Manskills [EPUB]

Manskills [EPUB]
Manskills: How to Avoid Embarrassing Yourself and Impress Everyone Else by Chris Peterson
2011 | EPUB | 14.88MB

Using a light but practical tone, Manskills covers everything a man needs to know in today's world. You'll find essential tips on home repair, car repair, electronics, cleaning, personal grooming, fine dining, traveling, etiquette, outdoor skills and the fine art of conversation. It's your comprehensive guide to impressing the masses!

Building with Secondhand Stuff [PDF]

Building with Secondhand Stuff [PDF]
Building with Secondhand Stuff by Chris Peterson
2011 | PDF | 83.43MB

Building with Secondhand Stuff takes green remodeling and construction practices to new extremes. From deconstruction methods and salvaging tips to plotting efficient cutting plans and devising creative new uses for everyday items, it is packed with clever ways to obtain low-cost materials (and reduce landfilling in the process).

This book contains the answer to a question most of us have wondered about at some point: Is that pile of used maple flooring I saw on Craigslist worth taking? From plywood to hardwood flooring, to windows, doors, carpeting and more, salvaging building materials can save you thousands of dollars (and is about as green as you can get). This book is a hands-on, do-it-yourselfer's guide that shows you how to identify materials that can be salvaged efficiently and then gives you step-by-step instructions on how to go about doing it. Plus, it provides over one dozen complete plans featuring clever ideas for putting salvaged materials to good use as useful home furnishings.

How to Back Up a Trailer [EPUB]

How to Back Up a Trailer [EPUB]
How to Back Up a Trailer: and 101 Other Things Every Real Guy Should Know by Kurt Anderson
2008 | EPUB | 1.38MB

Motor oil, beer, and charcoal-that's what real men are made of. A real man should be able to swap out the car's spark plugs and change its oil as his freshly caught fish smokes on open flame-all while shotgunning a beer. For how-to instructions on these and other equally manly activities, you need How to Back Up a Trailer. It's the ultimate guide to everything you better know how to do, like:

  • Rotate your car's tires and change its brake pads
  • Swing a bat like a homerun hitter
  • Build and light a campfire during a rainstorm
  • Install an electrical outlet in your home
  • Tap a keg for the perfect beer flow

Read it. Learn it. Live it. With How to Back Up a Trailer, you'll never have to stop and ask for directions again.

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