A Map of the Invisible: Journeys into Particle Physics [Audiobook]

A Map of the Invisible: Journeys into Particle Physics [Audiobook]
A Map of the Invisible: Journeys into Particle Physics [Audiobook] by Jon Butterworth, read by Wayne Forester
2017 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 6 hrs 34 mins | 184.34MB

What is the universe made of? How do we know? And what don't we know yet? Over the last 60 years, scientists around the world have worked together to explore the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces that govern their behaviour. The result so far is the Standard Model of elementary particles: a theoretical map of the basic building blocks of the universe. With the discovery of the Higgs particle in 2012, the map as we know it was completed but also extended into strange and wonderful new realms.

A Map of the Invisible is an explorer's guide to the Standard Model and the extraordinary world of particle physics as pioneering physicist Jon Butterworth charts the terrain of atoms and quarks, electrons and neutrinos and the forces that shape the universe. Step by step, discovery by discovery, we journey into the world of the unseen, from everyday physics to the latest research, from the smallest particle to black holes and dark matter and beyond to the outer reaches of the cosmos and the frontiers of human knowledge.

As the journey progresses, A Map of the Invisible provides an essential introduction to our world and to particle physics. It is a landmark work of nonfiction by one of the great scientists and science writers of today.

Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet [Audiobook]

Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet [Audiobook]
Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet [Audiobook] by Claire L Evans, read by the Author
2018 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 9 hrs 1 min | 247.93MB

The history of technology you probably know is one of men and machines, garages and riches, alpha nerds and brogrammers. But the little-known fact is that female visionaries have always been at the vanguard of technology and innovation - they've just been erased from the story. Until now.

Women are not ancillary to the history of technology; they turn up at the very beginning of every important wave. But they've often been hidden in plain sight, their inventions and contributions touching our lives in ways we don't even realize.

VICE reporter and YACHT lead singer Claire L. Evans finally gives these unsung female heroes their due with her insightful social history of the Broad Band, the women who made the Internet what it is today. Learn from Ada Lovelace, the tortured, imaginative daughter of Lord Byron, who wove numbers into the first program for a mechanical computer in 1842. Seek inspiration from Grace Hopper, the tenacious mathematician who democratized computing by leading the charge for machine-independent programming languages after World War II. Meet Elizabeth "Jake" Feinler, the one-woman Google who kept the earliest version of the Internet online, and Stacy Horn, who ran one of the first-ever social networks on a shoestring out of her New York City apartment in the 1980s. Evans shows us how these women built and colored the technologies we can't imagine life without.

Join the ranks of the pioneers who defied social convention and the longest odds to become database poets, information-wranglers, hypertext dreamers, and glass ceiling-shattering dot com-era entrepreneurs. This inspiring call to action is a revelation: women have embraced technology from the start. It shines a light on the bright minds whom history forgot, and shows us how they will continue to shape our world in ways we can no longer ignore.

Welcome to the Broad Band. You're next.

The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything [Audiobook]

The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything [Audiobook]
The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything [Audiobook] by Michael J Casey,‎ Paul Vigna, read by Sean Runnette
2018 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 10 hrs 24 mins | 286.54MB

"Views differ on bitcoin, but few doubt the transformative potential of Blockchain technology. The Truth Machine is the best book so far on what has happened and what may come along. It demands the attention of anyone concerned with our economic future." (Lawrence H. Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard, former Treasury Secretary)

From Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna, the authors of The Age of Cryptocurrency, comes the definitive audiobook on the Internet's Next Big Thing: The Blockchain.

Big banks have grown bigger and more entrenched. Privacy exists only until the next hack. Credit card fraud is a fact of life. Many of the "legacy systems" once designed to make our lives easier and our economy more efficient are no longer up to the task. Yet there is a way past all this - a new kind of operating system with the potential to revolutionize vast swaths of our economy: the blockchain.

In The Truth Machine, Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna demystify the blockchain and explain why it can restore personal control over our data, assets, and identities; grant billions of excluded people access to the global economy; and shift the balance of power to revive society's faith in itself. They reveal the disruption it promises for industries including finance, tech, legal, and shipping. Casey and Vigna expose the challenge of replacing trusted (and not-so-trusted) institutions on which we've relied for centuries with a radical model that bypasses them.

The Truth Machine reveals the empowerment possible when self-interested middlemen give way to the transparency of the blockchain, while highlighting the job losses, assertion of special interests, and threat to social cohesion that will accompany this shift. With the same balanced perspective they brought to The Age of Cryptocurrency, Casey and Vigna show why listeners must care about the path that blockchain technology takes - moving humanity forward, not backward.

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