Wait: The Art and Science of Delay [Audiobook]

Wait: The Art and Science of Delay [Audiobook]

Frank Partnoy, "Wait: The Art and Science of Delay" [Audiobook]
Blackstone Audio | 2012 | ISBN: 1455160962 | MP3@80 kbps | 8 hrs 52 mins | 223.94 MB

A passionate polemic in favor of pausing to think, not blink.

Warren Buffett compares stock trading to being at bat, except that you don't have to swing until there's a fat pitch. Great athletes agree, but with shorter time horizons; they excel not because of fast neurological responses but because of their ability to delay as long as possible before reacting, returning a serve or grabbing a rebound. Successful CEOs, firefighters, and military officers all know how to manage delay.

In this provocative, entertaining book, Frank Partnoy provides a necessary rebuttal to the gurus of ''go with your gut.'' He shows that decisions of all kinds, whether ''snap'' or long-term strategic, benefit from being made at the last possible moment. The art of knowing how long you can afford to delay before committing is at the heart of many a great decision whether in a corporate takeover or a marriage proposal. Exploring decisions from those made in half a second to those that take months and years, Partnoy demonstrates that procrastination is often a virtue, that the ability to wait is the path to happiness, and that our gut instincts often betray us. We do not always make smart choices in the blink of an eye, as this eye-opening book reveals.

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