge, his penetrating insights, and his amazing ability to make even the most intimidating areas of science accessible, engaging, and—most of all—enjoyable. He brings the same inviting tone and sharp intellect to The Inexplicable Universe as he does to his range of media appearances on popular television programs.

Due to its unique subject matter The Inexplicable Universe takes a highly visual approach. Many of the fascinating subjects in the course, such as black holes, string theory, and multiple universes are best demonstrated visually and Professor Tyson's lectures feature expertly crafted computer animations, explanatory diagrams, high resolution photographs, and other instructive visual elements. In order to better explain to you some of the grand, intricate ideas being discussed, Professor Tyson personally interacts with many of these animations and graphics using greenscreen technology.

Please note that due to the highly visual nature of the course The Inexplicable Universe does not come with an accompanying guidebook. We did not believe a simple book could adequately convey the information in the course and rather than make a book that did not do the course justice, we decided not to offer a guidebook. However, we believe that you will be very excited by how we produced this course and will find it to be an enriching and fulfilling experience in your educational journey.

Course Lecture Titles:

01. History’s Mysteries

02. The Spooky Universe

03. Inexplicable Life

04. Inexplicable Physics

05. Inexplicable Space

06. Inexplicable Cosmology

About Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He is also a research associate in the Department of Astrophysics at the museum. Professor Tyson earned his undergraduate degree in physics from Harvard University and his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Columbia University.

Dr. Tyson has written prolifically for the public, including a series of essays in Natural History magazine on which his previous Great Course, My Favorite Universe, is based. His books include Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier; a memoir, The Sky is Not the Limit: Adventures of an Urban Astrophysicist; and One Universe: At Home in the Cosmos (coauthored with Charles Liu and Robert Irion), winner of the 2001 American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award to a Scientist.

Dr. Tyson is host of the PBS television series NOVA scienceNOW. His contributions to the public appreciation of the cosmos have been recognized by the International Astronomical Union in its official naming of asteroid “13123 Tyson.”

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