A Geek in China: Discovering the Land of Alibaba, Bullet Trains and Dim Sum [EPUB]

A Geek in China: Discovering the Land of Alibaba, Bullet Trains and Dim Sum [EPUB]
A Geek in China: Discovering the Land of Alibaba, Bullet Trains and Dim Sum by Matthew B Christensen
2016 | EPUB | 7.51MB

For every fan of kung fu, steamed dumplings, Confucius and giant skyscrapers, A Geek in China is a hip, smart and concise guide to the Middle Kingdom.

Packed with photographs and short articles on all aspects of Chinese culture, past and present, A Geek in China introduces readers to everything from Taoism and Confucianism to pop music and China's new middle class. A mix of traditional culture, such as highlights of Chinese history, great historical and mythological figures, traditional medicine, how the Chinese language works, real Chinese food, martial arts, and how the Chinese Communist Party works, is complimented with information on what makes China unique today.

Chapters discuss why China is so crowded, what it's like to work in an office, internet and cell phone culture, dating and marriage practices, top popular movies and movie stars, the contemporary art scene, China's amazing new architecture and infrastructure, and popular holidays. It also contains chapters on what makes the Chinese tick, such as the importance of harmony in society, the practice of humility, and the importance of hierarchy. For visitors to the country, the author includes sections on what to see, both common cultural sites and off-the-beaten-track sites, and how to get around in China. Sections on visiting Hong Kong and Taiwan are also included.

This China travel guide is a unique guide to the world's most populous and longest continuous culture. Readers will learn essential information about China's past and present to be able to understand the many references to history, politics, and pop culture that come up in everyday conversation and in the media.

A Cure for Serpents [EPUB]

A Cure for Serpents [EPUB]
A Cure for Serpents by Alberto Denti di Pirajno
2016 | EPUB | 2.27MB

In 1924, the irrepressibly curious Alberto Denti arrived in Libya to work in Italy’s African colonies. With a natural ear for a story and a passionate interest in his work, he must have been as good a doctor as he was a writer. Though equally at home in an embassy or a brothel, Denti appears to have preferred the company of Berbers and Eritreans to that of his fellow Italians. He conjures up the dignity of local chieftains, the palpable charms of celebrated courtesans, the excitement of Tuareg entertainers and the love lost between himself and a wounded lion cub with all the charm of a man who boasted of the ‘inestimable satisfactions known only to those who have lived in Africa’.

Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalucia [EPUB]

Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalucia [EPUB]
Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalucia by Penelope Chetwode
2012 | EPUB | 0.3MB

Penelope Chetwode's middle-aged companion on her ride over the mule tracks and goat paths of Andalusia in 1961 was a twelve-year-old mare, La Marquesa. This treasured animal, borrowed from the Duke of Wellington's Spanish stables, brought her experience of native travel conditions to the expedition, which was otherwise inspired by the author's reading of those early British Hispanophiles George Borrow and Richard Ford, combined with her interest in the breeding of Spanish horses. Together the travellers brought out the best in their Spanish hosts, whether met on the road, in a crude country inn, a cave-house or during Penelope's frequent attendance in church. The result is a journey described with warmth and wit, lit up by an infectious fascination for horses, God and Spain.

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