Epidemics: The Impact of Germs and Their Power over Humanity [EPUB]

Epidemics: The Impact of Germs and Their Power over Humanity [EPUB]
Epidemics: The Impact of Germs and Their Power over Humanity by Joshua S Loomis
2018 | EPUB | 7.35MB

This book comprehensively reviews the 10 most influential epidemics in history, going beyond morbid accounts of symptoms and statistics to tell the often forgotten stories of what made these epidemics so calamitous.

  • Discusses epidemic disease as a major driving force in shaping our world
  • Brings epidemic diseases out of the background of historical narratives and demonstrates how they have had an immensely important role in deciding wars, toppling empires, sparking major leaps in technology, and even changing the human genome
  • Integrates science with history, sociology, religion, and other disciplines to provide the reader with a unique perspective not found in most other accounts of epidemic disease
  • Shares fascinating insights such as how an epidemic of yellow fever helped to double the size of the United States and why tuberculosis was once considered a disease of the intellectual elite

The Ghosts of Langley: Into the CIA's Heart of Darkness [EPUB]

The Ghosts of Langley: Into the CIA's Heart of Darkness [EPUB]
The Ghosts of Langley: Into the CIA's Heart of Darkness by John Prados
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781620970881 | 0.66MB

From the writer Kai Bird calls a “wonderfully accessible historian,” the first major history of the CIA in a decade, published to tie in with the seventieth anniversary of the agency’s founding

During his first visit to Langley, the CIA’s Virginia headquarters, President Donald Trump told those gathered, “I am so behind you . . . there’s nobody I respect more, ” hinting that he was going to put more CIA operations officers into the field so the CIA could smite its enemies ever more forcefully. But while Trump was making these promises, behind the scenes the CIA was still reeling from blowback from the very tactics that Trump touted—including secret overseas prisons and torture—that it had resorted to a decade earlier during President George W. Bush’s war on terror. Under the latest regime it seemed that the CIA was doomed to repeat its past failures rather than put its house in order.

The Ghosts of Langley is a provocative and panoramic new history of the Central Intelligence Agency that relates the agency’s current predicament to its founding and earlier years, telling the story of the agency through the eyes of key figures in CIA history, including some of its most troubling covert actions around the world. It reveals how the agency, over seven decades, has resisted government accountability, going rogue in a series of highly questionable ventures that reach their apotheosis with the secret overseas prisons and torture programs of the war on terror.

Drawing on mountains of newly declassified documents, the celebrated historian of national intelligence John Prados throws fresh light on classic agency operations from Poland to Hungary, from Indonesia to Iran-Contra, and from the Bay of Pigs to Guantánamo Bay. The halls of Langley, Prados persuasively argues, echo with the footsteps of past spymasters, to the extent that it resembles a haunted house. Indeed, every day that the militarization of the CIA increases, the agency drifts further away from classic arts of espionage and intelligence analysis—and its original mission, while pushing dangerously beyond accountability.

The Ghosts of Langley will be essential reading for anyone who cares about the next phase of American history—and the CIA’s evolution—as its past informs its future and a president of impulsive character prods the agency toward new scandals and failures.

The RAF in 100 Objects [EPUB]

The RAF in 100 Objects [EPUB]
The RAF in 100 Objects by Peter Jacobs
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9780750965361 | 70.27MB

1 April 2018 will see the hundredth anniversary of the formation of one of the UK’s primary and best-respected armed forces: the Royal Air Force. Born from the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service, whose service – mainly in reconnaissance – in the First World War was exemplary, the RAF has since helped lead the world in the development of aviation and air warfare. From the fighters and bombers of the Second World War, through to the early jet age aircraft and into modern stealth, pilotless and incredibly high-tech vehicles, the last hundred years’ development has been astronomical, and the human story no less impressive.

Here Peter Jacobs gathers the most poignant objects of the RAF’s proud history and displays them together here, in full splendid colour, for the first time. Aircraft, memorials, uniforms, equipment – it’s all here, ready to be explored.