30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30 [EPUB]

30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30 [EPUB]
30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30 by Siobhan Adcock
2003 | EPUB + MOBI | 1/1.15MB

You’re old enough to own property and have a family, but can you safely open a bottle of champagne? Or change a flat tire? 30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30 provides idiot-proof instructions for mastering these and other essential, face-saving, and possibly life-saving skills.

You’ll learn how to...

  1. wrap a present
  2. start a successful fire in a fireplace, at a campsite, and in a barbecue
  3. finish a piece of furniture
  4. get a raise
  5. order wine at a restaurant without getting stiffed
  6. parallel park in three breathtakingly beautiful movements
  7. dance a “slow dance” without looking like an idiot
  8. use a full place setting properly, including chopsticks and Asian soup spoons
  9. clean your place in under 45 minutes, when friends, relatives, or prospective lovers are coming by unexpectedly, and soon
  10. hold your liquor
  11. cure a hangover
  12. do the Heimlich Maneuver
  13. use a compass
  14. change a flat
  15. jump start a car
  16. open a champagne bottle
  17. send a drink to someone’s table
  18. cook one “signature meal”
  19. whistle with your fingers
  20. take good pictures
  21. fold a fitted sheet
  22. remove common stains
  23. sew a button
  24. carve turkey, lasagna, and birthday cake
  25. hold a baby
  26. change a diaper
  27. keep a plant alive for more than a year
  28. make dogs and cats love you
  29. help someone (an older or ill person, a woman you’re trying to impress, your mother) out of a car
  30. write superior thank you notes

Tiles Gone Wild [EPUB]

Tiles Gone Wild [EPUB]
Tiles Gone Wild: New Directions In Mixed Media Mosaics by Chrissie Grace
2008 | EPUB + MOBI | 8.62/8.73MB

Mixed Media Meets Mosaics

If you think only "ceramic tile" when you think "mosaic," think again - and prepare for Tiles Gone Wild to open your mind to a world of mixed-media possibilities! In this follow-up to the best-selling Wild Tiles, mosaic artist Chrissie Grace offers up twenty new projects featuring unexpected materials - from paper to bottle caps, stained glass to handmade clay tiles - combined in her trademark whimsical style.

Take a walk on the wild side as step-by-step instructions teach you how to:

  • Tile on unusual surfaces like PVC pipes and brick pavers.
  • Customize your work by using photo editing software to design tile portraits.
  • Create fun and functional pieces for your home, as well as funky display pieces for your patio or garden.
  • Combine mosaic and mixed-media techniques to take your creations to a whole new level.

Let Tiles Gone Wild inspire you to try a fresh approach to mosaics - and let your creativity run wild!

Traditional Box Projects [PDF]

Traditional Box Projects [PDF]
Traditional Box Projects by Strother Purdy
2010 | PDF | 27.78MB

Box making has always been one of the perennial favorites of all wood projects. And because wooden boxes make such meaningful gifts, this collection of beautiful, durable, and functional box projects is sure to please. All of the designs are based on traditional boxes, historically inspired by Shaker, Arts & Crafts, and other popular styles. But this is not a book of exacting reproductions for master craftsmen only. These are attainable interpretations of some of the most enduring box designs, all presented in a step-by-step format, with photos and detailed instructions.

The author, a fine-furniture maker, offers tried-and-true tips for avoiding pitfalls as well as alternative design and construction options. Most of the boxes are easy to build, though a few offer challenges. A wide array of design styles and the consistent high level of detail in the projects will appeal to a range of woodworkers.

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