Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring [EPUB]

Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring [EPUB]
Essential Gear for Adventure Cycle Touring by Tom Allen
2014 | EPUB + MOBI + PDF | 5.64/5.81/11.77MB

More and more people are discovering the joys of pedal-powered travel.

But there’s still confusion about what’s necessary to pull off a successful trip, as opposed to what’s nice — and there’s plenty of concern about how much it’s all going to cost.

The truth is that there are three main problems at work here:

1. Adventure cycle touring is still a small niche.
It incorporates cycling and outdoor gear, but is a long way from the mainstream of either of them.
There’s affordable, well-made equipment out there to suit every type of tour. But few of us can expect to walk into a single shop and find it all in one place.

2. Unfortunately, there’s no standard recipe for the ‘perfect’ bike-touring setup.
We naturally want to know, quickly and unambiguously, what the obvious go-to items of gear are. It’s normal in the age of comparison sites, ‘likes’ and user reviews.
But the truth is that what’s ‘best’ is something only you can discover — simply because cycling gives you so much freedom to do things your own way.

3. Too many high-profile bicycle ‘adventurers’ want you to do things their way.
Heavily-sponsored cycle tours are all well and good. But the way in which they’re financed, equipped and presented is irrelevant to the remaining 99.9% of us.
There are as many ways of going cycle touring as there are people on cycle tours. The trick is to see past all those swanky logo-clad expedition websites, for they’re actually a very poor representation of reality.
Essential Gear has been written to cut through the confusion and help you make gear-buying decisions that are actually relevant to you.

Who Is This Guide For?

Non-gear-nerds rejoice!
Everything is covered in enough depth that you’ll find out everything you need to know — but stops before things get boringly detailed and technical. Hard-earned experience and wisdom beats specification charts and lists of theoretical pros and cons.

UK-based? You’ll get bonus assistance.
When it comes to specific items, we’ll be mainly talking about what’s most readily found in the UK (with a few exceptions). If you’re here from USA, Canada or elsewhere in the world, of course, you’ll find the remaining 90% of this resource just as useful in teaching you how to think about choosing gear.

Newcomer to adventure cycling? You’re in safe hands.
If you’re looking for a shortcut to decades’ worth of time-honoured, road-tested knowledge, the information in this ebook will put you miles ahead with your planning and preparation — and save you a bucketload of cash in the process.

No money? No problem.
If you’re worried that this guide is going to land you with a shopping list you can’t afford, rest assured that we cater for everyone’s wallet — from a no-budget tour right up to those who’ve been saving for years and want to make every penny count.

This Book is About Travel: A Modern Manual [EPUB]

This Book is About Travel: A Modern Manual [EPUB]
This Book is About Travel: A Modern Manual - 15 Countries With 15 Things by Andrew Hyde
2012 | EPUB | 1.63MB
"If you have been dreaming about getting out of your routine and into the big world, this book is for you. If you have already been out in the big world and you enjoy the considerate observations that often come from travel, this book is for you. If you just can't get away, but hearing about someone else's adventures can take you there, this book is for you." -Lindsay LaShell

2 years on the road. 1 backpack. 15 countries. Banned from one. Stories about Nepal, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, Qatar, UAE, Panama and more. This book is about the days, people, stories, ethics and philosophy that bridged the trip. What is modern travel? Why are you not on the road?

Cities of Gold: A Journey Across the American Southwest [EPUB]

Cities of Gold: A Journey Across the American Southwest [EPUB]
Cities of Gold: A Journey Across the American Southwest by Douglas Preston
2014 | EPUB | 32.37MB

The Old West’s last glimmers flicker through this piercingly beautiful adventure, an unforgettable saga in which Preston, astride his horse Popeye, traverses the desert and mountain wilderness of Arizona and New Mexico retracing the trail-blazing 1540-41 expedition of Spanish Explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold. In place of the mythical winning of the West, Preston unfolds a harrowing tale of loss.

This new ebook edition of Cities of Gold includes for very first time over 100 never-before-published photographs taken during the author’s epic, thousand mile horseback journey across Arizona and New Mexico. It also includes many rare and extraordinary historical photographs of the Old West, Native Americans, pioneers, prospectors, Indian pueblos, and vanished landscapes.

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