Carving Faces Workbook

Carving Faces Workbook
Carving Faces Workbook: Learn to Carve Facial Expressions and Characteristics with the Legendary Harold Enlow
2011 | PDF | 34.21MB

Follow along as Harold Enlow, one of America's foremost caricature carvers, teaches you how to carve faces with life and expression. Enlow shares his woodcarving tips and techniques that make his carvings stand out in this information-packed book. You’ll learn to carve a female face, a cowboy face, a Native American face, a Santa face, and more. Best of all, you'll discover Enlow's secret to success: learning how to render highly detailed eyes, lips, nose, hair, and ears before moving on to carving a complete face. Each project is done in small steps that guarantee success. For anyone who wants to learn to carve faces that stand out in a crowd, this is a must-have addition to your woodcarving library.

Chip Carving and Relief Carving

Chip Carving and Relief Carving
Chip Carving and Relief Carving by Josef Mader
1987 | PDF | 29.99MB

The traditional folk craft of chip carving is commonly used in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany for the decoration of all kinds of wooden objects. Only a few inexpensive tools and a small quantity of wood are needed to enjoy this craft, which is an excellent ans simple introduction to the broader realm of relief carving.

The most popular guide to this subject in Europe, Josef Mader's Chip Carving takes the reader step by step through the chip carving process, from layout of the design to the final cut and finishing of the piece. The use and care of chip-carving knives are also explained. Numerous photographs and drawings provide additional guidance by showing the progression of the design as cuts are made, and a portfolio of chip-carving designs used on furniture and boxes, and throughout the home, gives woodworkers exciting ideas.

Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry

Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry
Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry by Karen Leonardo
2007 | EPUB | 10.28MB

From tiny glass beads and pendants to rings and necklaces, Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry teaches you how to create them all.

Lampwork artist Karen J. Leonardo and her network of fellow artisans share their secrets for creating stunningly beautiful lampwork beads. In addition, these talented artists give you complete instructions for incorporating the beads into your own artistic jewelry pieces.

Ideal for beginning, intermediate and advanced lampwork artists, Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry features:

  • Guidance and tips for setting up your studio and selecting the proper tools
  • Detailed instructions with step-by-step photos for creating 16 different lampwork beads
  • 14 jewelry designs to incorporate your beads into necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pins
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