The Scientist as Rebel [EPUB]

The Scientist as Rebel [EPUB]
The Scientist as Rebel by Freeman Dyson
2014 | EPUB | 2.43MB

From Galileo to today’s amateur astronomers, scientists have been rebels, writes Freeman J. Dyson. Like artists and poets, they are free spirits who resist the restrictions their cultures impose on them. In their pursuit of nature’s truths, they are guided as much by imagination as by reason, and their greatest theories have the uniqueness and beauty of great works of art.

Dyson argues that the best way to understand science is by understanding those who practice it. He tells stories of scientists at work, ranging from Isaac Newton’s absorption in physics, alchemy, theology, and politics, to Ernest Rutherford’s discovery of the structure of the atom, to Albert Einstein’s stubborn hostility to the idea of black holes. His descriptions of brilliant physicists like Edward Teller and Richard Feynman are enlivened by his own reminiscences of them. He looks with a skeptical eye at fashionable scientific fads and fantasies, and speculates on the future of climate prediction, genetic engineering, the colonization of space, and the possibility that paranormal phenomena may exist yet not be scientifically verifiable.

Dyson also looks beyond particular scientific questions to reflect on broader philosophical issues, such as the limits of reductionism, the morality of strategic bombing and nuclear weapons, the preservation of the environment, and the relationship between science and religion. These essays, by a distinguished physicist who is also a prolific writer, offer informed insights into the history of science and fresh perspectives on contentious current debates about science, ethics, and faith.

Dark Matter: An Introduction [PDF]

Dark Matter: An Introduction [PDF]
Dark Matter: An Introduction by Debasish Majumdar
2014 | PDF | 3.36MB

Dark Matter: An Introduction tackles the rather recent but fast-growing subject of astroparticle physics, encompassing three main areas of fundamental physics: cosmology, particle physics, and astrophysics. Accordingly, the book discusses symmetries, conservation laws, relativity, and cosmological parameters and measurements, as well as the astrophysical behaviors of galaxies and galaxy clusters that indicate the presence of dark matter and the possible nature of dark matter distribution. This succinct yet comprehensive volume:

  • Addresses all aspects essential to the study of dark matter
  • Explores particle candidates for cold dark matter beyond the theory of the standard model, providing examples of basic extensions and introducing theories such as supersymmetry and extra dimensions
  • Explains—in simple text and mathematical formulations—calculation of the freeze-out temperature of a dark matter species and its relic density
  • Provides theoretical background for dark matter scattering off a target, event rate calculation, and dark matter annihilation essential to study direct and indirect detection of dark matter

Complete with a detailed review of the latest dark matter experiments and techniques, Dark Matter: An Introduction is an ideal text for beginning researchers in the field as well as for general readers with an inquisitive mind, as the important topic of astroparticle physics is treated both pedagogically and with deeper insight.

Sex, Science & Profits: How People Evolved to Make Money [EPUB]

Sex, Science & Profits: How People Evolved to Make Money [EPUB]
Sex, Science & Profits: How People Evolved to Make Money by Terence Kealey
2009 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.9/1.12MB

A clever, thought-provoking look at the biological roots of economics -- Kealey’s insightful work illuminates in the tradition of Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker and Jared Diamond.

In this highly original work, the author makes a groundbreaking and exciting connection between the evolutionary and economic history of humanity. He explains how the roots of barter, trade and the contract are embedded in human nature, and how markets work on the evolutionary patterns of natural selection.

Splendidly multi-faceted, the book travels across human history from Neolithic times, through Ancient Egypt and the Renaissance European explorers, to the failure of the Soviet economy in recent years. Through this journey Kealey skillfully demonstrates how an understanding of biology and natural selection radically transforms our view of economics, business, technology and the economic history of the human species. This exceptional study will appeal to anyone who enjoys popular science, history or serious business books. Sex, Science and Profits is witty, magnificent, thought- provoking and provocative. It promises to be an important and highly controversial book.

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