Alchemical Active Imagination [EPUB]

Alchemical Active Imagination [EPUB]
Alchemical Active Imagination by Marie-Louise von Franz
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9780877735892 | 0.4MB

Although alchemy is popularly regarded as the science that sought to transmute base physical matter, many of the medieval alchemists were more interested in developing a discipline that would lead to the psychological and spiritual transformation of the individual. C. G. Jung discovered in his study of alchemical texts a symbolic and imaginal language that expressed many of his own insights into psychological processes.

In this book, Marie-Louise von Franz examines a text by the sixteenth-century alchemist and physician Gerhard Dorn in order to show the relationship of alchemy to the concepts and techniques of analytical psychology. In particular, she shows that the alchemists practiced a kind of meditation similar to Jung's technique of active imagination, which enables one to dialogue with the unconscious archetypal elements in the psyche. Originally delivered as a series of lectures at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, the book opens therapeutic insights into the relations among spirit, soul, and body in the practice of active imagination.

Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales [EPUB]

Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales [EPUB]
Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9780877739746 | 0.78MB

Fairy tales seem to be innocent stories, yet they contain profound lessons for those who would dive deep into their waters of meaning. In this book, Marie-Louise von Franz uncovers some of the important lessons concealed in tales from around the world, drawing on the wealth of her knowledge of folklore, her experience as a psychoanalyst and a collaborator with Jung, and her great personal wisdom. Among the many topics discussed in relation to the dark side of life and human psychology, both individual and collective, are:

  • How different aspects of the "shadow"—all the affects and attitudes that are unconscious to the ego personality—are personified in the giants and monsters, ghosts, and demons, evil kings and wicked witches of fairy tales
  • How problems of the shadow manifest differently in men and women
  • What fairy tales say about the kinds of behavior and attitudes that invite evil
  • How Jung's technique of Active imagination can be used to overcome overwhelming negative emotions
  • How ghost stories and superstitions reflect the psychology of grieving
  • What fairy tales advise us about whether to struggle against evil or turn the other cheek

Dr. von Franz concludes that ever rule of behavior that we can learn from the unconscious through fairy tales and dreams is usually a paradox: sometimes there must be a physical struggle against evil and sometimes a contest of wits, sometimes a display of strength or magic and sometimes a retreat. Above all, she shows the importance of relying on the central, authentic core of our being—the innermost Self, which is beyond the struggle between the opposites of good and evil.

Everyday Narcissism: Yours, Mine, and Ours [EPUB]

Everyday Narcissism: Yours, Mine, and Ours [EPUB]
Everyday Narcissism: Yours, Mine, and Ours by Nancy Van Dyken
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781942094456 | 1.94MB

Narcissism, in all forms, is a belief that the world revolves around us, and that what happens in the world happens because of us. Most of us live with a form of narcissism so deeply embedded that we don't even know we have it. This "everyday narcissism" (EN) comes from a combination of childhood wounds and powerful myths we were taught as children. Everyday Narcissism helps readers understand how EN manifests in their own lives, and teaches them how to heal it. This awareness provides a foundation for creating greater happiness, more fulfilling relationships, less reactivity, and more meaning.

  • An essential purchase for anyone having difficulty in a relationship, with a partner, coworker, family member, or other loved one.
  • This is the first book for the general reader to specifically address everyday narcissism (EN).
  • Features a Foreword by Anne Katherine, best-selling author of Boundaries and Where to Draw the Line.
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