Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year With James Wong

Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year With James Wong

Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year With James Wong
HarperCollins | 2013 | ISBN: 0007518528 | EPUB | 13.98MB

James Wong is back, putting his ethnobotanical expertise to use once again, with over 100 new, natural, cheap and easy remedies, showing you and those around you how to have a fantastically healthy year. Whether you're fed up with your hormones, worried about your baby's nappy rash, your partner is prone to a sore-throat, or leg-waxing is proving just too expensive to maintain, Grow Your Own Drugs: A Year With James Wong offers over 100 great new remedies to soothe all manner of common conditions and beauty problems - whenever they might flare up. James shows how easy it to have access to the right ingredients whatever the weather, with his easy-to follow seasonal focus - whether you've got a window box, a roof terrace, a country garden (or a computer to order the goods online…).

His seasonal planner takes you right through from Spring to Winter, making sure you know what to plant when, the best time to harvest and how to create your own mini-apothecary (or store-cupboard) at home. Packed with James's personal top tips and easy solutions for both growing and making remedies, this is your must-have companion to help ward off any ailments and complaints which might crop up throughout the year, the natural, James Wong way.


  • Over 100 new remedies
  • New seasonal guide - how to make sure you have all the ingredients you need for a healthy body and mind all year round
  • New non-gardener's guide: if you're not green-fingered or don't have a garden, James reveals how to identify plants and how to source good quality ingredients online
  • More about James's personal inspirations: how he came to a career in ethnobotany, how he goes about living his own GYOD year and why a seasonal approach is important and easy to adopt
  • James's top tips and new gift flashes (perfect for cheap, thoughtful presents)
  • New case studies: how people who've tried and tested the remedies have got on
  • New HOME section: brilliant natural and cheap remedies for home life. Contains pet flea powder, horsetail metal polish, wood polish, carpet deodoriser

The Year-Round Harvest

The Year-Round Harvest

The Year-Round Harvest: A Seasonal Guide to Growing, Eating, and Preserving the Fruits and Vegetables of Your Labor by Catherine Abbott, Alison Woitunski
Adams Media | 2012 | ISBN: 1440528160 | EPUB | 2.65MB

Do you . . .

. . . love harvesting juicy heirloom tomatoes—but are at a loss for how to extend their shelf life?

. . . dig up buckets full of robust potatoes—but don't know how to store them to resist rot?

. . . dream about growing vibrant, crisp greens into the colder months—but can't come up with a system that works?

If so, this book is for you. Inside, you'll find all you need to grow and store an abundance of fresh food that will leave you wanting more! Complete with variables to consider given your own growing situation, this one-stop guide features illustrations and trusted advice for getting your hands dirty and planting with preservation in mind.

In addition, you get 150 recipes—from Roasted Red Pepper Pesto and Dried Tomato Risotto to Lavender Blueberry Jam and Fresh Mint Chutney—that help you make your just-picked, homegrown harvest work for you in the most delicious and satisfying way.

With this valuable resource, you can forget limp grocery store offerings and instead enjoy your very own bright, flavorful—and nutritious—produce that's in season every season!

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition

The Encyclopedia of Country Living [40th Anniversary Edition] by Carla Emery
Sasquatch Books | 2012 | ISBN: 1570618402 | EPUB | 30.51MB

The essential resource for modern homesteading, growing and preserving foods, and raising chickens, The Encyclopedia of Country Living includes how to cultivate a garden, buy land, bake bread, raise farm animals, make sausage, can peaches, milk a goat, grow herbs, churn butter, build a chicken coop, catch a pig, cook on a wood stove, and much, much more. This comprehensive resource is the most authoritative guide available to a sustainable lifestyle and living off of the land.

Carla Emery started writing The Encyclopedia of Country Living in 1969 during the back-to-the-land movement of that time. She continued to add content and refine the information over the years, and the book went from a self-published mimeographed document to a book of 928 pages.

This 40th Anniversary Edition reflects the most up-to-date resource information and the most personal version of the book that became Carla Emery's life work. It is the original manual of basic country skills that have proved essential and necessary for people living in the country, the city, and everywhere in between.

Carla Emery's The Encyclopedia of Country Living contains 1,000,000 words, 2,000+ recipes, and 1,500+ mail-order sources (for everything she tells you how to do, she also tells you where to get the supplies to do it). This book is so basic, so thorough, so reliable, that it deserves a place in every home.

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