Work In: The Athlete's Plan for Real Recovery and Winning Results [EPUB]

Work In: The Athlete's Plan for Real Recovery and Winning Results [EPUB]
Work In: The Athlete's Plan for Real Recovery and Winning Results by Erin Taylor
2018 | EPUB | 67.3MB

Work In shares new mental and physical recovery techniques for athletes who give it all in every workout. Yoga and recovery coach Erin Taylor gives athletes practical tools and an integrated plan for real recovery from training―and everyday life. By making yoga and meditation easy for anyone, Taylor gives athletes a way to do recovery right. Just 5 minutes a day of “working in” can prime athletes for faster, fuller recovery and higher performance.

With unprecedented access to training data and workout bragging rights on social networks, athletes are doing everything they can to “win the workout” and keep pace with the athletes around them. Every athlete knows that training brings results, but workouts are only half the equation. Workouts tear the body down. Athletes must also “work in” to gain full recovery, when the body rebuilds for higher performance.

Taylor’s Work In program brings real recovery to athletes wherever they are―at home or on the trail, track, field, or court. Work In techniques can be performance anywhere with minimal or no props and can be easily incorporated into any training plan. Work In offers

  • Low time commitment―just 5 minutes a day to fully integrate recovery into training
  • A 28-day recovery plan to introduce meditation and restorative yoga
  • 11 meditations for athletes and 3 visualizations for brain training and mental focus
  • 27 poses and 4 restorative yoga routines for physical relaxation
  • Tips to get started and prompts to stay engaged

Erin Taylor’s Work In will help athletes balance working out with working in so they can close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed [EPUB]

Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed [EPUB]
Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed by Jay Dicharry
2018 | EPUB | 166.62MB

In Running Rewired, America’s leading endurance sports physical therapist and coach shares a program for runners to become stronger, faster, and more durable. Jay Dicharry distills cutting-edge biomechanical research into 15 workouts any runner can slot into their training program to begin seeing real results in about 6 weeks.

For better or worse, your body drives your running form.Running Rewired will show you how to shed old injuries, mobility problems, weaknesses and imbalances and rewire your body-brain movement patterns. You’ll rebuild your movement and transform your running within one season.

Through his work with athletes at REP Lab and top university sports performance clinics, Dicharry has found that strength training alone is inadequate for runners. To develop the four essential movement skills required for faster, safer running, runners must practice better movement as they build strength. In Running Rewired, you’ll use

  • 11 self-tests for joint mobility, posture stability, rotation, and alignment
  • 83 exercises to fix blocks, move with precision, build strength, and improve power
  • 15 rewire workouts to amplify any training plan from 5K to ultramarathon

Dicharry’s Running Rewired combines the best of real-world coaching and a physical therapy approach to strength and mobility for better running. You’ll find your personal best running form and become a faster, more durable runner.

Filling the Happiness Gap [EPUB]

Filling the Happiness Gap [EPUB]
Filling the Happiness Gap by Will Foster
2017 | EPUB | 1.85MB

Have you ever thought "Once I have X in my life or Y out of my life, then I'll be happy"? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place.

Filling the Happiness Gap is a 21-day programme designed to increase happiness through the use of Gratitude for what you have, Acceptance of what you don't and an ability to live in the Present moment (GAP).

Life coach Will Foster researched hundreds of happiness experts, from Greek philosophers like Aristotle to modern-day positive psychologists like Tal Ben Shahar, and applied their wisdom to his own life and the lives of his clients. From testing these methods out on his thousands of clients in 1-on-1 life coaching and personal training with CEOs, mums, athletes, and anyone in between over the last decade, he discovered that the best formula for feeling happier is focusing on the cool stuff in your life, accepting what you can't (and can) control, and becoming more mindful of 'the present'.

And that's where Will differs from others: his aim is to make you happier, which is a measurable, realistic and noticeable goal, rather than happy, which is vague, unattainable and unrealistic (our lives are a spectrum of emotions!).

Written in conversational tone, with humour and honesty, this book will show you how to tackle some of life's most common challenges and stresses, and how to approach them in a realistic and effective way.

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