How to Be Alone: Essays [Audiobook]

How to Be Alone: Essays [Audiobook]

Jonathan Franzen, "How to Be Alone: Essays" [Audiobook]
Simon & Schuster Audio | 2002 | English | ISBN: 0743528301 | MP3@192 kbps | ~ 7 hrs | 721.23 MB

Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections was the best-loved and most-written-about novel of 2001. Now in How to be Alone, discover the personal narratives and the dead-on reportage that earned Franzen a wide readership before the success of The Corrections.

The audiobook How to be Alone features Franzen's reading of a moving narrative of his father's struggle with Alzheimer's disease (which won a National Magazine Award and has been reprinted around the world).

Although his essays range from the sex-advice industry to the way a supermax prison works, each essay wrestles with essential themes of Franzen's writing: the erosion of civic life and private dignity, and the hidden persistence of loneliness in postmodern, imperial America.

Here, in 14 essays, are 14 fresh answers to the question of how to be alone in a noisy and distracting mass culture. These essays show the wry distrust of the claims of technology and psychology, the love-hate relationship with consumerism, and the subversive belief in the tragic shape of the individual life that help make Franzen one of our sharpest, toughest, and most entertaining social critics.

Presents fourteen essays about the erosion of civic life and private dignity, and the hidden persistence of loneliness in postmodern America.

The author of The Corrections reprints his 1996 "The Harper's Essay," offering additional writings that consider a central theme of the erosion of civic life and private dignity and the increasing persistence of loneliness in postmodern America. Read by the author and D'Arcy James.

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The Battle of Hastings [Audiobook]

The Battle of Hastings [Audiobook]

Harriet Harvey Wood, "The Battle of Hastings: The Fall of Anglo-Saxon England" [Audiobook]
Audible | 2009 | ASIN: B0032G55CC | MP3@64 kbps | 6 hrs 57 mins | 190.82 MB

A compelling and contrary account of the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066, the most famous day in English history.

Harriet Harvey Woods fascinating and accessible book will change forever our view of the Norman conquest of England. Although the prevailing view is that the invaders brought culture and enlightenment to England, Harvey Wood argues that the Normans aggressive and illegal attack actually destroyed a highly developed civilization with long-established political institutions and sophisticated art forms.

The Battle of Hastings explores the background and lead-up to the invasion as well as the motives of the leading players, the state of warfare in England and Normandy in 1066, and the battle itself. King Harold ought to have won the battle of Hastings and enjoyed a peaceful and enlightened reign; The Battle of Hastings shows that the result could just as easily have gone the other way. This gripping book reveals how and why England came to be defeated on October 14, 1066, and what the country lost as a result.

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Sundown Towns [Audiobook]

Sundown Towns [Audiobook]

James Loewen, "Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism" [Audiobook]
Recorded Books | 2008 | English | ASIN: B0016P8BAY | MP3@128 kbps | 26 hrs 21 mins | 1.42 GB

No blacks allowed, especially after dark. This was the unwritten rule in a "sundown" town. In his trademark revelatory style, bestselling author James W. Loewen explores one of America's best-kept secrets as he unearths the making of sundown towns and discloses the fact that many white neighborhoods and suburbs are the result of years of racism and segregation. Anna, Illinois; Darien, Connecticut; and Cedar Key, Florida, are just a few examples of the thousands of all-white towns established between 1890 and 1968, many of which still exist today. White residents of these towns used any means possible -- including the law, harassment, race riots, and even murder -- to keep African Americans and other minority groups out.

Powerful and unprecedented, Sundown Towns tells the story of how these towns came into existence, what maintains them, and what to do about them. It also deepens our understanding of the role racism has played and continues to play in our society.

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Quite Honestly [Audiobook]

Quite Honestly [Audiobook]

John Mortimer, "Quite Honestly" [Audiobook]
Chivers | 2006 | English | ISBN: 140567315X | MP3@160 kbps | 5 hrs 55 mins | 409.09 MB

The indomitable Mortimer (Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders, etc.) is back with a new cast of quixotic characters. Lucinda Purefoy (Lucy), daughter of a liberal Anglican bishop and his gin-soaked wife, graduates from university with a hankering to repay her debt to society, so she joins SCRAP (Social Carers, Reformers and Praeceptors), a volunteer organization that pairs a do-gooder with a done-badder on release from prison. The idea is to ease the ex-con's transition into society. Or, as Lucy introduces herself to her "client" Terry Keegan, "I'm your guide and philosopher." Keegan, a young man from the wrong side of Ladbroke Grove, started pinching bottles of whiskey with his schoolmate Chippy when he was 12; now he's getting out of the big house after doing three years for breaking and entering. He knows his transition would be much easier without the likes of Lucy and sets out to lose her at the first opportunity. Complications ensue, especially when Chippy (now Leonard) McGrath, who has established a false front as an environmentally concerned businessman to disguise his thriving crime organization, enters the scene. Told in a nimble he-said, she-said format, the narrative cartwheels across all that is sanctimonious about prison reform for a delectable undoing of do-gooders.

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What Money Can't Buy [Audiobook]

What Money Can't Buy [Audiobook]

Michael J Sandel, "What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets" [Audiobook]
Macmillan Audio | 2012 | English | ISBN: 1427214921 | MP3@128 kbps | 7 hrs 28 mins | 410.35 MB

The unabridged audiobook edition of Michael J. Sandel's What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, read by the author himself. Should we pay children to read books or to get good grades? Is it ethical to pay people to test risky new drugs or to donate their organs? What about hiring mercenaries to fight our wars, outsourcing inmates to for-profit prisons, auctioning admission to elite universities, or selling citizenship to immigrants willing to pay? Isn't there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale? In recent decades, market values have crowded out nonmarket norms in almost every aspect of life - medicine, education, government, law, art, sports, even family life and personal relations.

Without quite realizing it, Sandel argues, we have drifted from having a market economy to being a market society. In What Money Can't Buy, Sandel examines one of the biggest ethical questions of our time and provokes a debate that's been missing in our market-driven age: What is the proper role of markets in a democratic society, and how can we protect the moral and civic goods that markets do not honour and money cannot buy?

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German: Biography of a Language

German: Biography of a Language

Ruth Sanders, "German: Biography of a Language"
OUP | 2010 | ISBN: 0195388453 | 248 pages | EPUB | 18.53 MB

Thousands of years ago, seafront clans in Denmark began speaking the earliest form of Germanic language--the first of six "signal events" that Ruth Sanders highlights in this marvelous history of the German language.

Blending linguistic, anthropological, and historical research, Sanders presents a brilliant biography of the language as it evolved across the millennia. She sheds light on the influence of such events as the bloody three-day Battle of Kalkriese, which permanently halted the incursion of both the Romans and the Latin language into northern Europe, and the publication of Martin Luther's German Bible translation, a "People's" Bible which in effect forged from a dozen spoken dialects a single German language. The narrative ranges through the turbulent Middle Ages, the spread of the printing press, the formation of the nineteenth-century German Empire which united the German-speaking territories north of the Alps, and Germany's twentieth-century military and cultural horrors. The book also covers topics such as the Gothic language (now extinct), the vast expansion of Germanic tribes during the Roman era, the role of the Vikings in spreading the Norse language, the branching off of Yiddish, the lasting impact of the Thirty Years War on the German psyche, the revolution of 1848, and much more.

Ranging from prehistoric times to modern, post-war Germany, this engaging volume offers a fascinating account of the evolution of a major European language as well as a unique look at the history of the German people. It will appeal to everyone interested in German language, culture, or history.

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Big Porn Inc

Big Porn Inc

Abigail Bray, Melinda Tankard Reist, "Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry"
Spinifex Press | 2012 | ISBN: 1876756896 | 343 pages | PDF | 3.33 MB

We live in a world that is increasingly shaped by pornography. The signs are everywhere:

• A urinal at the Clock Hotel on the Gold Coast in Queensland, shaped as a woman’s mouth with huge painted red lips.

• A music video by Kanye West featuring semi-naked women’s corpses hanging from chains, with West holding the head of a decapitated woman in scenes of eroticised carnage.

• Ejaculation-themed images in advertising for face cream and alcohol.

• Porn-inspired t-shirts depicting women naked, bound and blood spattered, sold in youth fashion stores.

• A ‘Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society’ Facebook page set up in honour of the sister and bridesmaid of Kate Middleton, attracting over 200,000 members. Men describe what they want to do to the 29-year-old: knock her up, bash her ‘back doors’ in, cause her injury such that she would need ‘straw and a wheelchair’.

• A Facebook page dedicated to the facial cum shot titled ‘Smile or it’s going in your eye’ (“make sure every girl gets the message!”) had almost 12,000 members.

• In the children’s holiday movie Hop, the cartoon teenage boy-bunny asks Hugh Hefner about spending the night at the Playboy mansion. It’s where all the sexy bunnies stay, replies the pornography mogul through the mansion’s intercom.

The unprecedented mainstreaming of the global pornography industry is transforming the sexual politics of intimate and public life, popularizing new forms of hardcore misogyny, and strongly contributing to the sexualization of children. Yet, challenges to the industry continue to be dismissed as uncool, antisex, and moral panic. Unmasking the lies behind the selling of porn as entertainment, this book reveals the shocking truths of an industry that trades in violence, crime, and degradation while discussing topics such as racism in gay male porn, the use of animals in porn, child pornography, and BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism). Fearless and controversial, this examination will challenge the current view of pornography.

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The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution

The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution

Faramerz Dabhoiwala, "The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution"
OUP | 2012 | ISBN: 0199892415 | 496 pages | EPUB | 5.58 MB

A man admits that, when drunk, he tried to have sex with an eighteen-year-old girl; she is arrested and denies they had intercourse, but finally begs God's forgiveness. Then she is publicly hanged alongside her attacker. These events took place in 1644, in Boston, where today they would be viewed with horror. How--and when--did such a complete transformation of our culture's attitudes toward sex occur?

In The Origins of Sex, Faramerz Dabhoiwala provides a landmark history, one that will revolutionize our understanding of the origins of sexuality in modern Western culture. For millennia, sex had been strictly regulated by the Church, the state, and society, who vigorously and brutally attempted to punish any sex outside of marriage. But by 1800, everything had changed. Drawing on vast research--from canon law to court cases, from novels to pornography, not to mention the diaries and letters of people great and ordinary--Dabhoiwala shows how this dramatic change came about, tracing the interplay of intellectual trends, religious and cultural shifts, and politics and demographics. The Enlightenment led to the presumption that sex was a private matter; that morality could not be imposed; that men, not women, were the more lustful gender. Moreover, the rise of cities eroded community-based moral policing, and religious divisions undermined both church authority and fear of divine punishment. Sex became a central topic in poetry, drama, and fiction; diarists such as Samuel Pepys obsessed over it. In the 1700s, it became possible for a Church of Scotland leader to commend complete sexual liberty for both men and women. Arguing that the sexual revolution that really counted occurred long before the cultural movement of the 1960s, Dabhoiwala offers readers an engaging and wholly original look at the Western world's relationship to sex.

Deeply researched and powerfully argued, The Origins of Sex is a major work of history.

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It Starts with Food

It Starts with Food

Melissa Hartwig, Dallas Hartwig, "It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways"
Victory Belt Publishing | 2012 | ISBN: 1936608421 | 328 pages | EPUB | 2.94 MB

Food can change your life in unexpected ways. It Starts With Food will show you how.

It Starts With Food outlines a clear, balanced, sustainable plan to change the way you eat forever--and transform your life in unexpected ways. Your success story begins with "The Whole30," Dallas and Melissa Hartwig's powerful 30-day nutritional reset.

Since 2009, their underground Whole30 program has quietly led tens of thousands of people to weight loss, improved quality of life and a healthier relationship with food - accompanied by stunning improvements in sleep, energy levels, mood and self-esteem. More significantly, many people have reported the "magical" elimination of a variety of symptoms, diseases and conditions - in just 30 days.

Now, Dallas and Melissa detail the theories behind the Whole30, summarizing the science in a simple, accessible manner. It Starts With Food shows you how certain foods may be having negative effects on how you look, feel and live - in ways that you'd never associate with your diet. More importantly, they outline their life-long strategy for Eating Good Food in a clear and detailed action plan designed to help you create a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food.

Infused with their signature wit, tough love and common sense, It Starts With Food is based on the latest scientific research and real-life experience, and includes success stories, a shopping guide, a meal planning template, a meal plan with creative, delicious recipes, an extensive list of resources, and much more.

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River Cottage Every Day

River Cottage Every Day

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, "River Cottage Every Day"
Ten Speed Press | 2011 | ISBN: 1607740982 | 416 pages | EPUB | 59.06 MB

British iconoclast and sustainable food champion Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall goes back to basics in the newest addition to his series of award-winning River Cottage books. In River Cottage Every Day, Hugh shares the dishes that nourish his own family of three hungry school-age kids and two busy working parents—from staples like homemade yogurt and nut butters to simple recipes like Mixed Mushroom Tart; Foil-Baked Fish Fillets with Fennel, Ginger, and Chile; and Foolproof Crème Brûlée.

Hugh brings his trademark wit and infectious exuberance for locally grown and raised foods to a wide-ranging selection of appealing, everyday dishes from healthy breakfasts, hearty breads, and quick lunches to all manner of weeknight dinners and enticing desserts. Always refreshingly honest, but without sermonizing, Hugh encourages us to build a close relationship to the sources of our food and become more involved with the way we acquire and prepare it. But he doesn’t shrink from acknowledging the challenges of shopping and cooking while juggling the demands of work and family. So while Hugh offers an easy recipe for homemade mayonnaise, he admits to having a jar of store-bought mayo lurking in the fridge, just like the rest of us!

Including helpful and encouraging advice on how to choose the finest meat, freshest fish, and most mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, River Cottage Every Day shows us that deliciously prepared and thoughtfully sourced meals can be enjoyed every day of the year.

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How the States Got Their Shapes Too

How the States Got Their Shapes Too

Mark Stein, "How the States Got Their Shapes Too: The People Behind the Borderlines"
Smithsonian Books | 2012 | ISBN: 1588343502 | 352 pages | MOBI | 4.92 MB

Was Roger Williams too pure for the Puritans, and what does that have to do with Rhode Island? Why did Augustine Herman take ten years to complete the map that established Delaware? How did Rocky Mountain rogues help create the state of Colorado? All this and more is explained in Mark Stein's new book.

How the States Got Their Shapes Too follows How the States Got Their Shapes looks at American history through the lens of its borders, but, while How The States Got Their Shapes told us why, this book tells us who. This personal element in the boundary stories reveals how we today are like those who came before us, and how we differ, and most significantly: how their collective stories reveal not only an historical arc but, as importantly, the often overlooked human dimension in that arc that leads to the nation we are today.

The people featured in How the States Got Their Shapes Too lived from the colonial era right up to the present. They include African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, women, and of course, white men. Some are famous, such as Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, and Daniel Webster. Some are not, such as Bernard Berry, Clarina Nichols, and Robert Steele. And some are names many of us know but don't really know exactly what they did, such as Ethan Allen (who never made furniture, though he burned a good deal of it).

In addition, How the States Got Their Shapes Too tells of individuals involved in the Almost States of America, places we sought to include but ultimately did not: Canada, the rest of Mexico (we did get half), Cuba, and, still an issue, Puerto Rico. Each chapter is largely driven by voices from the time, in the form of excerpts from congressional debates, newspapers, magazines, personal letters, and diaries.

Told in Mark Stein's humorous voice, How the States Got Their Shapes Too is a historical journey unlike any other you've taken. The strangers you meet here had more on their minds than simple state lines, and this book makes for a great new way of seeing and understanding the United States.

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The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself

The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself

Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, "The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career"
Crown Business | 2012 | ISBN: 0307888908 | 272 pages | EPUB | 2.67 MB

How do you survive and thrive in this fiercely competitive economy? You need a whole new entrepreneurial mindset and skill set. Drawing on the best of Silicon Valley, The Start-Up of You helps you accelerate your career and take control of your future–no matter your profession.

We are all works in progress. It doesn’t matter whether you are a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or a reinventing yourself mid-career. Great people, like great companies, are always evolving. They’re never finished and never fully developed. Each day presents an opportunity to learn more, do more, grow more. Permanent beta is a lifelong commitment to continuous personal growth. It is the mindset of every entrepreneur of life.

Audiobook version HERE

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Amy, My Daughter

Amy, My Daughter

Mitch Winehouse, "Amy, My Daughter"
It Books | 2012 | ISBN: 0062191381 | 320 pages | EPUB | 1.76 Mb

Candid, compelling, and heartbreaking—a father's story of a talent taken too soon and a legacy that will live on for generations.

On July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse's family, friends, and fans around the world mourned the tragedy that this remarkable, talented, and extraordinarily generous young woman was now gone. A legion of dedicated fans had lost their idol; a devastated family had lost their Amy. With this difficult news came an outpouring of love and grief from her fans, along with troubling questions about Amy's very public struggles with drugs and alcohol, as people tried to understand how such a soulful singer had been silenced so young.

Now, in this intimate and tender account, her father and confidant, Mitch, offers an inside view of Amy's life as she lived it, putting to rest once and for all the controversies that have long surrounded her. Sifting fact from fiction, he pre-sents a portrait of Amy unlike any other, detailing the events and the people that shaped her youth—from her mischievous childhood to her grandmother's Jazz Age stories, to her father singing Frank Sinatra around the house. Shedding light on Amy's musical coming-of-age, Mitch explores how she honed her distinctive sound, created her unforgettable look, and channeled her own life into hits such as "You Know I'm No Good," "Rehab," and "Back to Black"—some of the most memorable and personal pop music in years.

While her beehive hair, larger-than-life voice, and outrageous personality made her famous, her life offstage made her infamous. Here Mitch holds nothing back about Amy's addiction to drugs and alcohol, mixing the painful with the poignant as he describes the realities of her dependencies and the toll they took on the family and friends who refused to give up on her. Revealing the truth about Amy's substance abuse and dispelling many of the tabloid-fueled rumors about her tumultuous marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil, Mitch exposes the years of behind-the-scenes drama that consumed his life and explains how, for those who knew Amy in her last months, the greatest tragedy of all was that she finally appeared to be conquering her demons.

Filled with insights into Amy Winehouse's music, photographs from her life, and stories of the real woman behind the headlines, Amy, My Daughter is an emotional journey into music, addiction, and the unbreakable bond between a daughter and her father.

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