Patton's Madness: The Dark Side of a Battlefield Genius [EPUB]

Patton's Madness: The Dark Side of a Battlefield Genius [EPUB]
Patton's Madness: The Dark Side of a Battlefield Genius by Jim Sudmeier
2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 9780811738545 | 6.5MB

Dwight Eisenhower called General George S. Patton “mentally unbalanced” and “just like a time bomb,” and indeed, the egotistical, mercurial, aggressive Patton is perhaps as well known for his daring battlefield exploits as for his questionable behavior and eccentric beliefs. In a brief but probing assessment of Patton’s life based on strong research in primary sources and knowledge of psychology, Jim Sudmeier considers the mind of Patton: what made this military genius tick? To what extent was Patton’s boldness and brilliance as a general, his willingness to welcome risk and danger, connected to his unstable personality? Sudmeier presents a myth-shattering reconsideration of one of military history’s most famous commanders.

Sidney Lumet: A Life [EPUB]

Sidney Lumet: A Life [EPUB]
Sidney Lumet: A Life by Maura Spiegel
2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781250030153 | 56.26MB

The first-ever biography of the seminal American director whose remarkable life traces a line through American entertainment history

Acclaimed as the ultimate New York movie director, Sidney Lumet began his astonishing five-decades-long directing career with the now classic 12 Angry Men, followed by such landmark films as Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, and Network. His remarkably varied output included award-winning adaptations of plays by Anton Chekhov, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, and Eugene O’Neill, whose Long Day’s Journey into Night featured Katharine Hepburn and Ralph Richardson in their most devastating performances.

Renowned as an “actor’s director,” Lumet attracted an unmatched roster of stars, among them: Henry Fonda, Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando, Anna Magnani, Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, E

than Hawke, and Philip-Seymour Hoffman, accruing eighteen Oscar nods for his actors along the way.

With the help of exclusive interviews with family, colleagues, and friends, author Maura Spiegel provides a vibrant portrait of the life and work of this extraordinary director whose influence is felt through generations, and takes us inside the Federal Theater, the Group Theatre, the Actors Studio, and the early “golden age” of television.

From his surprising personal life, with four marriages to remarkable women―all of whom opened their living rooms to Lumet’s world of artists and performers like Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson―to the world of Yiddish theater and Broadway spectacles, Sidney Lumet: A Life is a book that anyone interested in American film of the twentieth century will not want to miss.

Hitler: Only the World Was Enough [EPUB]

Hitler: Only the World Was Enough [EPUB]
Hitler: Only the World Was Enough by Brendan Simms
2019 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781846142475 | 2.35MB

A revelatory new biography of Adolf Hitler from the acclaimed historian Brendan Simms

Adolf Hitler is one of the most studied men in history, and yet the most important things we think we know about him are wrong. As Brendan Simms's major new biography shows, Hitler's main preoccupation was not, as widely believed, the threat of Bolshevism, but that of international capitalism and Anglo-America. These two fears drove both his anti-semitism and his determination to secure the 'living space' necessary to survive in a world dominated by the British Empire and the United States.

Drawing on new sources, Brendan Simms traces the way in which Hitler's ideology emerged after the First World War. The United States and the British Empire were, in his view, models for Germany's own empire, similarly founded on appropriation of land, racism and violence. Hitler's aim was to create a similarly global future for Germany - a country seemingly doomed otherwise not just to irrelevance, but, through emigration and foreign influence, to extinction. His principal concern during the resulting cataclysm was not just what he saw as the clash between German and Jews, or German and Slav, but above all that between Germans and what he called the 'Anglo-Saxons'. In the end only dominance of the world would have been enough to achieve Hitler's objectives, and it ultimately required a coalition of virtually the entire world to defeat him.

Brendan Simms's new book is the first to explain Hitler's beliefs fully, demonstrating how, as ever, it is ideas that are the ultimate source of the most murderous behaviour.

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