Jean Renoir: Projections of Paradise [EPUB]

Jean Renoir: Projections of Paradise [EPUB]
Jean Renoir: Projections of Paradise by Ronald Bergan
2016 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781628725704 | 20.4MB

Now back in print, the definitive biography of a seminal figure in film history, whom Orson Welles called “the greatest of all directors.”

Jean Renoir’s career almost spans the history years of cinema–from the early silent movies, to the naturalism of the talkies, committed cinema, film noir, Hollywood studio productions, the Technicolor-period comedies and fast television techniques. His film The Grand Illusion remains one of the greatest movies about the effects of war.

Decades after its release, Renoir’s The Rules of the Game (1939) is the only film to have been included on every top ten list in the Sight & Sound's respected decennial poll since 1952, cementing Renoir’s influence. André Bazin and François Truffaut praised Renoir as the patron saint of the French New Wave.

Jean Renoir: Projections of Paradise gives detailed accounts of Renoir’s working methods and captivating appraisals of his films, and his long and fascinating life from his blissful childhood as the son of the great Impressionist painter August Renoir. This is a must-read for students of film and all fans of entertaining, timeless movies.

Life of Brine: A Surfer's Journey [EPUB]

Life of Brine: A Surfer's Journey [EPUB]
Life of Brine: A Surfer's Journey by Phil Jarratt
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781743792322 | 19.44MB

Life of Brine is the memoir of Phil Jarratt, one of the world’s best-known chroniclers of surfing culture, whose lifelong pursuit of the perfect wave has placed him in the midst of some of the most exciting moments in surfing’s modern history.

Jarratt, who has often courted controversy in his long career as a journalist, editor and documentarian, pulls no punches as he rides an exhilarating wave of nostalgia from the Sixties up until now, through the heady days of drugs, alcohol and excess from Bali to Biarritz, Morocco to Malibu, and other exotic locations in between.

Filled with the carefree, sometimes reckless enthusiasm of youth, yet balanced by reflection and insight, this is a book that will be devoured by surfers young and old, and by free spirits of all kinds and all ages.

About the authorPhil Jarratt has worked in surf publishing and the surf industry for more than forty years, and is regarded as one of the sport’s foremost authorities. The editor of Tracks and Australian Surfer’s Journal and an associate editor of Surfer, Phil has received the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame Media Award four times and has won numerous other awards for his work. He has authored thirty-five books including award-winning surf histories and bestselling biographies.

Up Until Now [EPUB]

Up Until Now [EPUB]
Up Until Now by Petrea King
2017 | EPUB | ASIN: B072M1MKWY | 6.71MB

Petrea King is one of those rare Australians who have changed the country for the better.' Richard Glover

As a child Petrea King was dogged by health issues, spending months in hospital over many years. After leaving school, her desire to help others impelled her to become a nurse, then later to qualify as a naturopath, herbalist, homoeopath, yoga instructor and meditation teacher.

In her early thirties Petrea was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and given little chance of surviving. She defied her dire prognosis, and believes meditation and coming to terms with past traumas, including the suicide of her brother Brenden, were key to her recovery.

Motivated by her own experiences, Petrea founded the Quest for Life Foundation to support people suffering devastating physical and mental illnesses. Up Until Now is her inspirational tale of how she overcame her own challenges to dedicate her life to others.

'The wisdom Petrea imparts, and her compassion and sensitivity, have helped hundreds of thousands of people, providing them with hope in troubled times.' Tony Delroy

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