Don't Know Much About Geography [EPUB]

Don't Know Much About Geography [EPUB]
Don't Know Much About Geography: Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned by Kenneth C Davis
2013 | EPUB | 0.95MB

Don't Know Much About Geography by New York Times bestselling author Kenneth C. Davis is a fascinating and fun exploration of our planet.

Geography is the hub from which other disciplines radiate: meteorology, ecology, geology, oceanography, demographics, cartography, agricultural studies, economics, and political science.

In addition to presenting geographical trivia that’ll impress your friends, Davis explores 21st-century topics of global concern, including the role of the Internet and technology in transforming the lives of people around the world, how so-called developing nations develop, sustainability, and the debates over climate change and evolutionary science.

This completely revised and updated version of Don't Know Much About Geography is an entertaining and illuminating grand tour of planet Earth.

City of Lies [EPUB]

City of Lies [EPUB]
City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death and the Search for Truth in Tehran by Ramita Navai
2014 | EPUB | 401.69KB

This is real Tehran: a city that is hidden from view and rarely written about, where survival depends on an intricate network of lies and subterfuge. It is a place where mullahs visit prostitutes, drug kingpins run crystal meth kitchens, surgeons restore girls' virginity and homemade porn is uploaded onto the Internet and sold in the bazaars.

Plotted around the city's great central thoroughfare, Vali Asr Street, CITY OF LIES chronicles the lives of eight protagonists drawn from across the spectrum of Iranian society. This is a world of gangsters, socialites, dutiful housewives and volunteer militiamen - ordinary people forced to lead extraordinary lives.

Based on extensive interviews and research, CITY OF LIES is an intimate and unforgettable portrait of modern Tehran, and of what it is to live, love and survive under one of the world's most repressive regimes.

Dis Information And Other Wikkid Myths [EPUB]

Dis Information And Other Wikkid Myths [EPUB]
Dis Information And Other Wikkid Myths: More Great Myths In Science by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
2010 | EPUB | 5.69MB

Following on from the Great Mythconceptions, this book of myth-busting answers life's several important questions.

'Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.' - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776
  • Columbus never set foot in America.
  • Piranhas are the deadliest fish.
  • A purring cat is a happy cat.
  • Cleopatra was insanely beautiful.
  • All natural products are safe.
  • Oranges are the richest source of vitamin C.
  • You can tell a liar just by looking in their eyes.
  • The Roswell alien autopsy proved that intelligent aliens visited us.
  • And Dr Karl wears a hoodie lab coat to work every day.

Some of these are true and some are not. Well, the last one is definitely not. But inside these covers you'll find out whether there's dis information about the other wikkid myths.

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