Godfather: The Intimate Francis Ford Coppola [EPUB]

Godfather: The Intimate Francis Ford Coppola [EPUB]
Godfather: The Intimate Francis Ford Coppola by Gene D Phillips
2004 | EPUB + MOBI | 3.8/4.61MB

Gene Phillips blends biography, studio history, and film criticism to complete the most comprehensive work on Coppola ever written. The force behind such popular and critically acclaimed films as Apocalypse Now and the Godfather trilogy, Coppola has imprinted his distinct style on each of his movies and on the landscape of American popular culture. In Godfather, Phillips argues that Coppola has repeatedly bucked the Hollywood “factory system” in an attempt to create distinct films that reflect his own artistic vision—often to the detriment of his career and finances.

Phillips conducted interviews with the director and his colleagues and examined Coppola’s production journals and screenplays. Phillips also reviewed rare copies of Coppola’s student films, his early excursions into soft-core pornography, and his less celebrated productions such as One from the Heart and Tucker: The Man and His Dream . The result is the definitive assessment of one of Hollywood’s most enduring and misunderstood mavericks.

John Glenn: America's Astronaut [EPUB]

John Glenn: America's Astronaut [EPUB]
John Glenn: America's Astronaut by Andrew Chaikin
2014 | EPUB | 40.48MB

In February 1962, he became the first American to orbit the Earth. Since then John Herschel Glenn Jr. has stood in the popular imagination as a quintessentially American hero. In John Glenn: America's Astronaut, a special edition e-book featuring 45 stunning photographs, Chaikin explores Glenn's path to greatness.

John Glenn: America's Astronaut features new details on Glenn's selection as an astronaut in 1959, newly synchronized onboard film and audio of Glenn's harrowing reentry from orbit on his 1962 Mercury mission, rarely seen images of Glenn in orbit and from the John Glenn archives at Ohio State University, as well as new, touching reminiscenes of Glenn's 1998 return to space from his Space Shuttle crewmates. Glenn is the embodiment of the history of human spaceflight and the indefatigable American spirit, and John Glenn: America's Astronaut is his amazing story.

Julius Caesar: The Pursuit of Power [EPUB]

Julius Caesar: The Pursuit of Power [EPUB]
Julius Caesar: The Pursuit of Power by Ernle Bradford
2013 | EPUB | 1.08MB

A military genius worshiped for his courage; a fierce politician admired for his shrewdness and mercy; a brilliant writer and speaker. It's no wonder that in his lifetime Julius Caesar held the positions of military tribune, praetor, consul, pro-consul and dictator. But even his astounding ambition could not make him emperor, though it did achieve the conquest of Cleopatra, ruler of the most fabulous kingdom in all of known civilization.

In this biography of Caesar, acclaimed historian Ernle Bradford steers away from the clichés and legends and cuts right to the heart of who Caesar really was - a man who based his entire existence on the pursuit of power.

pages: 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300
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