Sh*t the Moon Said: A Story of Sex, Drugs, and Ayahuasca [EPUB]

Sh*t the Moon Said: A Story of Sex, Drugs, and Ayahuasca [EPUB]
Sh*t the Moon Said: A Story of Sex, Drugs, and Ayahuasca by Gerard Armond Powell
2018 | EPUB | 0.38MB

"It was during my eighth or ninth plant medicine journey that I was finally getting a real sense of freedom. I was feeling so elated that I told the moon I had a special request. I explained that this life had been so full of pain for me that I didn't think I could do it all again. So I asked her if in my next life she could make sure that I found the plant medicine as soon as possible. Her reply floored me. She typed, 'Gerry, that's a request about next time, but it's the same one you used last time.'"

Plant medicine? The moon typing? It probably seems incomprehensible. Gerard Armond Powell was a rags-to-riches success story―a member of the 1 percent―but also an extremely unhappy person with multiple addictions. On a fast track to destroying every relationship that ever mattered to him and considering suicide, he was looking for a miracle, a way out. He found it in the form of plant medicine and a shaman who introduced him to the truth of his life, and laid the groundwork for a psycho-spiritual journey that would lead him to reconnect with his soul, heal his addictions, and, finally, achieve a lasting sense of peace and happiness. This experience changed Powell, and convinced him to share the universal truths he learned with as many people as he could, which he does at the acclaimed Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, and now with readers in Sh*t the Moon Said.

This mesmerizing story gives readers a blueprint to chart their own course to happiness. The first step is to learn who they really are and the possibilities of what they can still become. Second, they have to achieve a reconnection with their souls. And third, they must heal their hearts. Sh*t the Moon Said provides us with an irreverent way of highlighting our shared unconscious wisdom and its life-changing potential. Powell's candid tale and unlikely journey will help inspire readers to know themselves better, and to find the path to their own greatest redemption.

Four Sides Full: A Personal Essay [EPUB]

Four Sides Full: A Personal Essay [EPUB]
Four Sides Full: A Personal Essay by Vona Groarke
2018 | EPUB | 0.91MB

This is above all a poised voice — Selected Poems evidences a poet of great self-awareness and meticulous craft. — Caitríona O’Reilly, The Irish Times

Four Sides Full is a personal essay by one of Ireland’s leading poets. Her seven collections to date have all displayed a fascination with the visual arts but Four Sides Full takes a different approach. In considering frames and what they bring to an artwork it reflects on themes of containment and exclusion, and how a life can flit between.

An unusual fusion of ideas, history and memoir, this essay opens up and out about subjects such as the body, family, the past, love, beauty and solitude. It is a poet’s view magnified by prose, an essay of uncommon clarity and candour.

With its seriousness of purpose, its dignity and its scope, Four Sides Full is a model of style and a triumph in a genre rarely tackled these days.

Dunmore's New World: The Extraordinary Life of a Royal Governor in Revolutionary America [EPUB]

Dunmore's New World: The Extraordinary Life of a Royal Governor in Revolutionary America [EPUB]
Dunmore's New World: The Extraordinary Life of a Royal Governor in Revolutionary America--With Jacobites, Counterfeiters, Land Schemes, Shipwrecks, Scalping, Indian Politics, Runaway Slaves, and Two Illegal Royal Weddings (Early American Histories) by James Corbett David
2013 | EPUB | 1.79MB

Dunmore's New World tells the stranger-than-fiction story of Lord Dunmore, the last royal governor of Virginia, whose long-neglected life boasts a measure of scandal and intrigue rare in the annals of the colonial world. Dunmore not only issued the first formal proclamation of emancipation in American history; he also undertook an unauthorized Indian war in the Ohio Valley, now known as Dunmore’s War, that was instrumental in opening the Kentucky country to white settlement. In this entertaining biography, James Corbett David brings together a rich cast of characters as he follows Dunmore on his perilous path through the Atlantic world from 1745 to 1809.

Dunmore was a Scots aristocrat who, even with a family history of treason, managed to obtain a commission in the British army, a seat in the House of Lords, and three executive appointments in the American colonies. He was an unusual figure, deeply invested in the imperial system but quick to break with convention. Despite his 1775 proclamation promising freedom to slaves of Virginia rebels, Dunmore was himself a slaveholder at a time when the African slave trade was facing tremendous popular opposition in Great Britain. He also supported his daughter throughout the scandal that followed her secret, illegal marriage to the youngest son of George III―a relationship that produced two illegitimate children, both first cousins of Queen Victoria.

Within this single narrative, Dunmore interacts with Jacobites, slaves, land speculators, frontiersmen, Scots merchants, poor white fishermen, the French, the Spanish, Shawnees, Creeks, patriots, loyalists, princes, kings, and a host of others. This history captures the vibrant diversity of the political universe that Dunmore inhabited alongside the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. A transgressive imperialist, Dunmore had an astounding career that charts the boundaries of what was possible in the Atlantic world in the Age of Revolution.

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