The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu & The Rise of Chinaphobia [EPUB]

The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu & The Rise of Chinaphobia [EPUB]
The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu & The Rise of Chinaphobia by Christopher Frayling
2016 | EPUB | 20.5MB

A hundred years ago, the fictional evil genius called Dr Fu Manchu appeared, described as 'the yellow peril incarnate in one man'. Why did the idea that the Chinese were a threat to Western civilization develop at precisely the time when that country was in chaos, divided against itself, victim of successive famines and utterly incapable of being a 'peril' to anyone?

In this gripping book, Sir Christopher Frayling assembles an astonishing diversity of evidence to show how deeply ingrained Chinaphobia became in the West - acutely relevant again in the new era of Chinese superpower.

Along the way he talks to Edward Said, to the last Governor of Hong Kong, to movie stars and a host of others; he journeys through the opium dens of the 19th century with Dickens; takes us to the heart of popular culture in the music hall, pulp literature and the mass-market press; and shows how film amplifies our assumptions, demonstrating throughout how if we want to understand our deepest desires and fears we neglect the history of popular culture at our own peril.

Trump and Me [EPUB]

Trump and Me [EPUB]
Trump and Me by Mark Singer
2016 | EPUB | 0.5MB

In 1996, New Yorker writer Mark Singer was conscripted by his editor to profile Donald Trump, at a time when the Republican frontrunner was just a Manhattan-centric megalomaniac and failing casino operator mired in his second divorce. After spending months with Trump in his office towers, penthouse apartment, and private plane, Singer found himself fascinated with this man "who had aspired to and achieved the ultimate luxury, an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul."

Since then, Trump has become a serious candidate in the US presidential race, an unlikely tribune of populist rage that has resulted in a mass political movement only loosely tethered to reality. Yet Singer's droll and precise profile has lodged inside Trump's head as a continuing irritant - and it's not hard to see why. In TRUMP AND ME, Singer revisits his former subject and outlines his evolution from swaggering buffoon to Republican nominee in one of the most bizarre and alarming elections in American history.

Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English [EPUB]

Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English [EPUB]
Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English by David Abbott
2013 | AZW3 | MB

Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English is being acclaimed as an underground classic. In 33 witty essays full of insight and humour, the author, a Cockney pensioner, portrays immigration as seen and experienced by the likes of him. Following an introductory essay, he graphically describes "the coming of the English" in 449, covers the current situation in all its ramifications, and ends with a stunning Orwellian essay on England in 2066, during the reign of "William the Conquered".

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