Crusading and the Crusader States [EPUB]

Crusading and the Crusader States [EPUB]
Crusading and the Crusader States by Andrew Jotischky
2014 | EPUB | 4.63MB

Crusading as a subject has expanded in recent years to include new fields of enquiry. This book examines how crusading historiography includes new areas and new definitions, focusing on two fundamental issues in current writing: why people went on crusades and what forms the western settlement in the Near East took.

Crusading and the Crusader States explains how the idea of holy wars came into being and why they took the form that they did – a clash between western and Islamic societies that dominated the Middle Ages.

The Valentino Affair [EPUB]

The Valentino Affair [EPUB]
The Valentino Affair: The Jazz Age Murder Scandal That Shocked New York Society and Gripped the World by Colin Evans
2014 | EPUB | 2.33MB

Though there’s not much Valentino to be found here, this is the gracefully told true story of a Jazz Age Chilean heiress, the American cad who married and then ignored her, and one Rodolfo Guglielmi, who would with luck and looks transform into Rudolph Valentino, one of silent film’s most adored stars. When older playboy Jack de Saulles married Blanca Errázuriz, he thought she had more money than she did, and he spent what she had, some of it while charming other women, which resulted in Guglielmi-Valentino giving testimony in their divorce. The de Saulles’ young son, Jack, however, kept the couple in touch, for better or worse (and it was worse).

By carefully sketching the contemporaneous political situation, weaving in the wayward husband’s greedy ambitions, and quoting from the lonely wife’s letters, Evans skillfully builds the enormous train wreck these three people’s lives created once their paths crossed, however briefly. Evans not only re-creates an era but does so novelistically, making the characters despicable, real, and lovely and making the book itself a page-turner. For true-crime fans and history buffs alike.

A Time to Stand: The Epic of the Alamo [EPUB]

A Time to Stand: The Epic of the Alamo [EPUB]
A Time to Stand: The Epic of the Alamo by Walter Lord
2012 | EPUB + MOBI | 0.75/0.84MB

On the morning of March 6, 1836, in an old abandoned mission called the Alamo, a small Texas garrison fought to the death rather than yield to an overwhelming army of Mexicans. Through the years the garrison’s heroic stand has become so clothed in folklore and romance that the truth has nearly been lost. In A Time to Stand Walter Lord rediscovers and recreates the whole fascinating story. From contemporary documents, diaries, and letters, he has mined a wealth of fresh information that throws intriguing sidelights on the epic of the Alamo. What were the defenders like? Why did they take their stand? Did any escape? Did Davy Crockett surrender?

The cast of characters includes not only famous figures like Jim Bowie but unknown, unsung men: John Purdy Reynolds, the wandering Pennsylvania surgeon; George Kimball, the industrious New York hatter, Micajah Autry of Tennessee, who was a far better poet than a businessman. And then there are the Mexicans: the fabulous Santa Anna; the smooth Colonel Almonte; the forlorn private Juan Basquez, who only wanted to stay home and make shoes.

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