Dis Information And Other Wikkid Myths [EPUB]

Dis Information And Other Wikkid Myths [EPUB]
Dis Information And Other Wikkid Myths: More Great Myths In Science by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
2010 | EPUB | 5.69MB

Following on from the Great Mythconceptions, this book of myth-busting answers life's several important questions.

'Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.' - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776
  • Columbus never set foot in America.
  • Piranhas are the deadliest fish.
  • A purring cat is a happy cat.
  • Cleopatra was insanely beautiful.
  • All natural products are safe.
  • Oranges are the richest source of vitamin C.
  • You can tell a liar just by looking in their eyes.
  • The Roswell alien autopsy proved that intelligent aliens visited us.
  • And Dr Karl wears a hoodie lab coat to work every day.

Some of these are true and some are not. Well, the last one is definitely not. But inside these covers you'll find out whether there's dis information about the other wikkid myths.

Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium [EPUB]

Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium [EPUB]
Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium by Mark Edward
2012 | EPUB | 2.11MB

Mark Edward admits that for years he exploited believers who wished to connect with supernatural ideas and sad family members who missed dead loved ones.

Now Edward is a magician who works the Haunted Castle in Hollywood and is also on the editorial board of Skeptic magazine, where he reveals the means of psychic scamsters. This entertaining book is at once a confessional and instructional regarding human belief and those who exploit it.

Though Edward believes that most practitioners of the psychic business are out-and-out scam artists, he also counters the skeptic belief that the supernatural is a lie.

Both skeptic and skeptical of skepticism, Mark Edward has worked as a 900-number psychic, ghost hunter, and Hollywood Magic Castle medium. He has also worked vigorously to debunk psychic frauds and currently works on the editorial board of Skeptic magazine.

Great Mythconceptions [EPUB]

Great Mythconceptions [EPUB]
Great Mythconceptions: The Science Behind the Myths by Karl Kruszelnicki
2004 | EPUB | 4.99MB

As a celebrity scientist with regular weekly radio and television programs in Australia and the United Kingdom, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki has heard a galaxy full of questions related to modern science.

Do lemmings actually jump off cliffs? (They don't.) Did we really go to the moon? (Of course.) Does chocolate give you zits? (Never has. Never will.) Did Einstein fail school? (Nope.)

Dr. Karl has labeled this endless stream of questionable queries "Great Mythconceptions." Now, in his book of the same name, the good doctor seeks to set inquisitive minds straight on the most intriguing questions he's been asked.

Does the soul weigh 21 grams? Can you apply a mathematical code to the Bible to predict future events? Do we really use only 10 percent of our brain? Does a duck's quack echo? Can mosquitoes really infect you with the AIDS virus? The funny facts and dizzying discoveries in "Great Mythconceptions" answer countless questions that have been asked for years. The book also features humorous black-and-white illustrations that reinforce each revelation. Each section concludes with bonus tidbits that delve deeper into related aspects of each question.

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