One Soldier's War [EPUB]

One Soldier's War [EPUB]
One Soldier's War by Arkady Babchenko, translated by Nick Allen
2008 | EPUB | ISBN: 9780802118608 | 2.74MB

One Soldier’s War is a visceral and unflinching memoir of a young Russian soldier’s experience in the Chechen wars that brilliantly captures the fear, drudgery, chaos, and brutality of modern combat. An excerpt of the book was hailed by Tibor Fisher in the Guardian as “right up there with Catch-22 and Michael Herr’s Dispatches,” and the book won Russia’s inaugural Debut Prize, which recognizes authors who write “despite, not because of, their life circumstances.” In 1995, Arkady Babchenko was an eighteen-year-old law student in Moscow when he was drafted into the Russian army and sent to Chechnya. It was the beginning of a torturous journey from naïve conscript to hardened soldier that took Babchenko from the front lines of the first Chechen War in 1995 to the second in 1999. He fought in major cities and tiny hamlets, from the bombed-out streets of Grozny to anonymous mountain villages.

Babchenko takes the raw and mundane realities of war—the constant cold, hunger, exhaustion, filth, and terror—and twists it into compelling, haunting, and eerily elegant prose. Acclaimed by reviewers around the world, this is a devastating first-person account of war by an extraordinary storyteller.

The Mudd Club [EPUB]

The Mudd Club [EPUB]
The Mudd Club by Richard Boch
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781627310512 | 95.0MB

"I was a Long Island kid that graduated college in 1976 and moved to Greenwich Village. Two years later, I was working The Mudd Club door. Standing outside, staring at the crowd, it was "out there" versus "in here" and I was on the inside.

The Mudd Club was filled with the famous and soon- to- be famous, along with an eclectic core of Mudd regulars who gave the place its identity. Everyone from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons, and Robert Rauschenberg to Johnny Rotten, The Hell's Angels, and John Belushi: passing through, passing out, and some, passing on. Marianne Faithful and Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, William Burroughs, and even Kenneth Anger— just a few of the names that stepped on stage. No Wave and Post- Punk artists, musicians, filmmakers, and writers living in a nighttime world on the cusp of two decades.

This book is a cornucopia of memories and images, and how this famed wicked downtown club attained the status of midtown and uptown. There was nothing else like it— I met everyone, and the job quickly defined me. I thought I could handle it, and for a while, I did. "—Richard Boch

Clarkson: Look Who's Back: The Unauthorised Biography [EPUB]

Clarkson: Look Who's Back: The Unauthorised Biography [EPUB]
Clarkson: Look Who's Back: The Unauthorised Biography by Gwen Russell
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781786062246 | 1.04MB

There was a national outcry in 2015 when the BBC announced that they were parting ways with Jeremy Clarkson. However, one thing was clear: he was never going to be away from our screens for long . . .

During his time on Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson established himself not only as a motoring aficionado but also an unlikely political commentator with a knack for telling us how it is (and putting his foot in it). However, his "gaffes" only made the nation love him more. While the BBC tried to revive Top Gear after the departure of Clarkson, May, and Hammond with an all-star line-up including Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, something just wasn’t right. They soon learned to their cost that there’s no one quite like Clarkson. From scandals over "feckless Mexicans" and infamous punch-ups to his escapades on The Grand Tour, this is the true story of his extraordinary life and career.

This entertaining and fully up-to-date biography charts Clarkson’s rise and fall (and rise again), along with the uncensored views and hilarious anecdotes that have made him a national treasure.

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