Purpose Meets Execution: How Winning Organizations Accelerate Engagement and Drive Profits [Audiobook]

Purpose Meets Execution: How Winning Organizations Accelerate Engagement and Drive Profits [Audiobook]
Purpose Meets Execution: How Winning Organizations Accelerate Engagement and Drive Profits [Audiobook] by Louis Efron, read by Louis Efron, Timothy Danko
2017 | MP3@64 kbps + PDF | 6 hrs 46 mins | 187.62MB

Business today is up against a myriad of complexities -- disruptive competition and technologies, volatile economic forces, and a complex and evolving work force. There is unending pressure to do more with less, deliver short-term goals while driving long-term sustainability, all while finding and retaining the top talent to get it done. Learning how to navigate these pressures is the difference between a thriving business and a dying one. To break out, businesses need to rethink the fundamental drivers for success.

In Purpose Meets Execution, Efron shows us the most powerful driver of success is a culture of purpose combined with executional excellence. Efron has developed a framework that merges the power of a purpose-driven organization with executional excellence. He applies proven diagnostics to determine if the company has a clear and meaningful sense of organizational purpose and whether that purpose is effectively aligned with business practices across functional areas. He works with each company to address gaps and create a plan for continuous improvement.

When companies understand and implement a plan and process to balance purpose and execution, they:

  • Create an unbeatable competitive advantage in the market by paving the way to find and retain the best of the current and next generation workforce
  • Delight customers
  • Deliver exceptional and sustainable results.

Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence [Audiobook]

Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence [Audiobook]
Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence: How Extraordinary Leaders Build Relationships, Shape Culture and Drive Breakthrough Results [Audiobook] by Chalmers Brothers, Vinay Kumar, read by Mike Norgaard
2017 | MP3@64 kbps | 13 hrs 35 mins | 371.94MB

Successful leaders build and maintain productive, mutually beneficial relationships - inside and outside of their organizations. They purposefully shape workplace culture that retains talent, cultivates innovation, and supports the organization's goals. And they achieve excellence in teamwork and organizational execution - the nuts and bolts of collaborative action that actually produces desired results.

Drawing on conversations with thousands of CEOs, business owners, and senior leaders of all types over the last 10 years, Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence provides an eye-opening organizational blueprint coupled with powerful, practical tools that leaders at all levels are employing to dramatically improve workplace relationships, shape culture, and drive breakthrough results.

The Art of Strategic Leadership [Audiobook]

The Art of Strategic Leadership [Audiobook]
The Art of Strategic Leadership: How Leaders at All Levels Prepare Themselves, Their Teams, and Organizations for the Future [Audiobook] by Steven J Stowell, Stephanie S Mead, read by Anne Flosnik
2017 | MP3@64 kbps | 5 hrs 21 mins | 147.81MB

Develop the qualities of strategic leadership and become an active contributor to the short- and long-term success of your organization.

Today's organizations face two daunting challenges: how to create new sources of competitive advantage to sustain long-term growth, and how to engage leaders at every level of the organization so that they are more proactive and forward-looking in their area of responsibility. The Art of Strategic Leadership uses a unique approach to examine what it means to be a strategic leader. Instead of focusing on the skills, behaviors, and tools found in typical books on strategic leadership, the authors shed light on the attributes and qualities necessary to lead strategic change and help transform a business. Strategic leadership is what modern leadership is all about. Organizations expect leaders to anticipate and be proactive more than ever before. In this book, the authors draw on their vast experience working directly with leaders at all levels and use an intriguing narrative to explain this inside-out approach to understanding strategic leadership. The narrative follows the journey of how one manager discovered these critically important qualities. You will experience first-hand how these values and attributes manifest in the lives of realistic leaders, how they orchestrate long-term strategic change needed for the organization to compete and survive, and actively shape the future while delivering short-term results.

The Art of Strategic Leadership provides the content that will help you informally assess and reflect on your own strategic leadership qualities - those that are strengths and those that indicate areas you need to develop. It will guide you as you incorporate these values and qualities into your own leadership style and become a more effective catalyst for change. This book will help you in the following ways:

  • Develop a more proactive, forward-thinking approach to leadership
  • Approach strategy from both short- and long-term perspectives
  • Adopt the core values and principles of a strategic leader
  • Model the qualities exhibited by powerful leaders

Strategic leaders serve as powerful examples to others in the organization. Their qualities and traits spread rapidly to those around them, empowering people at every level to take a more active role in meeting the demands of the future. The Art of Strategic Leadership will help you deepen and broaden your understanding of the core qualities of strategic leadership, leaving you better equipped to lead yourself and your team to a better place and create greater value for customers, owners, and employees.

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